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  1. ben


    open the fucking door

  2. ben

    A New Start

    damnnn didn’t expect to see this upon checking forums focusing on urself is always the best thing to do even if it involves a tough decision good luck w urself n future n hope things go well, u were a nice person to be around n talk to
  3. Ying


    1. Tiko


      hi i love

    2. ben


      oh HIIII YING 

      LOVE UU

  4. luri

    who komachi ben 

    1. ben


      girl in my icon 

      she a char from touhou

    2. Kenny




  5. idk if it was asked b4 or not but w/ implementation of force skills, would void be able 2 create their own custom force skills? or is there no response possible for tht question yet
  6. ben

    New 1v1 Tournament

    forum name: ben ign: Phonic class: WS erp: 121 I think idr rank: unranked
  7. melmel

    if you read this u're gay

    1. ben


      guess im gay for you now :thinking:

    2. Tofew
  8. melmel

    i love you

    1. ben


      i love you too ♥

  9. ben

    if u read this ur gay

    1. melmel


      thank you honey

  10. o thanks i didnt realize u posted here but yeah what the guy above said this is unfortunately a necro but again ty to everyone who posted or liked, i appreciate it and it warms my heart to check back on this ;w;7 neways guess you guys gotta lock this up: @Xera @Poppy @Structure @Lure
  11. ur not an FM anymore so i can go back to telling u to die yeeeee

    1. ben


      mods said its my turn to use the xbox

  12. beep o3o //this is servius I just decided to change my forum name.

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    2. CometCrusader


      How are you friend? cx

    3. ben


      i am okay, midterms coming up soon for school so will have that as a focus ...


    4. CometCrusader


      D'aw good luck with midterms. I'm alright was really stressed out this month but it's all good now x-x

  13. Ska

    Hey bennyboy, since you're playing WoW

    can you tell me how the whole expansion thing works right now?

    WoW is one of the few games my PC can handle and I was thinking of giving it a try again

    but I dont know if I'll have to pay 23984234€ to play from the 42235th expansion again

    because before you had to have Idk how many expanions to even be able to fly in other areas other than the cities and stuffs

    I checked the page but there's only the 15€ one and a 44€ and I'm not entirely sure what the 14€ one actually has

    1. ben


      o hi,

      i'm still relatively new 2 wow (friend got it 4 me like 2-3 weeks ago) but from what i know is

       i'm not sure what the 15euros is but i assume its the base game or game-time, the 44euros one is most likely legion (latest expansion pack)

      the 15euros one (if it is the base-game) has recently been made to include all the previous expansions and stuff, so if u get that you'll be able to do most things (get to lvl 100, zones, etc) however the latest expansion (legion) is required to get for level 110, extra zones, quests, etc

      so you can get the 15euros one & still play the game but wont be able to reach lvl 110 lategame w/ new raids n other content

      sry 4 late reply


    2. Ska


      o hell, that's good to hear

      thanks for answering my man, appreciate it