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  1. Yahiro

    hello how are you I would like to communicate a problem that is arising lately I have 775 attempts to my weapon of the vacuum, more than 10 and 300 failures to my teams in general of Elrianode I put this message because for more than I do not raise anything to more 10 I think this bugg my pjs, I can not but invested 350 Euros in attempts and I do not see, nothing happens and it is not luck, if not attempts and I can not understand why I do not go up and every day I see to the others that you read, go up to 10, I can not help but need help because I do not intend to continue donating money to this game without at least getting something in exchange for a sad plus 10 ..

  2. u r fine to try new things new things r nice (actually this is a lie not all new things r nice) but do not try a gear-based tournament ever again in the future if theres a prize pool for it theres prizes for fun things and theres prizes for competitive events a competitive event should not have an non-competitive factor (gear) that reduces the actual competitive factors (skills/match ups/etc) it is not fair to the players who intentionally play for the competition, players who do not pve or cash, or otherwise don't have access to super strong gear and instead rely on sparring gear, an relatively equal environment and their own grinding/experience (skill for a simpler term) to actually climb thru brackets n shit and have a chance at a generous prize pool if ur putting gear here it shouldnt be competitive or even have as big of a prize pool that it has, it is 100% benefitting the cashers over the competitive players, it maybe shouldnt even have a prize pool at all tl;dr; pls nvr try this again, it seems like u'll go thru with it and thats fine u'll be able to see reactions and completely gauge how it is, but it doesn't take a big brain to realize it is highly likely to flop, so don't try it again pls otherwise........
  3. smudge tool is my friend to keep a modicum of seriousness tho: theres not anything else i can say aside from echoing what has already been said this being a 2v2 on top of gear being permitted is going to make it a lot more focused on who has the best gear and who has the best team comp im not particularly fond of the idea of being rewarded for gear which could have easily obtained just through cashing rather than skill obtained from actual grinding and experience
  4. grats, have fun :v: stay away from @Sera if possible she has cooties and is a big ninny
  5. hey grats shiry i remember u being nice to me hf
  6. ben

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  7. ben

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    ayanami is :ok_hand:

  8. ben


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  9. damnnn didn’t expect to see this upon checking forums focusing on urself is always the best thing to do even if it involves a tough decision good luck w urself n future n hope things go well, u were a nice person to be around n talk to
  10. Ying


    1. Tiko


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    2. ben


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      LOVE UU

  11. luri

    who komachi ben 

    1. ben


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      she a char from touhou

    2. Kenny