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  1. bloodlust requires activation. you can't use it to prevent oki. however there actually is counterplay to it, but afaik only two classes have a way of dealing w/ it reliably. grm having full immunity to debuffs beyond a certain point, and NB having tribute well, at least for grm you can work around it.
  2. i meant there is no counterplay to it no class has a known way to deal with it other than manabreaking or using stoic strong after getting oki'd
  3. oh you poor, poor soul
  4. 1. all nerfs that hit na will hit void. then again, the only profession dead on na is treasure hunter. alchemist and blacksmith are still good. 2. +9 legend raid 3. guilds are fine 4. anything below 9 is easy. 9 takes time and some ed. 10 is lol good luck unless you buy a weapon out right. however when void gets the enhance revamp, +11 will probably become far more common on void. 5. if you're referring to the fps lag, that was fixed. if you're still having massive spikes, it's a problem on your end and you should adjust the graphics. 6. all nerfs that hit na will hit void. coming to void just delays nerfs, not prevent them.
  5. ip is #1 if the situation allows it (depending if a class can deal w/ guard) otherwise rf
  6. it's just usual UK translation being poor.
  7. if kog didn't give her noodle legs, she probably wouldn't need to
  8. soft cap is a thing. socketing double of what it took to get 45% for the extra 5%, when it's not even really 5% in arena, is kind of pointless. there's literally no way a wind proc makes a 1k move do 4-6k instead. if you want damage, go for fire 3 right now since no one res's it.
  9. you can socket over the 40%, but you're getting essentially nothing from it. not even close to worth the sockets. i mentioned the attribute revamp because you mentioned wind. wind is pretty fucking shit in arena unless you're going for kd reduction. the attribute revamp fixes its damage up quite a bit to make it way more viable.
  10. ....not until the attribute revamp a wind proc piercing defense w/ a base 0 weapon isn't powerful at all if you have enough hp. the main counterplay to stats is class, and vice versa. until a couple of the revamps hits void, it'll end up staying that way.
  11. question

    he meant that EM is still a run and win class. that has never changed since the +40mp medi buff happened.
  12. it's not relevant in her tier ranking if that's what you mean