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  2. I've capped my Demonio somewhere within 3 hrs. The xp gain is insane... 5 levels from one dungeon.
  3. Good luck dude
  4. ok thanks, i will try with this
  5. Ah.




    If any Moderator or Sage is willing to power-abuse, feel free to do so. I've got this whole thing copied and I will happily repost it as many times as I need to. I know what is and what is not allowed. This is perfectly okay to do, there is no harassment involved, so you had to right to delete @Lottine's post. This server's GS and Moderators are utterly biased. Is this server controlled by biased thirteen-year-olds whose "senpai" tells them to do whatever they want and they'll get pedo gropes afterwards? So far I've seen proof that supports this statement. Is there any proof that can prove it wrong?

    I'll wait.

    1. Jane


      The staff is incredibly biased and that won't change since the so-called Head Of Staff has done nothing to show interest in what the staff does. Even after reports sent personally to her.  :nail_care:
      Ever heard of freedom of speech ^~^ nya?
      The sad thing is they cannot implement the rules they came up with.

      I've seen people getting banned without any warning point given to them or a personal verbal warning.
      And at the same time I've seen their bias in action where they do not ban a problematic user spewing bullshit all around the forums and demand piles of evidence.
      The fact that there was a huge needless profile post full of insults and accusations thrown at a confused girl and the Game Sages/Moderators didn't do anything about it and most likely never sent a warning due to their bias is enough for me to see what kind of bullshit goes on.
      The corruption is too real.
      I remember that one time when one Game Sage asked me to find shit on another Game Sage so they can get them fired. I guess the corruption is what gets awarded since they got promoted.

      Not naming any names so it's okay~ 
      And I can prove it's okay even after naming names I shouldn't get any warnings. 
      Unless the staff wants to prove to everyone how biased they all are. 

  6. See ya Mewy, have fun in Closers owob
  7. Yea, I have reset my computer (Laptop) and it works fine 1. Reset your computer and it maybe work :I (works fine for me on my laptop) 2. It can also be a problem with your AntiVirus, try to delete it and (if you have a Pro version) download the free version ^This works on my computer
  8. for reset you hear deleting windows and re-installing?
  9. Locking due to request.
  10. Well a friend sent me this screen so I guess this suggestion won't be possible, and I won't bother honestly Dx R>Lock @Structure @Stay @Poppy :l
  11. Have you tryed to reset your computer ?
  12. how come a middle tier class getting gutted and being in crap tier now is deserved? Can it be that you got oneshot by overgeared fucks and are a member of the "duuh vc oneshotted me with his +10" party? E: and no i am not offensive nor offended, i just really want to know why you think VC deserved that.
  13. Can we have a movement to put VP in crap tier because whats the point if the only combo you can keep players in is void ball spam which is very easy to drop also literally all her transcendence skills are useless
  14. Supersonic works best on the buffed mobs in SDs and heroics and the tanky mobs in solace dungeons at high health since more HP will be taken out(approx 50%). It does not deal as much damage on bosses compared to heavy conqueror since the damage is not HP based on bosses. In pvp it is more effective on opponents when they have higher health, since damage is calculated based on target's current hp and not the target's max hp. (Although it can still kill if target's HP is too low) Hope that clarifies some doubts.
  15. Today
  16. nothing, i tryed to pass voidels in other computer with the same connection and it work perfectly. I think is a problem on my pc but i don't understand what is it
  17. Sure u deal rly much dmg with Supersonic PVP and PVE :c
  18. VC is in crap LOL. (got what he deserved) I guess that's the reason I'm seeing more RF today.
  19. Ikr SD finally has her spotlight, and yeah, GrM was always quite strong
  20. How Y'all doing uwu

    im doing great c':

    nothing like feeling tired when u wake up

  21. It's NB currently as best Lu/Ciel
  22. If the answer is yes, then time to brush up my LP sitting around my character screen.
  23. When scrub lord LP is so OP that people think its a hack.
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