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  2. Does making these posts count for post count I lowkey just want a sig

    1. Ruky


      it does i think

  3. YES, that's what I was trying to do all along. You people are fucking taunting me like crazzy here and I haven't said one, ONE single bad word to you but somehow you feel allowed to throw stones at me just because I don't feel like going down to that level and I'm not countering all this bs with heavy words of my own. Trust me I'm just being silent for the most part only trying to say the nicest things and avoid the flame. And no I won't back down from a fight when I know FOR SURE that the other person is talking bullshit. It is not me who's having a bad day trust me. And how childish is it to use words that you can't proove as your argument? fucking hypocrites there, now you have a reason to be mad at me.
  4. Dude, while I do agree that your run was really good, no doubt about it, but you should calm down a little bit. And yes, you are getting arrogant and cocky but not by how you play, but how you talk. And if player known for his speed runs says something, do accept that just without salt. No one is saying your run is bad, but just he says it can be done a bit different way and better result could show up. And all you come up with is telling him to get same equip etc and do a run when he clearly said he doesn't have elesis. So just for your "demand" he should get Elesis, lvl her up, fund her and gear her just so he could do a run and show it to you? It's quite a childish thing to say don't you think? I think you just stepped out from your bed with wrong foot so chill out, no one is saying bad things about you and just leave it here without derailing this topic any further.
  5. SO I'M THE ARROGANT ONE OK OK GET TO WORK BOIII same stats, EXACTLY THE SAME STATS and build I'm also expecting it to be MUCH fuckign quicker, just as you said. Get to work and quote me with the vid when you're done.
  6. i feel like attack speed is the least of your worries
  7. Today
  8. You do know that they can just change the rotation due to this? (if it's true that it is)
  9. I'm not defending anyone, I don't play Elesis and I don't have friends who do either. I'm showing you the facts, Bravery CrA IS more OP than Strenght. You have plenty of youtube footage proving that to you, you like it or not. And here you just lose your point, you're just being arrogant now and thinking your way of playing is better than anyone can reach. Also this: I can assure you that your run has a lot of flaws and can be done much quicker, even with your build/stats. You need to accept opinions contrary to what you believe, you're not the truth's holder, my friend. And you're not the absolute best either, please tone down your pride. I'll withdraw from further discussion since this is not the thread's purpose, but as someone already said, it seems like you're just in a bad mood/day.
  10. [Soft] Join our EXP Boost Event!

    id like to say that this guild is really cool
  11. well don't you find it weird that everybodys selling their low now on board A mod leaked info before and was fireed that is why I think next rotation is low
  12. Even for a gay theory thats some ass pull info unless of course you have source that a "mod" leaked any kind of info related to next rotation.
  13. Best program for game recording and streaming? Hello? Yes, I'm having a great day.
  14. Hi. Some random passing by. Calm down Scout. Don't mean to be offend you. By reading your comment, you look like someone who defend his arguments. It's ok, but you are just like being arrogant and cocky. Not just that, you also falsely replied someone about OBS. (Idek what is that). Idk if you're in bad mood or something. Areyou having bad day? However your gameplay is truly awesome tho. I watched it yesterday, and I was like "whoaaaa". Keep up your good work.
  15. Well, glad you ... like it ... I guess? It's nice having some positive inputs here and there. Thanks.
  16. your weapon is +8 honestly, this makes my play skill look like shit lol cry in +9
  17. Naeun consumable lower price

    I can use the tickets I get from the other GoD boxes, yes.
  18. I mean, for me it is as clear as daylight that you were trying to defend somebody. Look, at the end of the day I really don't care what the world does. They can keep playing their bravery stacking and we'd still be gucci, trust me on my word when I say that it doesn't affect how I sleep at night. And to answer your second point: I'm a NB main, I have invested some time and money to even have a playable CrA to begin with, now, considering how much credits/positive feedback I got for even having the guts to pull off this gameplay approach you may be damn sure that you will not see another high performance of this build anytime soon.
  19. I'm tired of waiting


  20. [Weekly] Elrios Photographer

    Paranoia! IGN: Hated You can run but you can't escape from me!
  21. Well, all 1:00 and below CrA Fusion runs on youtube shows you the opposite. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything, but well.. I'm yet to see a strenght user do the same. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  22. [Weekly] Elrios Photographer

    Look out! Here she comes! IGN: Xietkitsu ''awww, i almost got you!~'' keep running while u still can
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