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  2. Get +10 then try out PvP then Everyone, the tourney will start today at 7 pm servertime, you have a few hours left to signup if you want to
  3. TW: She's not that bad as some people pretend she is, but when Karma and Fatality are on CD, you are basically useless. Just balance her out a bit, buff Call of Ruin for example.
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  5. So many tempting stuff on forums market but too broke for anything, and too busy to grind for ED.

  6. I actually wrote the +13 cursive. Please get a joke, of course we won't get a +13 amulet.
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    Hello, you know pet would go best dungeon? (a pet only)
  8. here are my two cents. if you're easily offended just close the tab before i hurt your fee-fees. no that does not mean i'm going to intentionally be a shithead, but it will probably come across as such. everybody explicitly complaining about it not being arena mode is an absolute moron. yes this goes for discord too because i know some people either stalk the thread but talk lots on discord, or put up a cute front of forums while going apeshit on discord. allow me to explain first and foremost, with literally zero iq required to understand, gear isn't competitive and tournaments are meant to be competitive. this was branded as a tournament, not a casual event, and therefore should be treated as a tournament, and not a casual event. we then have the people trying to cite the ruleset being the reason that there were no signups - and all i can really do is laugh at that because it just becomes so blatantly obvious that ignorance is easier to uphold than any actual research (i use that word so, so loosely because you wouldn't even have to open up another website) or critical thinking skills did we all just choose to selectively remember that the tournament was originally going to be arena rules, and still received no signups, even through initial 'tourney just got announced' hype? or do we all just have amnesia? neither would shock me at this point. also, sorry to be blunt, but anybody who is only willing to join if its arena is more than likely getting r1'd anyways. if you're literally incapable of winning without the pocket +11, good luck beating the seasoned veterans who have the same gear you do. overall, the tournament was extremely fun, and every match i played felt super close. imo, some of the comebacks that happened would not be possible because of things like sacrifice making it hard to whittle away mp with commands, and forces [such as previously cited obtene] removing the ability to snowball off of your clutch plays. 2s has never been a popular mode for void's tournaments, and with how shafted pvp is on this server it probably never will be in conclusion: -arena may have potential, but the word 'tournament' (or anything intentionally competitive in general) has a restraining order on it -if you cite vanilla for the reason the sign ups were low i will send you a custom wheelchair as long as you pay shipping -if you're only willing to play when its arena mode just go que for arena instead because you won't win anyways -use your brain when you want to make a point because arena could be something cool to try for fun but the way some of the people who want it defend it is ear shattering, which is quite the feat considering words on a page have no sound
  9. sorry miya,,, the bump is too tempting, too alluring, too attractive, too captivating, too enticing, too luring, too inviting, too inducing, too appealing, too irresistible, too charming, too intriguing, too bewitching, too hypnotic, too tantalizing, too intriguing that i can't just reserve it,,, im sorry
  10. EDIT:TOTAL CHAOS Who and why is enabling this lunacy that is currently happening 3 pages before? I re-read the entire thread again and again and i am dumbfounded by all this. This is really beyond insanity at this point. I deleted everything because i only read the first 3 pages and forgot to read page 3-5. first of all. @Lilu What's your opinion about all this that's happening in page 4-5? Also i hear sayings like "if you are lazy don't play" "if you don't have time, do not dare to play tourneys". This is the VERY first time hearing a small number of people blocking everyone else from joining tournaments. I cannot even fathom a community and the staff members would make such a "fascist like" decision. At best this would split the pvp community to even smaller pieces than it was before but at worst which is the most probably it will COMPLETELY destroy what little remains on competitive pvp. And no, no matter how much you sugarcoat this, the arena settings has no right to be called competitive at all.It's just a money facade which i have 0 interested in affiliating myself into. Depending on what happens with this kind of logic will decide if i stay in Void or not.If you people want to completely destroy the pvp community(even the small people we have) i will officialy leave this game for good.And remember if you ask yourselves "why are not having any players playing competitive?" you will now know the reason. I am pretty sure that there will be an army of you elite pvper who are going to try to take appart whatever i say(i even know what point you will meke before hand) so if you want to, i would prefer to take these to PMs.
  11. I need Nintendo Switch frens.


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  13. i see, thanks! i kinda had a hunch but felt better asking, ty
  14. +1! the idols event was the first event in void where i actually got to participate (i used to hiatus....a lot). it also happened when i was starting out playing luciel and being able to get amulets off of the pouches + tons of recovery items and sages stones were what helped me settle on maining them. people say "rng sucks" and like, yeah, obviously it does, but tons of the items are incredibly helpful and if you dont want them you can easily sell them (the tradeable ones, at least)
  15. The winners will be announced when the next rotational comes out, which should be in a few days at max. We're currently deciding on who will host + voting.
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