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  3. My fastest time is on my Eternity Winner with a +9 Heroic wep, 1:59
  4. res Summer Vacation WIP (Reference drawing, not final) aaaahhh my hands are screaming still missing Elesis to Ain I wonder if it ok to design one for Laby since she doesnt have summer vacation outfit..
  5. Team Ignia IGN Hated more screens/used items
  6. As much as I hate laggy randoms, this is a terrible suggestion. -1 from me Although I do want solo buff on F8 back REEEEEEEEE
  7. as much as I hate that 99% of the rando low lvls i get lag the dungeon out and make the run 2 minutes longer this aint happening
  8. -1 Just do solo runs. You dont even need the buff. Just get GoD, Spar buff and youre good. If you still complain, get out of the ONLINE- MMO world.
  9. -1 This ppl who vote for yes, don't even know how online games work
  10. -1000000000 Sweetie ever heard of building your own party with people you know No Okay
  11. Tbh I personally enjoy carrying people that I queue up with. It's something that makes me feel good that "hell yeah look at this" while I just tap the enemies and they die. However I do see the reason why people don't enjoy being with those weaker than them if it takes forever. If that's the case, (in SDs specifically) you'll be the one that's slowing down the *actual* carries.
  12. You already got ur 15 minutes of fame, now get out f here pls Also, this is u when made this
  13. Elrianode lvl range: 99 Vanimir lvl range: 99 Drabaki lvl range: 99 I can't understand why you want something absurd like that. Clearly, people under 99 need the queue buff, most of them are newbies and have no equipment and the only alternative to leveling and farm faster a Hero DG or SD is with queue buff and 99 players. have a selfish motive, if you find yourself so strong and fast so, who does not need to queue and buff it is you. -1!
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