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  1. My first pvp record as a VP o/
  2. +1
  3. +1 At Naeun. Bless you Naeun.
  4. Bless you. Thanks a lot ~ !
  5. Looks like no. Blue for dark v. and yellow for the white one.
  6. Oh... CRIES
  7. I meant, the color of them Might be purple -
  8. +1 ; Looks for Aisha version
  9. Oh, let me be bad and abuse you then ` - ` My IGN is Miusagi. Thanks ~ If you need something, go ahead
  10. Eh. Sadly I need altera and belder stones :^(
  11. Hello. Sorry if after this question you find me annoying, hurried or stubborn or whatever. I would just like to know if the staff is aware of the sd luto bug where we can no longer loot secret dungeon materials ( aka stones and materials ). It has been more than 3 months and I have not seen any messages from the staff on the forum, here or in the bug section. I would like to know if it was know and if you're waiting for 1.9 patch to fix it. Sorry again. ( Please. Keep in mind that it's not a " when 1.9" thread. ) Edit : Idk if i should ping some staff tho... @VoidEls @VoidCM
  12. 1. They're just trolling. 2. - You scam someone with account A. - Put something on board for 700M with account B. - Buy it with account A. Gg Account B has the money and you can't make a relation between these 2. ( Sorry for my engrish )
  13. Yeah, this skill is just a mana feed. Still good if you like you troll in room.
  14. It was before the nerf tho.