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  1. just go wind every1 with a brain has water/dark resist (if ur into pvp)
  2. -

    rest in peace
  3. tried 2v2 hacker tried 1v1 hacker i just gave up
  4. i refuse to spend money on mmos unless they truly deserve it also everythings dirt cheap here
  5. ign: Monobear
  6. yes but people only play VC for the one shots atleast 90% of void does
  7. crow getting nerfed right? awaiting all the VCs who gonna change to RF if void ever goes to 1.9
  8. this [SSS] guild is the reason i quit pvp after midnight
  9. I saw the same scammer using mega's for legit 5 days straight can no one ban them? they where proved to be a scammer
  10. Everyone in star rank abuses this sadly it's pathetic but whos to blame them when void's pvp is literally dead after midnight
  11. ^ passion pay is better for pvp and pve on SD so go with what he said
  12. so I'm not the only one who meets these same 3 cbs's (all in same guild) lagging?
  13. i dont know if i should wait or not
  14. at this point theres no reason to even play void anymore