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  2. CHU HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! ill be online for a bit n ill try to catch ya here soon. otherwise i just added you on discord so hopefully we can get you in asap!
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  4. Sounds like guild HP regen passive? Has red particles too
  5. So, as I was doing a few battles and was about to win against a Sariel, I did fatal damage but they didn't die (No Forginary's Fruit or Eclipse) and red particles fell with +4000 HP for a few seconds. I thought that was odd but assumed it was Nocturn of Hernia but it happened again not even 10 seconds later and due to that, I lost because they energetic heart and particle ray. That was complete and utter BULLSHIT! When I managed to check their gear, they didn't have Nocturn of Hernia and nothing on their gear indicated HP regen the way it did. Anyone care to explain that BS or was it a cheater?
  6. Your Name: Elizabeth (online im known as Lizabe but people call me Liz) IGN: Xcy Main or Alt?: Main Age & Timezone (optional): 15 & CET About you: just your average friendly neighbourhood Spiderman... I mean void player Why would chu like to join?: I met this person called Haru in random SD farming, and we got to be friends pretty fast and she recommended me to join this guild cuz Im struggling atm to find a fun guild to stay in and wanted to give this one a go, and looking at the discord conversations and generally in game convos, it definitely seems fun , but that aside, I just want to join a guild so I can help people with anything as long as it's in my power. PLUS I love being social and talking with people about... Um anything I hope you take me ^-^ Discord: Lizabe#9344
  7. welcome to void and hope you have fun !!!
  8. @MindLeBreak Welcome to Fateful! We have a long wait list unfortunately, so it would be best if you apply at the board. You're also welcome to join our discord server if you'd like! We hope to see you soon!
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  10. Hi ;-; why do i forgot your name all time when i will @     qwq


  11. can you at least stay on forums so we have a person that uses orange theming please it makes me think of yogurt

    I AM DYING ; W;

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      ooof Dx and yet everything else works fine 

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