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  1. you never had a good grasp of self-awareness tbh.....
  2. I'm not soccerboy#24....this is my only account but I know who soccerboy#24 is, she was the one who told me about your quitting.
  3. Like a Viet, you love exaggerate hahaha. I'm rarely on so stalking you is totally not possible. I heard from people that you quit because you couldn't "remember your email" as I last recall what they told me so I decided to take the liberty let you know karma's a bitch. Second, the ban was a LONG TIME AGO, so old, keep up with your updates whoever tells the recent news so totally not doing his/her job. Third, I don't know who told you that, but she never tempted me with anything because I know my gf and she's not the type to give away shit for free, probably it was something to make you feel good whoever told you that. Lastly, you can ask anybody, I tend not to like Vietnamese girls, they're not my top preference, I wanted to get closer to you because I realized right after you traded away MY DY Elboy for VIG Eve for your own account from NA, I made a BIG mistake and I was confirmed of my mistake after I came back 1 month after I gave my main accounts to you so I can enjoy my break from Elsword. I saw EVERY IB except VIG Aisha was gone!! I specifically asked you to TAKE CARE of my account, to treat them WITH CARE like they were YOUR OWN accounts, not to PLUNDER and STRIP away everything I had worked on. So I wanted to get closer to you so you can GIVE BACK and BE RESPONSIBLE FOR what you have taken from me. You had always relied on your boyfriend and friends to get what you want, while I had to work with my own money and time to get what I wanted, people like you will NEVER understand that and will never understand the pain I felt when I saw them missing. You got what you deserved, now leave Elsword like you said you will, this is the LAST time I'll ever speak to you.
  4. You think I'm stupid? I've contacted GS Lone and I did send a Skype message to GS Lilu. There are two actually VoidEls (thats Ran I think) and VoidCM here's his/her page if you don't believe me Yes, I know Ran has a lot on her plate and I understand I really do to but KNOW the difference of being busy and ignoring somebody. I have contacted her IN THE PAST and she has never responded to me. The most recent one, a ban appeal for a one week ban placed on my account for something I think I haven't done and I wanted her to help me clarify what happened, that was 2-3 weeks ago during that whole third party server fiasco. She's never responded on how I can report a scam (that was 6 months ago when I first started), she's never responded to any of my pvp hack reports (that was 2 months ago). I understand she's busy and everything but after never responding to THREE of my inquiries, I'm questioning whether if she's THAT busy to not respond or she's ignoring me. If she needs more help managing this server and community, I would be more than willing to help with no extra charge, what she has been running was my best Elsword experience for me up until the now, but she has made no attempts to respond to any of my inquiries and after three of them, I am not so sure about anything anymore. All I want from them is to know: What happens now? GS Lone says that as a GS, they don't have the answer to that, only the GMs do.
  5. What do you need my photos as well? Are you a Game Master or Game Sage? I don't think so so I don't have a reason to prove my hack to some dumbwits like yourself. I have submitted my report I have given them my IP address from and I have told them what time I have logged off that day. They can track IP addresses if they are legitimate. Remember the databases and servers of Void are from a third party provider so we do not know what these providers are capable of doing. Finally, I don't like people like you either, you clearly are unsympathetic, uncharitable, and you criticize and even misinterpret people who have been struck with misfortune. If you are smart you and Wilosna would leave this thread alone and go be assholes somewhere else. Also for clarification, I WOULD ask for help but since I know there are a lot more assholes like yourself now on Void, I said "thats asking for the insanely impossible" because I know, thanks to you for being the perfect example, there are alot more people like you. Also learn to read, I HAVE NOT GIVEN MY ACCOUNT INFO TO ANYBODY!
  6. How about you spend tons of money on this server then see it all get ripped away in an instant, I am the kind that complains because I'm seriously pissed. I haven't cursed at the GM so stop making stuff up stupid (there I cursed at you because you were making stuff up). My assumptions about the GMs not helping are based on what people have been telling me who have been hacked before and the fact I've asked the GMs in the past about certain glitches, in game hackers, and even a ban appeal and they have never responded to any of my help, not once. Also I know its not a trojan because I also have a second account with IM costumes, about 1000 EC, and some other valuable items and it hasn't been touched, yet, and I am on both of them everyday. Also, of course I already posted a thread on the Account Support, I'm not stupid unlike you. Also, yes I am here asking for help. If you don't like it, then don't waste your breath here.
  7. In any case, since I've heard that GMs can't restore anything. I would like to ask the community to help me restore 7 full IB sets and 2 6/6 sets but thats like asking the insanely impossible. So thanks for your half-hearted concerns people...
  8. Idk, i'm beginning to lose hope on the GMs.
  9. I figured...all GMs are the same, Void is probably no different. I gave them proof of hacking but if they can't help...well I guess Void isn't as different as any other server.
  10. My AVG and Malware protection systems would have detected any of these. As I say again, my computer is protected with the latest software, I HIGHLY doubt its on my side that is to blame for my hack. I've been playing Elsword for almost 4 years now and I've always used the same antivirius and malware protection brand ever since (obviously updated every year). I HIGHLY doubt its on my end that has gotten hacked.
  11. And I had changed my password recently and my PIN is a 6 digit number only I can the fuck did they hack unless they had GM powers!!
  12. My account has been hacked (all costumes and GoD accessories are gone) and I was also banned without a legitimate reason from Void for a week. The GMs have not answered to any of our problems and I feel their accounts might have been hacked because there could not be any way for somebody on my end to hack into my account as I never shared my valuable account with anybody and my computer is completely clean (no viruses or malware).