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  1. razle dazle male stripers and kitty kuns they are best friends

    1. Ave


      luri what does this eve n  mea n

  2. bye

    don't know ya very well or at all but you seemed like a fun person, cya dude hope you have fun doin whatever it is your gonna do in life
  3. i didnt see this until now its pretty wild. anyway, i'm sorry to see you go pal, i hope you have a good life and enjoy doing whatever it is you'll end up doin. peace!
  4. hope you're all right, i know you've been upset lately and it hurts to see you so quiet around the chat and then seeing your forum profile basically abandoned gave me a heart attack, i'm really worried and so is everyone else. please let us know if your alright.

    1. PrinceRen


      I am very sorry Ave

  5. late as all hell but hey welcome to void! i hope you enjoy your stay here, this place is usually pretty wild i'm rarely bored
  6. don't expose me i have children to feed,

    1. Ava


      i do what i need to :)

    2. luri


      feed me mommy

  7. blackmail me senpai it makes my kokoro wish for your sweet aishiteru, ,,
  8. when the fuck is the server coming back up will i have grandchildren by then
  9. welcome and good luck with becoming the best optimus!
  10. It burns my lungs and wraps its fingers around my throat but it hurts more because I know its true.

  11. uhm, no, but i hope we get to know each other later in life, for now though welcome back!
  12. confused as to what your asking bud. if your asking about the server then we dont know when it'll come back on
  13. aw shit dude that sucks. i hope the scammer gets caught and you find a way to get your things back man. (also no you can't put their name here without evidence as it's counted as defamation my duddle)
  14. Yikes.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Ave


      Yeah probably because I used to be an admin there lmao. Stares at them while eating a pretzel.

    3. Ava


      absorb them into the manifesting womb that is pastelgalaxies

    4. Ave


      I'll dm them in a bit lmao

  15. you may not remember me much because i left the one server we shared that i really spoke in rather recently, however i did enjoy the small conversations we did have. i wish you the best and hope that you manage to pull yourself out of debt, best of luck to ya really you shouldn't fight on someones leaving thread. it's neither the time nor the place. if your going to confront each other do it either in the forum pm's or on discord. going at each other and other people on a leaving thread is just childish.