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  1. Not much I suppose. But a tank that cannot be versatile as well isn't that efficient.
  2. I would say it's a tie between RF and CrA. GrM sounds more tanky, but a CrA played and statted right has much more potential. Her super armor actives allow her to play aggressive as well.
  3. Yeah. But. The. Cap. Is. Still. 45. D00d.
  4. Yeah, but the cap is still 45 d00d. A wind attack would hit me for 4-6k, rather than 1k. Besides any other attribute in high-tier arena is worthless,
  5. The cap is 45%. And why mention attribute revamp, we don't have it. Do you even play Void? xD
  6. Glowing Magic Stone of Absorbtion gives 4% HP, 2% red, and 2% crit. I recommend those or just wise stone for it.
  7. HP identify on all your armor + IB set effect will give you your 50%. Allowing you to socket other stuff instead of wasting them onn HP
  8. Ran always giving me motivation to draw.. u wu

  9. Pretty sure I met you in arena, either a MM or an Esper if I recall.. If a 1,000% strong stoic is killing you, I think you might wanna evaluate your own HP and red stats.. there's a simple trick to killing someone with def stats like mine, and that's Wind. I recommend staying away from me for 6 seconds after you beat on me, passive damage boosts are scary.
  10. If it's a random SS rank I fight, then yeah pretty much. If it's the average SSS high tier class then no. You'd be surprised how OoR and a RoF catch can make my stats look like I'm wearing spar gear.
  11. Not at all.. Spec B is amazing. I can lose 1k red from necklace and equip Mage Necklace to bump my MP gains to 8k, I switch between those often.. My stats are overkill, not sure why it would matter if I neglected other stats. xP I have a goal to kill those fkrs, so I'ma do just that. Without the help of a braindead ring or title