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  1. Okay so first of all, a +10 Void Weapon without any disks or mystic stones is basically equal to a Heroic Rank 29 +9 weapon with a decent effect on it. Secret dungeon/starter cube equipment is enough to go through heroic dungeons with the queue buff without much trouble, unless you get Adrian's Palace. Heroic dungeon equipment with a +9 weapon is more than enough to run Apo dungeon in less than 2 minutes without much effort, unless your class simply sucks at bossing or does DPS rather than burst damage. Going through the storyline quests will give you enough ed to get some decent accessories that can also help you along the way, such as transformation tool & ASD rings. I play a variety of characters & classes, and the only chararacter that actually owns a +10 Void Weapon are my Aishas. My Rena has a +9 Void Weapon, and Laby has a +8 Void Weapon. All my characters, except for Aether Sage and Anemos, are using a +8 heroic armor as well. I used to run Apo dungeon with each one of them, everyday, and I even made a video about it, present in the spoiler below. If all that doesn't convince you that you really don't need that much to run Apo dungeon comfortably, I don't know what will. so yeah, -1
  2. I'll vote for 200 because I wouldn't mind less grinding though I don't really care because I don't even have any motivation to play the game (which basically is equal to grinding anything), and I doubt staff will notice the thread and if they do, they probably won't agree wow I sound like a very pessimistic bitch right now i'm sorry
  3. Sure, as long as it's not the only gimmick of the event. The event should include some crafts and exchanges at an event NPC or Naeun as well. I'd rather just throw my ED away for some costumes so that I can dress up my currently 18 characters, instead of opening 600 pouches throughout the entire event and not even getting a single Promo Cube. Yes, you heard me. And it was the only thing that I really cared about in the first place.
  4. I'm back with face customizations. So, turns out Ain and Laby still haven't gotten the Deep Blue Eyes customization, and it's pretty sad! Why not create a custom recolor to substitute for them? I recolored Laby's and Ain's black eyes and these are the results: Also, I'm reposting the suggestion to recolor Deep Blue Eyes/Laby and Ain subtitutes into a green color, because we really should get some green eyes too!
  5. I honestly gave up with SDs and I level my alts by simply doing the dungeons that are for my current level and skip the story quests up until I reach Atlas. That's when I just start doing the entire storyline for ED. I end up capping when I reach Celestial Crossroads.
  6. So you either 1. are basically using the +9 gear from the starter cube or your heroic gear is pretty bad 2. you're playing a bad bossing class or not playing the character that well, but I haven't seen your gameplay so I can't judge that. I can help you with getting better gear if that's the case, or if it's the latter then I might also be able to help, although I don't know what class you're playing. How about in reality though
  7. if 99% of racist people is white then does that make all white people racist
  8. @Dream see Lina you're a meanie there are assholes in this server and it doesn't really matter what character they play; blame the player, not the pixels that they're controlling