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  1. i assure you, pal, i definitely did
  2. excuse me ? the optimus meta is completely off the true optimus meta is loading up $10 and buying a job change to STr
  3. help

    you should have received some mail when you job changed to little specter and asura. in that mail is a promo cube that gives you a timed promo outfit for each class.
  4. locking due to request.
  5. pointing out the flaws in an argument is not the same as supporting the opposition, regardless of how you interpreted it. please do not put words in my mouth. furthermore, do not hold my position as a staff member over my head. being a member of staff does not mean i am not allowed to disagree with someone, nor does it mean that i have to become the physical embodiment of wikipedia and immediately drop all of my opinions. if you must know, i am entirely neutral on the topic; i think having the stones available in PvP only would be nice but there are likely better ways to go about giving PvP a way to make profit as @Halo mentioned, including but not limited to revamping PvP rewards as a whole.
  6. not once did i support or disagree with this suggestion in either of my two posts in the thread. my concern was that your argument was flawed and gave others no room to discuss the topic at hand.
  7. because it has PvP too that is just circular reasoning pve is the main part of the game because you can acquire most items by doing it -> pvp should not be given something exclusive to it because pve is the main part of the game ??
  8. friendly reminder to not needlessly insult each other, i do not want to lock this thread before the debate has reached its conclusion, so please keep insults and general shitposting out of here. if you have nothing constructive to contribute (note: "pvp is for losers lmao" / "pve is garbage" are not constructive), refrain from posting at all.
  9. 1) we will not be interfering with the economy directly except in desperate times. enforcing rates and such would go against that policy. 2) there is more to the economy than just that one thing -- people often sell at 10:100 because people buy at 10:100, because people have enough ED to buy at 10:100. just lowering the rates will not really change anything at all.
  10. yes. the base image must be a screenshot (seems like it is), but you can edit / add whatever you want to the image or modify it however you wish.
  11. focus more on the specific change than the idea of fixing the game completely.
  12. @ this conversation as a private server, if we have the opportunity to make changes that we feel make the game environment better, we have absolutely no reason not to take them. unfortunately, as was understood 10 pages ago, this is not the case with this nerf. it hurts late-game pve content in the process of helping pvp content, and despite interesting claims to the contrary, we understand that that is a problem. i cannot speak for the staff as a whole, but i personally am more than open to the idea of changing our nerfs if a valid suggestion that does not have a result of net zero is proposed. 'this is how things should be because KOG did it that way' is not a realistic argument to go by when we have the ability to improve on the many mistakes KOG has made. i saw nobody bitching about us going in a different direction when we started making recolored IB sets, or when we decided to make stamina potions easily available, and so on (the removal of MPR/CDR is only "reductional" if you ignore the positive effect it has on PVP). i would prefer if we not hide arguments behind appeals to tradition, because i for one agree that the pve community is completely justified in being upset over the changes that we made. that is why i made the posts i did, and that is why i want people to stop bickering over who deserves what and belittling the other sides of the game and work towards a suggestion that is not 'pve is for casuals so leave it as it is' or 'pvp is broken already so make it even more broken.' those kinds of suggestions are just examples of players failing to grasp the bigger picture & not fully understanding the impact of the changes made.
  13. i love the idea personally and think it would be a great solution to the issue; it was actually something i was planning on bringing up first apologies, i misinterpreted it as directed entirely at me i believe my statement still stands however -- whether you believe we will consider it is your prerogative, and i can do nothing to assuage your doubts currently.
  14. as much as i would love to, a lot of it is stuff that is already said and done and would be either too complicated or simply unfair to change / remove (e.g. 'removing +11s -- people spent billions of ED on those, etc) with that in mind i really want to focus on what is in front of us before anything else it will not fix pvp, but it will definitely save it from its otherwise inevitable collapse (aka current state of NA) uncertain why you are blaming me for something i had nothing to do with ? i am more than willing to consider alternatives, and i mean it when i say i will discuss it with the rest of the staff and see what can be done. whether you believe it is your prerogative, but it should be obvious that attacking me before i even get the chance to do so is not beneficial to your case whatsoever
  15. for the record, 'PVP has always been broken / <x other thing> is broken, so we should just keep breaking pvp even more' is not a valid argument. PVP being messy does not justify making it even messier 'just because.' if something is broken, that is no reason to continue breaking it even further, especially when it is a large part of the game. i want to find a solution that can benefit both sides. i do not want to shaft pve any more than i want to shaft pvp. rather than pointing fingers at people and jumping to conclusions it would be infinitely wiser to spend this effort constructing a solution to the problem. there is no point in adjusting the system back to where it was just to tip the scales in a different direction -- come up with something that either fixes the pve side and justifies not reverting it, or come up with something that justifies reverting it and fixes the issues that will inevitably have on the pvp side. until then, we are just going to be talking in circles and spitting fallacies instead of constructing rational arguments. that is not how discussions work, and that is not how you persuade people to agree with your perspective. and to those of you making posts that are just 'omg i cant belive you are this retarded' or various forms of advanced shitposting -- knock it off. contribute to the discussion or post nothing at all. i will discuss that solution with the rest of the staff and see what we can do with it.