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  1. Thank you and good luck everyone.
  2. Yeah, decided to take a break from Elsword and forum because of irl problems. I need to take care of them. Sometimes I'll just jump here for VA and designer. But that's all atm. Gonna give account to my cousin. Don't worry. I'll back someday~
  3. Aisha's german voice is weird tbh. I remember when PL server got german voices because of some problems... lmfao. Also KR is way better than JP.
  4. omfg that laggy raven x.x
  5. Real fun in ereda is when you don't have op char... really. But yea, leeching is against the rules.
  6. Actually that set is op and it could break the Void economy imo. but this is so pretty q-q
  7. +1. Why the hell RM headdy is more expensive than stupid wep for Lu. ugh
  8. @Donate you should add the poll.
  9. THANK YOU MISS RAN! @VoidEls R> lock now <3
  10. Congrats to the winners on xmas event! c:
  11. I play pvp for fun. Also I'm salty af because I love peoples reactions c:
  12. Bumps~ stabs too
  13. I'm totally bad at this, but T.DW... WIP ofc. Edit. Added lineart to WIP progress... x.x I totally have no time.
  14. Bye Bye Ain c: stab stab stab
  15. Kids wait until emergency maint is done and do something better c: play fnaf with me c: stab stab stab