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  1. Well since that's a thing then perhaps having some explanation on what exactly this situation is supposed to be, then. I assume you didn't see that post, because that's a lot of stuff so go through, so I'll just link it here. Since the threads get locked right off the bat after a moderator responds, I had no chance of even getting a proper explanation as to why exactly breaking these rules wasn't punished in any shape or form. And well, I would really like to know; after all we, the playerbase, expect for the rules to be enforced at all times, and so when we report someone for breaking them, the action would be taken accordingly. In that case, no course of action was taken, despite me providing clear evidence that this particular person broke them. This wouldn't even be an issue if I, and by extension all of us had the chance to properly discuss the matter, whether it's reporting a rulebreaker or making a ban apeal. But that's exactly the issue; we don't even get to communicate with you guys at all, and it creates a lot of issues and misunderstandings that could have been easily avoided in the first place. I'm sure that forum mods would be more than capable of discussing the matter like a human being with another, if you just allow them to do so instead of having them overuse their copy-paste buttons. I understand that you guys might not want to do any transparency, as you've already stated so multiple times, and described your reasonings for this. You might not realize that, but the instance of a higher-up staff member being here, actively answering our questions and discussing with us, is actually a very rare sight. So even if transparency is not going to work out, can we give communication a shot instead?
  2. His ban and whether he's innocent or not is not the case of this thread, so would you kindly stop trying to derail the thread, Mewy? Thanks a lot.
  3. That's actually a pretty good idea and I'm surprised nobody suggested that before, lol +1, but please add a poll
  4. To add on to the inconsistency & lack of communication, I would actually like to bring up a rulebreakers thread I did a few months ago. Long story short, I ran into a guy while lvling my alt, which was an Asura named "MyNewFursona" (i give joke IGNs to all my characters, and that was pretty fitting, so I went with it). He leeched & did everything to extend the run by stalling on every stage intentionally, while verbally harrasing me and saying things such as "all furries are zoophiles and should die". Of course, I took screenshots and even recorded a video in which he's sitting at the beginning of the stage, still harrasing me. Despite me exactly explaining what happened, and providing multiple sources of evidence, the thread was locked after a month of having no response at all, and all I got was this. Now let's check the rules. So you're telling me that being directly and harshly insulted by sexual slurs on top of everything, and having to deal with this guy as he leeched & purposely wasted my time, is not enough to issue a punishment? Are we even trying to enforce the rules at this point? What pains me is the fact that I did not even get the chance to discuss the matter further, as the one and only had to lock it instantly.
  5. No, it's actually not like that. There's in fact much more to that thing, but that'd be us discussing the ban of the person. Long story short, that person's first appeal was instantly locked by Structure. Soon afterwards, Lilu said on discord that they haven't even made a ban appeal in the first place. Afterwards, he said what's in the screenshot in the op's post. Currently, the person who was banned has opened another appeal as well.
  6. Can we just cast the Inaste talk aside? They're not the main topic of the thread, even if the fact that they're even allowed here and ingame is the byproduct of the issues that this thread is mentioning. Replying to them is just going to derail the thread. I would like to hear a response from the higher ups, preferably without locking the thread right afterwards, since we seek discussion & communication, so it would be welcome to get that for once.
  7. The thing that bothers me so much is the fact that Structure, who claims to be "only a messenger between the higher-ups and the player making an appeal" says things that completely contradict what the higher-ups (in this case Lilu) are saying. I mean, the screenshots provided show that clearly. A lot of people that I consider friends have fallen victim to being banned. Yes, some of them actually broke the rules and were justfully banned, but there are several people who despite not doing anything, are right here with their accounts blocked until 2050. And as the op states, they can't do anything or at the very least know exactly what was the reasoning they were banned & what evidence was it based upon. They're guilty until proven innocent; the exact opposite of how the law should go. So many rules are either not doing their job properly, or unneccessarily hindering the community, without achieving anything other than making life difficult. You guys remember @Flannel's suggestion thread about revising the rules for "necroposting the guides"? That's been ignored by the staff for months, despite being a large issue for us, guidemakers. Keep bumping that thread buddy, let's reach that 1 year anniversary of being ignored. That leads us to the next issue. The staff seems to ignore the community at a daily basis. How are we supposed to be a healthy community that works together & helps each other improve it, if the staff is completely disconnected from us? Because, really guys, you don't see us, and we don't see you either. I've been distancing myself from the game as a whole for over 3 months now. The things that kept me attached to it were the characters, story, and obviously the nostalgia of almost 10 years spent on Elsword. The thing that mattered to me a lot was also the community. However, with each day I keep seeing more and more toxicity between people, and nowadays there is no day in which I don't see someone I knew quit the game entirely. And also, please. If you really have nothing constructive to add to the thread, go back to the Spam thread, because that seems to be the thing you're the best at.
  8. Sorry, technical difficulties.
  9. I'm not complaining, I actually enjoy collecting stuff
  10. Yay that's 12th job change ticket that I can add to my collection
  11. 2 negative ones though suggestion declined
  12. The real enemy in the raid dungeons isn't Rosso or other demonic entities. It's the endless cycle of having 2 fps.
  13. Why is there no connection between the community & the staff whatsoever? Seriously, our only interactions are the community trying to communicate with the staff, and the staff locking the community's threads.