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  1. I would like to join (Actually I already applied on Myu) My ign is Shaice
  2. ➢ Just returned to void and found myself without a guild so I'm looking for one ツ . ➢ I'm an active pve player but now I about to finish my web development formation so I won't play that much, just a few hours per day if possible. ➢ You can contact me in game as Ethyre (Rose that i'm actually leveling) or Athy(Eve) ➢ Greetings
  3. I was told that D4 is better, but I'm not sure. You have to consider something, if you have the D4 set it will be so much better than raid.
  4. what is ur ign? I wanna buy grend gears.

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      okay. I'll log in about a couple of mins.

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      why you offline ?

    4. Athyent


      My pc restarted, I've been installing some drivers, I'm online again

  5. In Game Name: Azth Main/Alt: Main, I mained a CrA before, but now I want to play full with my MM. Character Level: 80 Last Guild(Optional): I didn't have one before, came back to void, didn't played in a few month. Timezone/Server: GMT+2, I've played in EU server and void. Why: I come back to void, I didn't play voidels for a while, Now I'm back to void and I was looking for a guild. In void, I like farming (titles, SD, henir..), but this is not easy with random ppl all time. I think I've been in Planeptune with my CrA (Laishe) before but I stopped playing and now I come back with so much motivation with this new patch. Age(Optional): 19 About Me(Optional): I live in Spain, right now I'm studying a programming grade or something like that. xD Thanks for reading Already joined, thanks ^^