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  1. res all aishas
  2. Hi lil stalker, so.. u seem familiar and id like to know why x3, do u mind telling me?

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    2. Pure


      OMG bought one from board and got hp 4/4 done ´-´ WDF.. oh welp after waste some millions trying blackmisth the gloves it kinda worth.. now gotta go get ed to get blackmisth stuff again  ,_,

    3. мαcαяσηs♥
    4. Pure
  3. Sorry to hear about what happened, Micky. Stay safe and good luck outside of VoidEls!
  4. Woah, understand that you're upset but chill, jeez. Hope you have a safe life outside of Void, good luck.
  5. Contest: Secret Sketcher Theme: Draw the OC with their creator! Description: People say that everyone puts a bit of themselves into the characters they create, but how true is that really? Draw your given OC along with the artist behind them. Additional Details: If you don't want to give a photo of yourself, it's fine. You can doodle yourself or give your persona.
  6. So do u have this request? ;v;

  7. long time to not talkin, huh?

    Anyways.. I have some request for ya

    do u still have that rq that I did made for u?

    like I need some examples of my work

    and google showed it only like dis: 

    ty for help

    1. Todomatsu


      it wont allow me to post pic, rip

    2. мαcαяσηs♥


      Hi Zeph! I actually got a new PC but I believe it's on my old PC, sorry I didn't see this earlier. It's pretty late here now so I'll check tomorrow morning for you! 

    3. Todomatsu


      O! Thank you for help dear ;v;b I will wait 

  8. I had the same problem a while back with one of my topics so I had to make a new one since I couldnt find it!
  9. Series name: Kono Danshi, Mahō ga Oshigoto Desu / This Boy is a Professional Wizard.
    It's a 4 episode animated short by CoMixWave Films.

    1. мαcαяσηs♥


      O, I'm sorry- i didnt see this earlier!!

      Thank you so much!

  10. Nice.
  11. It looks great!♥