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  1. It's back up through a temporary solution under stress testing.
  2. Our staff among ranks is as transparent and vague as it is with the public, staff isn't given information until it is considered ready to be publicized and the community managers don't give out information until it is safe to do so. The reason for which isn't because they don't care, rather completely the opposite. Everyone does care more than you can imagine and that is why even the smallest details are scrutinized in order to prevent giving any advantage to current or aspiring adversaries.
  3. NOTE: A temporary solution has been rolled out under stress testing, IB rotation will be pushed a few days forward as we weren't able to test things out. P.S: 1000 EC added to every account made before 1st June (excluding), sorry for the inconvenience and happy late birthday Void! ------------------- Status: Online One of our core third party providers has went off grid without any notice and we're currently waiting on new allocation as they have caused us quite a few unexpected downtimes in the past several months. There's no ETA as of when we will receive what we need, but hopefully it won't be more than a couple of days. Feel free to use this downtime thread if you're bored - <HERE> We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and for the delayed news post.
  4. Please fix Titan Slash For High Knight its not working right for me thank you

  5. hello how to load in void voidels using php help me please

    1. renpanazo12


      help me please void

  6. Pin reset Please

  7. Pin reset please?

  8. Status: Online The servers are being restarted to decrease performance issues. NOTE: The next IB rotation will be on 7th Nov (Friday).
  9. Is there any chances that void will be shut down?

  10. Status: Completed (Online) The server is currently being restarted in order to fix several summon related quest bugs.
  11. At this point there's not much reason to get a vote system as we're the only private server. We'll be running weekly events to give out EC. If you have any particular event ideas to be used to give out EC, please do suggest them. Also note that we give out a lot of free stuff (Void Elsword Package / Stamina Potions / Class Change Medals, etc.)