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  1. Welcome to void, hope you enjoy your stay.
  2. Hey welcome, we've already met ingame! When i helped you middleman~
  3. Joe


    Welcome to void forums, hope you enjoy your stay.
  4. Nah, i just have bad rng overall. That's why i'd rather sell ec then burn ib's.
  5. If i didn't have such shit rng, maybe i would burn more.
  6. My stats, not the best either.
  7. Troy pls ;c I'll miss you.. Hope you find something better to do. You know where to find me if u ever wanna talk.
  8. Joe


    You're very welcome~
  9. Joe


    If you're on ch3, go to a different channel.
  10. lul. real mature. Chill out guys. I hope they increase the time to fix the server, for every complaint you guys said so far.
  11. Welcome to void. Hope you enjoy your stay.