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  1. Welcome back!
  2. Res Ty for HM~
  3. Welcome to Void and the forums, nice to meet ya and hope you enjoy it here~!
  4. Bye and enjoy your break!
  5. What if I am poor and lazy though Void's more enjoyable for me because you can actually get everything you need without paying real money, like B slot or costumes. In NA you either had to play nonstop during events or buy from the board with those ridiculous prices if you wanted those things
  6. IGN: Caramels
  7. Welcome to Void and the forums, hope you enjoy it here~!
  8. Welcome to Elsword, nice to meet you and hope we can be friends~! Don't be afraid to ask around for help \o/
  9. Welcome to Void and the forums, good luck in PvP!
  10. Welcome to the forums, nice to meet you GrandFairy!
  11. Res
  12. Aww, I always liked your threads and admired your motivation to become a pro at WS. We never talked, but I wish you luck in life and hope you find something you enjoy doing!
  13. Have a happy New Year everyone!

  14. IGN: CherrySoda
  15. Welcome to Void and the forums! I have a guild called [Chaotic] but there's not that many people. If you wanna join anyway, feel free to message me~