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  1. +1 It seems to be more interesting than normal : log in ->get your shitty stone ->go do your stuff I really like the key to the dungeon idea, it would bring something new to the table I look forward for updates/edits of this concept
  2. Isn't this the way NA player iRizza got her 1st place on the board? It's just honourless, distasteful and wrong to play with KoG's broken ass AP system... I hope those kind of people break their spine while stepping on a lego
  3. Can you stand

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      Feel joke blocked, lol

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      aww, now I'm sad :3

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      Maybe I'll fall for your joke another time
      Ps. No I won't, I'm good at dodging

  4. That I know and remember well, but since we have guild house implemented we should do something about guild hopping scamers/preventing those things form happening. But I agree with you on the "KoG f-cked up by "accident" " thing.
  5. Feel free to poke me when you have time IGN : Eiluveite
  6. +1 You really did a great job with those retextures to fit each set's theme and that's really impressive I look forward for next updates and as well to see those models in game
  7. +1 I think it's a good idea to implement that into the game *stares hatefully at 4 blue cards and 70 pink ones*
  8. +1 I'm always in for more pretty and cute sets for every character
  9. +1 Those accesories look really nice and I wish my chars were able to wear them
  10. +1 Even though my guild is just me and my friend's characters it might help a lot other guilds since guild passives are quite good and it's a shame that initiates can't get access to said passives The whole guild rank system bothers me a bit since KoG really made it easy to get your chest robbed by someone you gave a 'member' rank a week or more after he/she joined It would be truly ridiculous to not trust anyone and slap them with 'initiate' in a MMO where trust and co-operation is really important I could say more about this topic, but I'll end it here
  11. Take care Edgeru It was nice knowing you
  12. My computer has been fixed and I'm able to play Elsword and many other games again o/ @Poppy @Stay @Structure R> Lock
  13. I decided to step into arena after a very long break and....I'm really dissapointed at our pvp community.
    I'll put an eye on not saying "Hi", "gg" or "Have a nice day" or something like that, because people stopped being polite ages ago so whatever
    The thing that disturbs me the most is the fact that 5 out of 30 matches were against hackers (I reported only one case becasue I lag a lot when I record stuff).
    I mean it's ok to be good with programming and coding...but why the heck  would one use such a gift just for sake of being a d-bag on a private server? Why won't people use their talent in a good way?
    I really don't get why do people hack, that's disgraceful.
    Seriously...if you are bad in game and "need" hacks to win then please dump those hideous hacks into trash where they belong and either practice/get geared, ask someone to give you advices or just don't step into arena.
    *facedesks* Dear Odin, is it really that hard to be fair and just? 

  14. Thank you all for advices. This month I had to spend a lot of money for new books *cough* because my astronavigation teacher forgot to put those on the list and I am so broke that I was barely able to afford a bus and train tickets to get back home *cough* So getting a new pc will take me even more time *sigh* Thank you, I will *waves back* Takie życie, nic na to nie poradzimy Aczkolwiek mam cichą nadzieję, że wszystko wkrótce wróci do normy (Translation : This is life, we can't do anything about that. Although I secretly hope everything will soon return to normal)