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  3. Lv17 PvP Guild - [Disaster]

  4. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    I'll just cry in happiness if an event gets added on, tbh I want a more event more than I want 3rd jobs-
  5. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Board update, searching for tear effect is painful. Some of the damn useful tears with high % are not sold within 7 days of VIP sales, because no one found it. Besides, 3rd job is meh, and the only overall benefits for us might be stat boost after advancement and some force passives (or even those cancerous actives). PVP is dead so who fucking care about balance? I hope Void doesn't get the nerfquake, we haven't even tasted the OPness before that nerf.
  6. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Just a new thing + event to make things seem less mindless.
  7. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    k,sorry for annoying u with my grieving
  8. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Im honestly just wanting something rather than a big ole question mark
  9. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Hope they include yesterday's balance patch from NA.
  10. hi

    Hii~!! Welcome to void and forums~ I really hope you have a lovely time here The free stuff and easy leveling on void is awesome but the community can be pretty salty over here.. So Best of luck and Take care~
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  12. [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Ign: Stranger Items used: More screenshots:
  13. Can you still implement the Deroro pet for V2.3 or is there still technical difficulties? I'd be happy with it's KR speech tbh like Servion pet. I don't want to get my hopes up too early ;c
  14. ❄ Lovely Winter ❄

  15. April Fools 2016

    Ugly but I'm funny my ara,rose, looks pregnant Even if it does not change the hair +1 XD
  16. Elrianode daily/weekly quest

  17. got it, thanks!
  18. [Luminary] - Become luminous with us! I Level 13 PvE Guild

    IGN: Matria Class: Freyja Main or Alt: Main (For now) Previous Guild: [HateDespair] like a couple years ago or something Gear (Not relevant to joining, just want to know because i'm curious): 2/5 Vision 3/5 Wrath, +8 R26 weapon Timezone: EST Name/Nickname: Matt About you (optional): I'm 23, I love power metal, and I've been playing Elsword off and on a good bit since 2014. Why did you decide to join this Guild?: It's been a while since I've joined a guild, and this one looks nice. I would really like to stick with Elsword for a while this time around. Ill be online for a little while from now.
  19. That is fine! You can dress up as the layout of application, yes. Though please do add a reference!
  20. [Weekly] Void's Designer

    IGN: Eby Lu as More screens: Items used:
  21. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd Job ? A lot of players, mostly pay to win players, overpriced price will go down... i think lol A rest for VoidEls Staff, so maybe there will be more "events" or players suggestion would be implanted
  22. What 2.3 can offer beside 3rd job?

    Board search update, that's the only thing I want, along with 2v2 or 3v3 back
  23. It does not work the same way as costumes and even costumes can't always be implemented (such as Mariposa and the chess one at the moment). ^ This
  24. Forgot to ask, as for VD this week, will it be ok if my entry foucs on the application layout instead of the app icon? @Xera
  25. A little suggestion

  26. April Fools 2016

    these outfits are so ugly who would want them
  27. [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Everybody's favorite Notepad app! If you think you'll forget it - she will remember. Even admidst the chaos of thousands of notes, she keeps everything organized for you! Though, occasionally, she gets this little Nasod to help. IGN: BananaJuice Items used:
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