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  1. Their is always room for improvement, I've mentions several reasons why, and what the staff could improve on. The entire intent of this thread is to question and seek improvements. If you don't know what improvements I think are necessary then go back and reread.
  2. Those crying kids provide the server with funding, a player base, and either good will or negative. Sorry to say this but no one cares about their private lives.
  3. I'll Admit that I'm extremely distrustful towards the staff. That would be due to personally having and overwhelming negative history with various members and I know others in the same circumstances. That why I'm extremely weary on how the staff handles Crises as they emerge. I mean it when I say i want the staff to do better, but we have to hold them accountable for that to happen. Would be a good start.
  4. 1. Your definitely not. I already explained what the actual problem was , the staff is to certain about what their doing, despite a history of inaccuracy and contemptuous behavior towards it's player base. 2. We had a second ban wave around 2016, 2017 after a ton of hackers, hacked a ton of Mithril onto the server, You can guess what happened afterwards.
  5. History repeats itself and already has in a few cases. No one is saying that the server or the staff is shit. Some of us are saying that some of these situations could have been handled better. We want the staff to do better. Actually I Know around 3 ban waves that happened. The one i mentioned was the first one i counted.
  6. Side note: One of the things that has concerned me about VoidCM's responses on this thread is that he is way to sure of the decisions he has made. So, I can be sure that someone's getting thrown under the bus. It will happen again because that's how he thinks a situation should be handled.
  7. It's still relevant today and it's advancing the discussion because it sheds light on The Staff's past actions and why they do what they do. Some of you are complaining about the lack of evidence well here's some evidence. VoidCM has never cared about the individual player, only the broad spectrum. His past actions and handling of crises over the past years proves it. Whether you think that's a good thing or a bad thing is up to you but just remember what to expect from him when another Crisis emerges. A lot of us have gotten caught in the cross fire every-time. Lastly its important we bring up old issues to remind the staff that their still accountable, otherwise you have no right to complain when the staff does something unfavorable to you. The staff doesn't have to resolve old issues but they'll have to do something about it if it resurfaces. I'd like some of these situations to be handled better in the future. The entire reason this thread exist is because of a series of unresolved issues that is deteriorating the players good will towards the staff. A lot of the players I've talked to have a negative opinion towards the staff. Its important that the Staff is made aware of these issues e so we can have a resolution. If nothing is ever said then nothing will be done. If we turn a blind eye and let the staff do whatever they want then they'll do just that. Accountability is needed to keep absolute powers in check.
  8. A few years back VoidCM unleashed a ban wave that hit a little over 1,000 accounts, one of them caught in the cross fire was Lilu's. VoidCM himself openly admitted to looking into Lilu's ban while ignoring the other 1,000+ banned accounts. How much effort does the entire staff really look into appeals?
  9. As someone who has been banned in the past I have an understanding how it feels. I've been been banned 3 times that resulted in two locked accounts. I understand the frustration the animosity and distrust towards the staff and feeling alienated by the community that seems to think everything the staff is doing is just. I Would like to help you in anyway I can, Such as Grind dungeons, or provide resources to help your account grow. If there is anything you need feel free to ask. 

    Side note: I am aware that your ban took place a year ago but nonetheless I want to offer my support. 

    Also for some reason you cannot receive messages so I have to post it like this.

    1. compachan123


      Thank you, but I don't play this game anymore. I am used to not playing this game :D

  10. To me Voids biggest weakness is that this is basically bare-bones Elsword. Void doesn't really have any of the advantages that the Na servers to keep players interested. Its easier to grind and get gears and that's it! That's Voids only advantage. Back then Void was popular because they customized so much of their content, and thus void appeared to have so much potential to grow as a game. The introduction of Apink and pvp salt was a nice touch to the game but now its basically ignored.Fast foward and the only thing the Void really does is update the game. Theirs almost no events to keep players engaged and nothing about the server honestly stands out. Gear was nice once upon a time when pvp was playable but its broke now.
  11. Its always a possibility. If your afraid of losing your account make a back up account.
  12. Void's frequency in listening to player suggestions very inconsistent. There are periods in which Void does listen and implement player suggestions and I'd say we are currently in a dry period. Also that forum-er your accusing of being a " VoidSheep" recently quit playing the game. I'll never understand why some of you truly desire a total ED wipe. A total ED would render the in-game currency completely worthless for as long as majority of the player-base remembers it. A total currency wipe is something that shouldn't be done under any circumstances unless you simply want to press your self-destruct button to see what happens next. . As for the wiping of the Void ED tickets, it could be argued that it was necessary to remove the means of bypassing the ED cap system. However, Void discontinued the Tickets in the most asinine way possible thus screwing over it's player-base without at the very least offering " plans for compensation". A lot of hearts we're broken over this because Void punished all of us. Some players actually put their entire wealth into those Tickets only to have them stripped away. Some players who spent their precious real money feel completely cheated while Players who played for free had to watch their hard work be for nothing. Void also could have possibly given it's player-base a small window of time to spend their tickets before they discontinue them.