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  1. But it's just not the same as a regular player though...
  2. (Only applies to NA couple of years ago) I remember getting IBs for the first time and pulling this Salvatore Solace Bow within a couple of burners. Received PMs and decided to sell it... however, I wasn't aware of the market value and got scammed out of a lot of ED. Gotta love resellers and scammers. Although in the end I got my sweet Salvatore Denif hair for Eve, so I couldn't complain ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As for Void, after trying to fix items and respawning the sets/items - it ends up as broken regardless of my previous efforts. So... that's pretty much a tragic moment in itself every time.
  3. Can you guys please provide us with a list of the cube/box names that should receive the speed burn? This would make it a whole lot easier for us to look into it (and to have the correct cubes/boxes).
  4. As much as I would love to implement and release the set along with the sitting poses, we sadly won't be able to till the next big version update. (Thank you KOG for your unnecessary changes to the game)
  5. #Locked upon request
  6. Patch Notes - Naeun Craft Editions - GoD Exchange Improvements - Stack Increases - Star Academy Summer (Sky) now contains [Fixed] stats - Item Mall Goodies Explanation Regarding Updates As most of you already know we've been (and still are) working hard on our next big version update, which sadly will take a while longer than expected to complete. We'll be doing minor content updates here and there till the big version update is ready. It will most likely be minor updates (e.g IB rotations, IM sales, few additions/changes, player suggestions) so we can get back to work on the big version update. We understand that you guys want a lot of new things (we do too!), but for the time being we can only do so much. But don't worry - great things come to those who wait! Naeun's Craft Additions (Credits to: RioluChaser's Suggestion Thread) Seed from El's Tree Fruit from El's Tree Dark El Seed GoD Material Exchange Improvements (Credits to: Subcunarkist's Suggestion Thread & DelayS's Suggestion Thread) Aranka/Ariel Ekko Stack Increases (Credits to: JenovaRebirth's Suggestion Thread) Bingsu Desserts & Battle Elixirs Seed from El's Tree 1x - 10 EC 10x - 100 EC 20x - 200 EC Dark El Seed 1x - 50 EC 10x - 500 EC 20x - 1000 EC Crayon Pop's BarBarBar (Elsword to Elesis only!) (Credits to: Scarose's Suggestion Thread) Wonder Guys/Gals (Elsword to Add only!) Rose's Star Academy Summer (Sky) & Accessories (Credits to: Ykhar's Suggestion Thread) Custom Challenger Sets (Elsword to Chung only!) (Credits to: Gone's Suggestion Thread) NOTE: Click the spoiler to see the custom stats
  7. #Note - This list might be incomplete! • 2015 February - Psychic Devil (custom IB, not recolor) March - Ice Dragon (Ignition Caligo) April - Cold Spark (Salvatore Solace) May - Dread Fairy/Shadow Incubus (Grace Fairy/Shadow Incubus) June - Pure Blood (Royal Blood) July - Night Shaman (Gold Falcon) August - Space Cadet (HNO) Sept - Celestial Dream (Royal Maid/Servant) Oct - Khaos (Arch Devil) Nov - Spring Fairy/Autumn Incubus (Grace Fairy/Shadow Incubus) • 2016 ??? - Verglas (Salvatore Ventus) June - Moonlight Flower (Salvatore Gaia) July - Abyssal Pegasus (Holy Unicorn) Dec - Chocolate Academia Trainee (VAK)
  8. We sadly can't give you any information regarding this, mainly because anything can happen (as in, anything can go wrong at any point and set us several steps back). Rest assured, we're working hard on the big version update.
  9. #Note: Renamed the thread title to Emergency Maintenance Discussion Please keep Undertale song spam in the Media or Random section. A fuck up on our end after the maintenance finished, my apologies for not spotting it sooner!
  10. #Thread Locked Official Announcement: Discussion Thread:
  11. Sorry to crush your hopes and dreams, but there's no surprise. Well... aside of the server being on it's period again...
  12. #Thread Locked Please post it in the correct section next time: http://www.voidels.to/forum/index.php?/forum/42-rulebreakers/
  13. Patch Notes - Ice Burner Rotation & Explanation - Item Mall Additions Ice Burner Rotation This month's Ice Burner Rotation contains the following: #1: Diamond Yaksha (All Characters) #2: Evil Tracer S2 (All Characters) #3: Velder Imperial Guard (All Characters) Click [Here] to see which pieces are available per set! We understand that you, the players, would like to see RB, SV, CM and Rosso in the rotations. However, we are sadly unable to release the IB sets due to technical issues that can't be resolved right now. The IBs will be in the rotations after our new big version update takes place (no ETA available). Thank you for your understanding and patience! Rose's Master of Tricks Sets Magician Big Hat Sitting Poses 2016 NA Design Set NOTE: The motion & accessories that belongs to this set are bugged/broken and will be released at a later point!