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  1. Spoiler


    under spoilers is komaeda

    1. SugoiHentai


      what the FUCK

      hello beautiful

  2. tfw ure a giant pokemon nerd n u cant participate thank you for the win and good luck to everyone this week!! this theme is kinda hard but everyone's designs look rly good so far! also looking forward to more designs~
  3. nah, it's no problem. i personally would still want the sets as an exchange, but i'm betting on them being released for this year's halloween
  4. i would want the visual effect but not the knockback bc holy shit is that going to be annoying when i play LP
  5. pNHNCDE.jpg

    that's..... a lot of shota

    1. Shota



      one doesn't simply to love a type of shota~


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    2. #addtrash



      also fucking rude

      get off my profile disrespecting me like this

    3. SugoiHentai


      *whispers* i will be back *diSaPpEaRz MYSTERIOUZLY* 

    4. #addtrash


      w hat h teu fkc

  7. v sure they used to be called Transcendence skills until 1.8
  8. it's bec they're obnoxious scum with shitty sense of humour and maturity level of a fucking 9 year old that's all there is to it hackers in pvp especially need to be purged
  9. it's not a revamp it's an addition.... anyway i didn't expect any less. we needed more people to load EC into the server anyway since EC sellers (and not resellers) are so few these days. but it's likely that we'll get a different set anyway since we dont have one for rose
  10. it always says "will be banned" in ToS everywhere anyways, they'll be banned even after changing IGNs since there are logs but unfortunately, hackers can just make a new account with a new email unless void comes up with something which keeps many people from creating multiple accounts at will (like how some korean games require a national ID aka KSSN or etc.) it will be like an uphill battle against eradicating roaches
  11. the problem is that bans are issued in massive waves so the hackers can continue doing what they enjoy for quite awhile hacking in pvp is literally the highest level of scumbaggery in a game these degenerates need to have their internet connection cut off for life
  12. there are only 24 hours in a day how do people get more than 5 hours of sleep

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    2. SugoiHentai


      u r stealing my sleep that is y u ahve too much and i have too little D<

    3. Jochira


      So I guess that my 8-10 hours are alright? I mean, I sometimes think a lot when trying to sleep, making it harder to fall asleep 

      Also, I sleep at 22:00 and gets up at 6:00-8:00, even if i'm free, but these past months, I sometimes still feel mentally exhausted after sleeping :U

    4. Sweets


      waking up at 6am for school should be illegal but the government let schools do it #corrupt 

  13. im stupid pls point out my mistakes its been a year since i took math since 1.8, weapons should have a range under its damage values let's say you have a weapon with an attack value of 7000, which, after applying the damage range, you would be (for example) hitting around 4000~10,000 damage randomly based on the value that your RNGeesus selects. if you have 0% maximize, you have equal chance of inflicting 4000 damage and 10,000 damage. illustrated by the graph below. if your RNG chooses a value that is on the left of the red bar on the left, you will automatically yield the lowest damage (4000). if RNG chooses a value that is on the right of the right bar, it will yield maximum damage (10,000) very basically, your RNGeesus chooses a number between 0~100 which is represented by the graph. the red bars are put at 25 and 75. if RNGeesus chooses a number from 0~25, which is on the left of the red bar, you will yield the lowest damage. if RNGeesus chooses a number from 75~100 which is on the right of the red bar, you will yield maximum value what maximize does is that it basically shifts the graph to the right so it looks like this (below). so, in very basic terms again, RNGeesus chooses a number between 0~100, but now the red bars are at 15 and 65. if he chooses any number from 0~15, you will yield minimum damage and if he chooses any number 65~100, you will score the highest damage. basically just follow the area on the right and the left side of the bars on the graphs as you can now see from the graph above, you have less chance of scoring minimal damage since the area on the left is smaller, while you have more chance of scoring maximum damage because the area on the right is larger. so RNGeesus has less opportunity to select a value which will yield you lowest possible damage, while he has more chances to select a value which will result in you getting maximum damage at 50% maximization, RNGeesus can no longer yield you minimum damage, because he can no longer select a value on the left side of the red bar. however, this does not mean that maximization becomes useless after 50%. instead, socketing further maximization will increase the chance of you scoring maximum damage. i cant give you an RNGeesus values anymore because i screwed up on the values i used when explaining the top half and frankly im too lazy unless you ask if you cant catch my drift when you reach 100% maximization, the graph will be shifted to have the right red bar at 50%. this means that you'll have a whopping 50% chance to score maximum damage. on average, you'll be doing waaaay more damage than your enhancement level is worth. however for statistical reasons and also bc of socketing efficiency, the highest optimal level of maximization you should have is 80%. anyway maximize is very crucial if you want to bump up your dps. especially more so than add. damage, especially on PvE. maximize will be applied on every single one of your hits, so it practically is the foundation of your damage. crit and add damage works on maximize to enhance your damage even further, so you generally will want a good spread of maximize and your other primary attacking stat (which is crit for PvE and add. damage for PvP). in PvE, i recommend trying to bump maximize to 50% first, then i start to make maxi = crit. dont really have enough PvP sets to gauge the effectiveness of add damage in pvp tho so idk about pvp
  14. is that mikan why does she look so scary

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      do you like komahinas


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      hinata also has the best fucking ahoge ever

    4. Sweets


      drv3 and also anime will wake komahina love again (if i dont get spoiled) BC ME TOO

      i like hinatas ahoge and i also like komaeda's hundreds

  15. found a LP




    1. Sweets


      wtf its his birthday

    2. SugoiHentai



      happy birthday to bara daddy