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  1. Yeah, it was created for Laby only.
  2. 800% exp + 100% random mission, the other two are whatever socket pack & beginner's gear pack for the rewards
  3. Hey Yata or anyone who already knows; Are the "Selective Second Job Promo Cubes" containing the statless permanent 2nd Job promos that are available in the IM?
  4. This is slightly off-topic but i'm just laughing my ass off over the reasoning "-1 because i don't like X character so I will kick X characters". Please grow up. The kicking system is flawed and that's a fact. What's more flawed though are the people in the community that don't use the system properly. The poll is biased though, so there's no point to take it seriously; therefore I stay neutral.
  5. I had 3 main pets so far. The first pet of mine was an Uniring that I named Amethyst. It served me well for a very long time. Then, a long time ago the price for Rael was rather cheap for a pet that can freeze for 12 seconds. So I bought myself one, named it Lapis and used it up until last christmas. That's when I got a Hoya that I named Frexy, and it serves me well to this day.
  6. Let me clarify how the dungeon worked: the Black Forest event dungeon was a thing for every Laby's path pre-release event. There was a timer (not sure how long it was, either 1 minute or 2 minutes) in which your goal was to defeat as many mobs as you could; they spawned continously. The mobs in the dungeon could drop full recovery potions or 100% mana elixirs. The flowers were rewards from a quest which encouraged you to do the dungeon daily. The flowers were possible to exchange at Ariel for various items such as sages or potions. +1 tho, it was fun
  7. You know, I was just about to create a suggestion thread with a different idea that could help with the issue, but I think it's better to leave the idea here for now. Basically, when I went to NA/INT/whatever to test out Laby I noticed something. As a part of the current Laby-related event, the amount of daily entries to Sinister Intent was raised from 3 to 10. Perhaps we could have that feature as an event buff. It would be even better if we could get that in the next event (which is either a spring event or summer event I guess). It would help people get their sets for Laby a little bit faster.
  8. the only green thing we have is Rena and she's dogshit :(
  9. honestly it's 2019 and KoG still didn't make any customization that would give you green eyes we could get a recolored version of Deep Blue Eyes