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  2. lol goodluck idk what will happened if it will come to void, people will call you hacker xD and the time you will need to record every pvp you do. should i remove the vid? it might spread the cancer lol
  3. ikr. Thats why Im going to play on offi to try this. Also I though MM got nerfed.
  4. not here in void though. u need this Attribute IV and that cancer title shadow decent
  5. Oshit I need to try this D: -flees-
  6. more cancerous
  7. You want be cancerous? do shit ton of this and go light : ^)))
  8. IGN: TheLuiz Lu as Alolan Ninetales The Pokémon Used: Additional Screenshots: Itens used: It's my first entry in this contest and, as much as i don't realy do it, dress up my Lu was a challenge i loved to make. I'm looking foward to next themes. i still can't believe i did this 04:48am
  9. i feel so bad for responding to people negatively because of my own stress. but also, some of y'all need to fix your lag.
  10. Anything. Wind/Dark/Water for right now. Poison hands down when revamp comes.
  11. I think most would suggest Wind and Water specially for PvP.. dont know if Dark for PvE
  12. just go wind every1 with a brain has water/dark resist (if ur into pvp)
  13. another bump for dum ho
  14. wind for combo damage or dark spam skill maybe watter vs runners
  15. bump for dum ho ty for using my bump pic still (:
  16. Hey Ya'll, I wanna put an attribute on my +8 What's the optimal attribute for Diabolic Esper?
  17. DKA,VAKb, ETS1,PK,SG/recolor... those is hair i usually use for RS :/
  18. bloodlust requires activation. you can't use it to prevent oki. however there actually is counterplay to it, but afaik only two classes have a way of dealing w/ it reliably. grm having full immunity to debuffs beyond a certain point, and NB having tribute well, at least for grm you can work around it.
  19. Today
  20. just die before YR uses suppression.
  21. R!
  22. Another Dejavu moment QwQ
  23. So basically only way to counter it is by making a Demonio on void -Looks for Lu Ciels third job- GG I dont really like playing Lu/Ciel though x.x
  24. A smart ara wouldn't supress you while that's activated. You used Mana to get bloodlust it last 10 seconds? So, just wait 10 seconds and then supress or just recatch you while its active and oki you when its done. If an Ara uses supression while thats active. They didn't properly wait it out. See im trying to play the scenario where bloodlust could even happen because LuCiel has no combo stoppers like CrRo. So when they get to 200 MP they'll probably be dead or almost. Even then Supression stops SAs on wake up. I can't say for sure on how bloodlust would work because I haven't seen it used before but these are just hypothetical scenarios on what could happen.
  25. you don't know how suppression oki works
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