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  1. also DP set righttt dayumm I didn't know that, I thought it deals normal crit damage o-o
  2. I'm pretty sure you stay on the ground while jumping and talking to npc, I never saw people floating tho x)
  3. o shit, normal crit deals 150% damage right? with OoR we got 200%?
  4. actually the effect set is remain the same, you might slightly lose some raw atk/matk bc the level difference, but it still worth I guess, except you wanna go full 6/6 x)
  5. I already made my castle here, so..
  6. welcome to our community~ enjoy your stay
  7. o really? didn't know that +1 it should be there
  8. aw grats to whoever wins~
  9. IGN : Gea
  10. its around 3pm jam 3 sore
  11. works wonder
  12. its an awakening cut-in, idk if its fit into skill cut-in, but I guess it would lose its 'cool' part. neutral~
  13. possibility of dropping hero coins.
  14. bye

    cyaa~ gl with whatever you do next.