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  2. LordEclipse

    Legendary Force Skills

    Bump 16: The Farming Theme
  3. LordEclipse

    Increase Friends List

    bumpo bumpo
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  5. Armaros

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    Wait, that ain't Richter stats? I swear i thought it was a Richter, but now that i read better it is a Diangelion maybe?
  6. Boop
  7. Armaros

    PvE power rankings ?

    Doom Bringer good in PvE? Really? *inhales* Ok Arma, calm down and be polite... Doom Bringer is great at bossing hands down, but PvE is 80% clearing, and he only relies on Stasis Field and Neutron Bomb to do that. Is it good to have two Bravery skill with no way to lower/reset their CD do all the clearing job? No, it is not. But you pretty nailed the other classes, i would add Innocent as well to the list. O.T: Just like Jumper said, PvE has many variables changing, which means you cannot really write down a tier list, even thought we tried twice. Yet, some classes are better designed for this aspect of the game, which makes them more flexible to every situation, thus better at PvE. Classes like AeS,SH,FB,IN,BQ and Eve are great to use in this sense, but always remember that every class is good if the character is correctly geared up!
  8. my second is banned to.


  9. Yizilian

    [Event] Summer Scramble

    IGN Yizilian Structure's Luggage 4 9 10 Xera's Luggage 2 3 8 Lure's Luggage 5 7 Luci's Luggage 1 6
  10. can u give me your discord name

    1. Ahmed264


      plz i want my account back i m inocent i m no hacker at all plz i want my accounts back open my account.

  11. Grima

    Hanger removals in ed burners

    Please! +1
  12. JumperCzech

    PvE power rankings ?

    There is no PvE tier list because there are too many variables. Same reason why there is only a sparring pvp tier list with tournament rules, rather than an arena one. Even with top gear you can still have different stacks, different elixirs, different ERP, the dungeon you are running changes too many things. (Different characters are top tier in Add's, 11-4 and 11-5.) Whether you are in a party and what classes the other party members are, whether you have matching buff or not if you are soloing. With all that said, there are a few characters that do well in all endgame dungeons. However bellow that, it's really impossible to measure. IMO the best PvE classes are: CU, AeS, HE, MaP and a bit less good but still way better than most Sh, BQ, DoB, CEs, CS, Dv and Dab(< prolly missed some cuz I don't play every single fucking char) Also keep in mind that basically all classes are viable in PvE.
  13. glum

    kashy both discord and snapchat died for me WTF

    1. Kashy


      i see this late OOPS 

  14. yuzuhime

    A "Veteran" player coming to void

    welcome and, you're more than welcome to play on both servers as there's a ton of people who do so already although grinding here takes a lot less time than officials so you'd get back to where you were really quickly
  15. Scout

    A "Veteran" player coming to void

    Welcome. Your guess is pretty much as right as it gets. Void really enables the average player in terms of being able to play and enjoy the actual game.
  16. A Luciel main with all three classes nearly LVL 99 and a LVL 72 DW from INT I saw void as a more friendly and F2P-friendly experience as I am a F2P who doesn't want to spend money for shared bank. I decided to check void out if its a less-grindy/p2p and a much more friendly experience than INT. I might move here but it depends most likely as I don't want to leave my characters I've grinded for. Anyways, greetings to everyone here in the Void Forums.
  17. glum

    [Rate and Share Your Stats]

    I NEED TO HIT 40K BITCH next i want to try and hit 700k hp : D btw can someone pls sell me a low cuff for ciel
  18. Seneca

    PvE power rankings ?

    Since there's a pvp power rankings why isn't there a pvp one Keeping in mind that you'll have your top of the line equipments What do you think would be the most OP ? For a pot heavy person I think it's probably BQ For a no pot run maybe BM or MV idk ?
  19. RubyRain

    [Galaxies] Lv15 PvE n Chill

  20. JohnWater

    (Added poll) Void's biggest weak points

    Sad Truth
  21. Anyone ever just looks at the introduction/farewell's and just cringe?

    1. Wonho
    2. Chiharu


      whew, I thought I was the only one LOL

    3. Nattie
  22. AllToProtecci

    [Monthly] Void's Artist

    Res. I wanna try...
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