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  1. I think this might be too risky. I would definitely try it out myself but staff must be able to anticipate the results in the future.There would be initial hype and after a while people would sstart losing intetest. Maybe there could be old ui and skill tree but probably impossible to add New dungeons It could also be a totally pvp focused server with custom pvp maps maybe? But thats my Fantasy lol
  2. I am sure void staff will find a way to help us whenthis happens I trust them
  3. Just save the wedges for heroic gear
  4. I did pvp in my Life, I played grm a bit and I was called a hacker for using damn stoic Pvp in this game would be awesome if people simply learn to lose. And if there was a good antihack software. People can use hacks way too easily. You google void els and one of the top results is a site with hacks... Pretty much ridiculous?? "oh cool an elsword private server" - scrolls down - "oh cool lets give hacking a try"
  5. I know it's bugged, but I just wanted to know how on Earth do I find refined stones on it? It happened once that I just typed, let's say "critical" and I could see all kinds of crit stones, from the cheapest to s+. And now all I can see are the basic and special ones. Is there a way??
  6. it's best to buy heroics like other say, socket them and run sd for gear with better effects. The heroics will make your endgame playable
  7. Donation and selling poses
  8. Ip ban is pointless, account ban is enough because cheater (stop calling them hackers because what they do is cheating) loses what he achieved
  9. Same here, cn Main For life hahah
  10. I just farmed passion reward a little nad no problem with other people queueing
  11. PGC

    You should contact their customer service I guess And check your account did the money go
  12. Hero dungeons are supposed to be a good source of income but I have to admit I'm really struggling within these (maybe because CN, but I wouldn't say so), I don't want to start a new topic, but does anyone know of any good hero dung guides or have any useful tips? Thanks! (this will probably help many players who want to farm these dungs)
  13. Void could bring Special collectiom of coloured or sparkly sticky juices that a true conesseurs can collect and brag about.
  14. they already did that with that cute halloween set :\