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  1. merry christmas to everyone who celebrates it except that pedophile lilu

    1. Ave


      m-mewwy cwismem!!!

  2. yall are really afraid of some 18 year old dude posting on his forum profile huh? even though everyone already knows staff is full of a bunch of shitheads that go on power trips? we all know why yall have such a high turnover rate! lmao!!

    1. Ave


      everytime i come onto the forums out of boredom ur deadass always in trouble with the mods im SCREAMIN sis SKSKKSKSKSK

  3. deleting the post only made it more obvious yall have something to hide! thanks for proving my point!

  4. yall can delete my posts all you want but it doesn't change the fact you're a group of headass motherfuckers who can't take criticism and who brushes a pedophile's nasty ass habits under the rug.

    if you want me to shut up, ban me. cowards.

  5. i said it once and i said it again: if y’all really have nothing to hide, you’d come clean about everything. if lilu is innocent like you bitches like to proclaim, he should make a public statement because silence only makes ALL of you look guilty. case and point.

    1. Lilu


      Hello, I am not sure what is bothering you but you seem extremely frustrated by something. I do not see any messages from you other than the private message you sent me 2 months ago that I responded to. Have you messaged me?

      If you are talking about what your previous messages were, there is no need for a "public statement" for a random lie from 3'ish years ago. It is not difficult for anyone to create a false rumor. If you have any concerns, I recommend pm'ing me as I am not very available currently so replies will be largely delayed and pm's are much easier to be notified of. I would like to think you can be civil.

    2. Nic


      yall don't deserve civil when you couldn't handle civil constructive criticism in the first place.

      and yes, a public statement is required regardless if it was a "random lie," because there was evidence whether or not it was faked, and a lot of people saw it, i don't know what's so fucking hard about understanding that for you dumbasses.

      it's not difficult for a staff member in a position of power to brush their wrongdoings under the rug either.

      don't cry about people being rude when you punish people for being constructive.


  6. “please refrain from insulting staff harshly” maybe y’all should refrain from being a bunch of dumbass bitches how about that 

  7. go ahead and lock me again dumb bitch at least i can say my boss wasnt catfished by a teenaged boy because he thought he was gon get some 14 year old ass @Structure

  8. s/o to structure’s dumbass for not only sniping my post but also giving me a warning point when i barely post.

    we all know the real reason why there was a ban wave, and it was because none of you can take any fucking criticism, especially your pathetic pedophile of a gm.

    ill be here with my tea once void comes burning down. 

    1. Structure


      Please refrain from spreading misinformation and harshly insulting other users/staff members, or you may be given another warning point!

      Make sure to check the [Official Rules] here incase you're unsure of something. I'll be locking this up!

  9. do i look like i give a shit about this abuser or your forum rules -
  10. is it because you realized no one cares about your toxic ass
  11. welcome to voidels forums where you dumbass motherfuckers think pedophilia is in the same wavelength as homosexuality 

    1. Scarose


      Ikr. How do people like that function..

  12. me, sipping my coffee and watching void staff ban more and more outspoken forum members for bullshit reasons:

  13. then why did you say “see you in a week” and why you got a fuckin attitude do you need a hug my good bitch? drop the fuckin ‘tude
  14. if i was a hacker i wouldn’t had been an ec seller. y’all dumb as hell. you say this as if i wasn’t breaking into ur house on ffxiv five minutes ago