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  3. Make Naeun quests give 3 cards instead of 1( Yes please ) or reduce the craft costs times 3( Nope this will make the ed burning so much slower aka rates going even higher) Make Naeun cards tradeable (meh) agree with everything else.
  4. So... Yes, i am here again to entertain people how obvious my questions are XD 1. Why all my items disappear from mailbox when i try to collect them? 2. All character i created before i re-started Void 3 days ago, all of them are missing 2 lines in every category in inventories for some reason. New characters don't have same problem. While my first ever character have 2 pages of all spaces. Wtf? 3. Is Apocalypse weapon rare? To be honest, i thought it was extremely hard to get but i get notifications at least each minute that someone got it. 4. Didnt Void have limit on reinforcement? If i am not mistaken, it was 9 or 10, but now i see people with 11+. Am i mistaken? If yes, then is it possible to get to 10+ without cashing? (90% sure answer is no) 5. What's up with prices? DId Void experience inflation or something? 30mil for Fetch aura but before it was 10-15mil. 6. Is Add's dungeon an event? f so, when it will finish? 7. Why El resonance missing MP reduction, CD reduction and other things? 8. I didn't find it on ElWiki, but Does Resonance have curve? Or Exp is constant? If he does have a curve, what is max possible level? 9. Did CBS receive a buff? It feels like she is great in dungeons again, quite easy to clear. Thank you very much for your help.
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  6. [IGN] Yu [TITLE] Goddess of love [WIP] [FINISHED ART]
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  11. welcome back cannot wait to meet you ingame anyways, its Shedim if you remember
  12. One of my best friends. 

    Miss you.

  13. hasnt it been like this since renewals tho
  14. Just a guild or a guild to make friends?
  15. have u even played.................. Weback~
  16. r lol
  17. ✿ Green Mint Rose ✿ *trying to make the gif* *sobs* Static appearance: Used Items: Reference: Ign: Demeter
  18. No valid suggestion, no explanation. You can't just fucking throw a topic and demand the Devs to do what you like. You need to explain what's the point of your suggestion. Include poll and explanation.
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