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  1. I think they should make the week 2 and week 6 into one, so that it can be a monthly cycle
  2. 10:100 would mean, 10m ed, for 100 ec
  3. Since i got hacked, and they don't want to do anything about it, and i have no way to access my email to change my password. It's time to say my farewell. Thank you to everyone who was here by my side and had my back through everything. @Wonho Thank you for being an awesome friend to me and to my gf. I'm always on discord, and you know this. @Aetheration Thank you for everything, my love and all. @Okia Thank you for being my best friend, and always being here for me as well. I wish everyone the best of luck in this game. I can't come back up from where i was, i've spent too much money on this game and on that account.. Thanks for everything guys, it was a really great 8 years playngn elsword in general, 4 years on void.
  4. Add damage is only for pvp, is what i heard.
  5. Welcome to void, hope you enjoy your stay.
  6. Hey welcome, we've already met ingame! When i helped you middleman~
  7. Joe


    Welcome to void forums, hope you enjoy your stay.
  8. Nah, i just have bad rng overall. That's why i'd rather sell ec then burn ib's.
  9. If i didn't have such shit rng, maybe i would burn more.
  10. My stats, not the best either.
  11. Troy pls ;c I'll miss you.. Hope you find something better to do. You know where to find me if u ever wanna talk.
  12. Joe


    You're very welcome~