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  2. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    dont forget the +12...
  3. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    Yaaaas +1 we need more chances to get amulets +10 and +11
  4. Make Darkness Exchange Tickets More Useful

    Bump / Bumb *still dunno how to spell that tbh XD*
  5. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    @TheLuiz If you are still editing I would like to suggest ^
  6. Hallo new player here!

    Welcome to VoidEls ♥
  7. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    I made an event where you can obtain +10 with a month event... in this case you can easily obtain +10 +11 and +12 I am in favour of all events that include usefull items ... but +11 and +12 and even easy +10 ... for me its too much, specially because are tradeable and ultra easy to get. You have to change that so people have to farm + buy others items to get those 100 skulls the +10 minimum. I WOULD BE MORE THAN WILLING TO GET A +12 BUT I DONT WANT OTHERS TO GET IT, GO TO PVP AND SPAM SHIT TO 1 SHOOT. WE ALREADY HAVETHIS PROBLEMS WITH ACTUAL +11'S
  8. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    +1 tbh watch this get ignoraste'd by the GM's
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  10. [Weekly] Void's Designer

    Ara's Messed up Demon Lolita Attire IGN: Sarayn Looks like Ara wanted to be a Demon Lolita... But her shoes don't even match her dress! And she brought a gun and a tea set!?!? What a mess... Other Screenshots Items used
  11. [REVIVAL] The Dia de Los Muertos Event!

    How long would you have the event last? If it's two weeks you'd need to spend three hours on hero hell dungeons a day (assuming one run lasts 10 min), every day for a +11 and double that for the +12. If it's three weeks, it'd still be 2 hours and four hours respectively. This is assuming you take no breaks and that you don't fail a single run. I agree that it should not be easy to get a +11 or +12, but this way you don't have any time left for other parts of the event. I'm not sure how you could improve this. It should stay hard, yet still doable. If you wanted the event to last longer this point is moot but it's worth thinking about.
  12. some of Rena IBs can be overpriced af. I'd say Aisha. . . and Chung
  13. suggest event everyday & event dungeon.

    it's everyday bro killme Like the others said, making an event is pretty damn hard, imagine a new one everyday.You don't have a birthday everyday right? Events are special occasions. Event (seasonal) dungeons? yes please ( ⸝⸝ ᴗ ⸝⸝ )
  14. [Weekly] Elrios Photographer

    Song Lyrics: It's the eye of the tigerIt's the thrill of the fightRising up to the challenge of our rivalAnd the last known survivorStalks his prey in the nightAnd he's watching us all with the eye of the tiger IGN: Sarayn
  15. Hmm i think Eve/Ara (idk which is OP)> Rose (bc her IB not rotated all) > Elesis > Rena > Aisha > Lu *From Highest to Lowest thats my opinion
  16. [Tourney] Im rusty tourney

    yesterdays tourney was fun, fcking jen with her cancer FY won, i think next tourney is next saturday even greg played in the tourney ..
  17. Is this hack or pure luck?

    If you believe a user to be suspicious, please report them in [Rulebreakers] with the evidence accordingly and our team will investigate further.
  18. Is this hack or pure luck?

    3 letters...starts with an E the thing is you wouldnt be able to stalk them bc theyre no where available for you to check them out and botting...hmmm thats actually pretty smart omg..thats bs-
  19. Is this hack or pure luck?

    does it start with the letter M? i'm thinking it could be pretty suspicious, but i'd assume that even if they hacked they'd be able to get a Stage 15 Weapon done in under a day, but if that guy persistently grinded every single day for around a week, i'd say he could be believable unless they're making multiple Stage 15s. or somehow he thinks botting pepsiman is a good way of making money when hackers abuse other shit and gain 5x that amount just as easily.
  20. Is this hack or pure luck?

    So i noticed one particular person(not going to name who) has been getting the Void wep more than once a day Even yesterday I saw them getting it 2x and so on. A friend of mines also pointed this out before I began noticing they are right, I know some people are born with pure luck but you cant be this LUCKY to get the drop everyday now can you?? Not sure if it should be reported due to lack of evidence. But what do you guys think? Pure luck or hack?
  21. S> SS Shades Ain or Trade for SS Shades Rena 


  22. suggest event everyday & event dungeon.

    1st everyday event . . . You know how hard it is to do 1 event ? 2nd idk what the fuck you talking about " origin and chara "
  23. suggest event everyday & event dungeon.

    YEAH.... sure.... we do need. but have you given enough thought about it? it's not origin... ahem it is official. (except Aisha, she's so fucked up by KOG) I remember several players made threads about daily event and event dungeon ,too. But Ran doesn't answer . so meh... I agree with him too about "Origin and chara"
  24. suggest event everyday & event dungeon.

    what the fuck are you trying to say I mean I kinda understand but yeah learn English.
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