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  1. dressup fashion > gear > skill as long as i look better than them, it does not matter if i lose because i will be styling on the enemy for years and since boys have fewer outfit options... there is only one choice .............
  2. if it is bait, it is some of the least offensive bait i have ever seen in my life to be frank, the issue is not even in the topics... it is just that people are incapable of just accepting that they dislike somebody; the threads go to shit because people come out of the woodwork with posts like this & this (literally the first reply to the threads...) the topic creator contributing to the arguments is definitely an issue, but people being physically unable to control themselves and blatantly shitposting all over threads made by people they dislike just because they dislike the thread creator needs to stop first and foremost no sense in reporting somebody for making threads when parts of the community acting up is the actual problem and to segue into my on-topic post, people lacking self control is also the reason a small amount of salt is allowed in pvp we understand that not everybody has flawless self control and sometimes people get upset; consistency is the issue with this kind of behavior if somebody is seen constantly causing problems everywhere, that is when we step in any earlier and it would just be needlessly strict
  3. rest assured, we know what we are looking at you will not be banned for hacking if the other person tries to make it look like you are.
  4. welcome to costco i love you
  5. unfortunately the feature is still nonfunctional.
  6. apologies if it comes off as harsh, but whether you are willing to accept it does not change the fact that it simply does not work that way. you are more than welcome to play or not play in any way you so desire. have a nice day!
  7. to expand on what structure said, hacking is not a matter of 'i hate this person so i am going to use my magical hacking powers to steal their account!!' if your account was compromised, you made a mistake or error in judgment somewhere along the line. you were careless with your credentials, you visited a website you should not have, you downloaded something you should not have, you trusted someone who betrayed you -- any of those and more could lead to your account credentials becoming compromised; however, 'randomly out of thin air / being targeted and force hacked' are not plausible in the least. it simply does not work that way. apologies to hear about the situation, and best of luck wherever you go.
  8. i think the staff is a pretty cool guy, eh runs the server and doesnt afraid of anything
  9. i take improving at the game seriously the game itself ... maybe not if i am sparring with somebody then i will play seriously against them and go all out because anything less is just disrespectful i also do my best to actually improve per match and not just fall back on what works without challenging my capabilities but the game at this point is actually not super difficult or worth taking seriously as a competitive game in most situations
  10. laughing people have the strangest excuses for losing
  11. When will you guys announce the trailer winners ):

  12. hello mother

  13. hey what anmine or mangas your profile picterue from

    1. Sera


      sweet breaker from QP shooting / 100% orange juice

  14. your the donald j trump of void.