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  1. I was expecting Khaos, but not Verglas too! Any chance we're gonna get a MW update that's not just adding the new sets with that week's update? Also GL to all those applying for moderator
  2. Even for stacking purposes, please whiff this attack.
  3. Took me about 6 or 7 giant potions to get the 150 shards I needed. So, about 40 - 50 an hour Only void dungeon (also got like 600 shards) No drop medals
  4. There already was a v.2 thread about stats. It's even still on the first page of the threads... I'll post a pic eventually but my FP is sitting at 300k CP w/ +9 stage 15 void weapon and semi-decent Elrianode equips.
  5. I was wondering in this week would be a stability maintenance since 2.4 flooded the servers with people. Glad to see an update though, even if it was mostly IM stuff for Rose and Ain Question: Since NA now has the full 9/20 update (pre 10/11 nerf), are we gonna get that update too (the rest of it) or are we just gonna wait till another big update and add the post nerf stuff? (inb4 no eta meme)
  6. A good way to increase CP is to get the new All Skill Damage gloves I gained about 45k CP (250k > 295k) when I changed my bravery stack to 32% all skill damage
  7. There's a 3 part quest that gives a force mod cube that allows you to pick between the newest 2 mod skills for your character. The other way is to get lucky and get a Mod Force Secret Manual drop in the new Varnimyr dungeons. With the force + 500k ED you can craft which ever force you want through Camilla
  8. Only the heavy traits were changed. We did not get actual 9/20 KR balance patch.
  9. Is that what a +20 rosso raid weapon looks like?! Please hit 1b! :D
  10. Honestly most wing accessories. Idk what it is but I enjoy having wings on my characters. Arch angel wings started that love and newer wings like the Radiant Flowers one fuels that love even more. It's just too bad I'm currently maining chung, meaning I can't enjoy these beautiful wings without a major loss in performance in-game
  11. Yes I got it from the quest. Also was hoping that 2.4 gave us the area equipment update for the magic wardrobe but I'm plenty happy with what we got.
  12. Literally one of the best mod skills, finallyyyyyyy Also @VoidEls idk if it was specific to guardian forest (or if it was boss specific), but when I died during the boss I noticed that all my buffs were gone (spring buff, elixirs, and queue buff). Not a major bug but I don't think that happens in the official servers. They came back when I finished the dungeon. Only happened in 12-2
  13. Was it ever confirmed if we got the 9/20 KR patch fully or just the heavy trait? I've been wanting to try trollslicer on KE and how much of a mess that shit is Still downloading so idk
  14. Ever since dusk and dawn IBs were released, the newer IBs after that have had some weird effects to say the least. Many of the newer ones have some new mechanic to it that gives timed buffs and more buffs if said buffs are already activated. Those buffs are nice and all, but it seriously inflates the prices of really nice looking IBs. Though it's not technically a set effect, I've always loved IBs that change in some form when you awaken . Usually it's the wings, but there are some cases like Dark/Pale Shadows monocle. I always found those pieces to be unique and really cool to have. Sadly some characters like Chung and Ara are screwed over when it comes to these effects cause you shouldn't be not doing 3 bead awakening unless pvp (which I don't do) and those awakenings hide most accessories. To answer your question, though, I really enjoy the dusk/dawn 5 piece effect which allows you to get back 100mp after using 5 skills. It's really useful for characters like Innocent and I cannot wait for our versions to have the correct effects. Favorite accessory combo would probably be the El officer ver. dark because it was really cheap to get at the time and it gives 10% critical damage; cheap and strong. For looks, I've always enjoyed the way miracle alchemist looked. It's so shiny and sparkly.
  15. This is literally a useless passive for a chung to have. Sure it may have some use in PvP, but in PvE you should always be in awakening, especially as a DC/FP. This is a useless passive too since literally no one uses that skill (that I've seen).