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  2. Lylan


    Didn't you create a suggestion for this already if im not mistaken? Just bump the thread every 24 hours.
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  4. gold seals for what?
  5. Hated


    why should we get golden seals
  6. Xenji


    Can we have golden seals on Labby's 3rd Path Release? Noot! noot!
  7. You should try Secret's title, 300 medals trade them with Aranka and the title will give you fever (3 pearls os awk.) with the first awk. (Only party) Also if you kill too fast you will not need your awk, that's for Rosso, some bosses etc..
  8. I've never played Laby LMAO
  9. Hey guys. I recently got into the Endgame with my RH. I stacked up enough crit dmg, skill dmg, magic atk and whatever but i've come to a point where my awakening charge is completly ruined (which is really bad on a RH). Even with a high amount of awakening charge, i cant reawaken anymore and the mobs are dying to fast. It would be nice to know if someone had the same problem and knows a way around that, because it drives me crazy on important moments. Thank you and sorry for my bad english T_T
  10. +69 +69 +69 Bc, i want money and i want be a rich boi
  11. me after doing 10 lines of cocaine
  12. Ara is objectively the worst character in the game :^)
  13. see this character here: pick anything and you're op (and hated by 1/4-1/3 of the community but w/e)
  14. Guys!!!
    I will not sell or give away things 
    these days !!
    i have a lot of work with another game that needs to be programmed






  15. I love it, leaving everytime from the dungeon is annoying. +1
  16. I don't have such effect lmao. Idk how.
  17. Tmw you try buy art but its like FUCK UR EXPENSIVE YEET MY HOPES

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    2. Melony


      im waiting for my stuff to sell :(

    3. Wonho


      farm while that's happening.

    4. Melony


      okie momma

  18. Ok why Say no? Thais is good idea because only coming un events but events coming like 1 or 2 months , this idea is for all the people who can not play in the week but have free time on the weekends, I do not know why the people are rude and so uncomfortable
  19. Since my PC can't handle Raid at all in terms of FPS, I would love to be able to buy the Raid accs, since it doesnt include a 1 Picture every 5 Seconds with with whitescreen flashes performance in raid.
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