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  3. I think if you take pairing up into mind you have to be a little more cautious of the effects on the actual server. Not sure how I'd do that, but I do really like the idea of a rotation inside the rotation, ie; Groups with random choices. [Leveling-Up Related] - EXP Increase? - Random Missions - All SDs Open - A pouch with EXP items [Gearing-Up Related] - No Ticket Elrianode - Type-Void Drop Rate - Gamble cube of some sort for fluorites/reset scrolls/other gear related items - Increased Global Drop Rate - Increased Henir Rewards [QOL & Misc] - Increased Stats (Batches, maybe? All attacks, then another week all speeds?) - Double Title Count - QOL-themed pouch (Inventory expansions/Fetch Aura/***BANK*** expansions) - I'm sure there are more and theres a lot more that can be worked out. So you would pick a group for a week, and then within that group you'd pick a buff. Or something like that? If you wanted a concrete schedule I could try and put some brain power towards it.
  4. Try reporting them in rule-breakers with their IGN. Maybe staff can look into it
  5. hello, I just fell with a cheater who clean the room in forgotten elrian sanctume I can not take video because in panic I leave the dungeon directly (in the room where the pop monster he would die directly after each wave) I have the nickname of the person but I doubt that without proof we can not do anything in the story I risk something?
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  7. This that wholesome shit... I hope you don't lose your sanity coming back lol But I genuinely hope you have a good experience.
    1. BaraLover™


      Oof, goodbye Wolf! Sad to see you go, even though I'm not as active anymore too. Good luck with future events! BaraTitties4life

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  9. Weekly reward resets on Wednesdays Henir rotation changes on Fridays
  10. when laggers cause my frost barrage to not insta-clear the next stage because we won't advance due to their l a g .
  11. Boy you really miss that extraordinary amount of 3 EXTRA MATERIALS you get from the quest.
  12. Why does it happen to me ?! " OH ... Am I the only one with my swim school bathing suit ? I'm so embarrassed .. " - Ara IGN : Engelchen
  13. Its hot outside!! Time to get out there and put a "Cold Spark" in your step!! IGN: Ghoulish Name: Ravens Summer Fit Items Used: Raven Promo blade Furious Blade Raven Morning Glory Hair Raven Pure Vacation top v1 Raven checkered summer look bottom v2 Raven Shaviana Truffles gloves Raven Velder acadamy Band shoes v2 Vacation sunglasses (Red) el lord crown (blue) blueberry bubble gum cold spark Eclipse shining bracelets Kumiho earrings El lord chrystal legwings (blue) Poseidon's Power (raven) Awakening: Bubbles
  14. saving up some ED by having them not share CD would be great, +1
  15. 1- I mean pots are really useful, but if share cd what is the point 2- Change Triple Sundae Effect pot This pot is really useful, but the problem is this 100% Critical Hits for the next 20 hits Force awakening, Is good, but the offer efect, is meh, when u are a class with Multi hits skills Like Frost Barrage Or Fox Fire If was 100% Critical hits for the next 20 secondo it would be good for not geared people
  16. Feels bad for the OP, they actually have a functioning brain while half of the replies do not and completely missed the point. Inconsistent rule establishing is bad, end of story. Staff needs to be on the same page or hell breaks loose.
  17. I see. Thanks. When does the week reset?
  18. > Ara as a Beach Styled Fighter < ign : ieridina Item Used : Novice Adventurer Spear (Black) Netherworld Hair (Ver.1) Trainee Top Piece (Light Green) Master of Tricks Bottom (Ver.1) Street Star Gloves (Ver.1) Black Swimwear Shoes +Lemonade Bubble Gum and Pilot Glasses (Green)
  19. my nigga is white

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