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  1. R> Lock i guess. @Poppy @Stay @Structure
  2. PM me and let me know next time youre online, so i can invite you. and its perfectly fine that youve already joined!
  3. bump
  4. bump
  5. Bump
  6. I need this so bad; Im trying to collect white salv army for raven, and NO ONE sells it. I still need the hat, bottom and shoes and ereda is dead.
  7. dont you- well, im not sure. id find a way >_> somehow.
  8. I want this like, really bad. If the reason isnt obvious enough *Points to forum name* but yeah we need this. id pay an arm and a leg for it right now
  9. sure thing! PM me next time youre online for an inv
  10. Bump
  11. [sorry late reply] its at aranka, its in the exchange tab next to els office cube
  12. You can get salv white set from Ereda exchange cube things (Not enough people ereda tho so i cant find any pieces i want) q~q
  13. Bump~
  14. +1 i legit have 300 to exchange but im so lazy i wont get it done any time soon
  15. They announced the winners, but the ones who did win never received their prizes.