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  1. In the main post, no one talked about getting free items that are permanent, the only items the poster talked about are accessories and she didn't precise perm or not. It is true that Lu/Ciel players would be priviligied if it's the "birth day" that they use, Simple solution = use realease date and problem solved. And an event like this is more for the players fun/trivia than for the actual item. Just the 50% discount in IM would be good enough (on release date Said character can buy his IM set for 50%/60% of their normal prices and be happy). doing something like this would only profit void since some persons (including myself) dont buy IM cause they aren't worth the styling for their price. Giving them a discount even if its a day or 2 would make some peopple buy sets since they would be cheap.
  2. would be a nice idea but wil prolly be an hassle to code, idk how avatar discount will influence the IB being bought & sold tough. Item's shouldnt be tradable or peopple will create bday mules : Create a Lu/Ciel > get cube > transfer to main > repeat. so the cubes and the item within should be given to all Lu/Ciel, would only contain Lu equippable items and might or might not be permanent depending on the stats. (yes i'm also writing this on the example of being Lu's birthday as in the main post) Secondly, there could be an EXP light in the cube (the weapon accessory one so it stacks with the leg one) wich would make it each character day seems more special by letting them be said character exp rush day. Example: create an Aisha on her birthday > get lv 1 cube > get to lv 15 > get birthday cube > Race to capping START! since x4 exp (x2 weapon acc + x2 leg acc) in short, nice idea but could be improved with more person to talk about it +1
  3. tyvm @kasquer may the gods bless your souls
  4. just refresh once in a while
  5. guys its not a Ram porblem or anything of the sort, we are just too many that download the same files at the same time and it is making the server lag, just be patient and be thankfull to the files uploaded on the doc
  6. online and waiting for ya ^^
  7. im on actually and im road to 80! ^^
  8. IGN Name: Zougys Level: 75 atm im leveling with a 2x exp Timezone: heeee Gmt+4 or something like that O.O (i live in Quebec) How Active Are You?: I'm online evryday for minimum 2h but it might change after the 25 of january (school restart) What made you want to join?: Searching buddy's for SD and other stuff while making friends and such. And cause the 'i mustache you a question' killed me Did you read the rules?: yes i did Do you like Purple?: i dont really like colors in general If no, what is your favorite color?: Black? even if its not a color.
  9. that sux im going back to my things than
  10. i can boost you just whisper Zougy when u get online ^^ -for the ones who dont know how to whisper its: "/w <character name> <message>"
  11. i can boost all day just whisper Zougy in game ^^ PS: I'm not responding to my forum mail since I'm on Void 2nd PS: I'ts easier to boost someone who actually play and talk ^^
  12. I'm online for all day long if anyone need boost just whisper Zougy or Zougys. I speak French and English. Don't be shy i won't eat you PS: you can whisper me directly on VoidElsword.
  13. I'm also not an official booster but im online and availible to help anynone who whisper me IGN: Zougy