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  1. Lololol ebola got salt up in hes ass cause he cant have pictures about hes self cause he is full of salt i think trolololol btw prado yh u leave?
  2. Welcome enjoy your stay in this anime.
  3. Hiya welcome welcome to void! C:
  4. Well i hope ur get everyting stable again in your life! Things i can say GoodLuck!!! (:
  5. I am sorry that your have been scammed be aware if you ever have the mood to play for real again! :c I wish you good luck in your life! (:
  6. All speed should be atleast 20% Rest all the sage stone etc like add/red/crit. (:
  7. I dont hate you i am happy that u defeated it and that ur are proud of it! (:
  8. xDD maybe he is so proud he cant handle the pressure o:
  9. Hello yeah i think so o: reporting a scammer should be at that RuleBreakers sections doe ^.^