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  1. to explain, elsword is similar to most f2p mmos in that its in-game currency (and the economy) operates with a faucet -> sink method in mind faucet refers to the generation of ED from nothing, namely ED drops in dungeons, ED rewards from quests, and so on sink refers to the expulsion of ED into nothing, such as repair fees, mail fees, cube opening costs, etc the issue with a tripled-output faucet is that your economy is being filled with ED much more rapidly than it should be, much more rapidly than the built in sinks can clear it. in a game like elsword that originally timegates farming at normal rates (1x rates with limited stamina) and still struggles to sink ED efficiently, tripled rates with infinite stamina generates ED far too quickly for the sinks to matter on any level. to solve this, we either need insanely good sinks or to reduce the output of the faucet. and the difficult part to accept is that Elsword is a game that does not really have incredible options for a sink. nothing is tempting enough to make players burn consistently or for very long. we can implement however many sinks we want, but sinks alone, if they even reduce the rates, will not do so for long. to those claiming that buyers are the reason the rates are high -- you are right, but you are not thinking it through fully. people buying at high rates is definitely why the rates are high, but the reason people buy at high rates is simply because they can afford to do so. the reason they can afford to do so is because they have so much ED, and the reason they have so much ED is that the ED rates are far higher than they should be. a few isolated examples of bad decisions do not raise rates; impulse purchases do not raise the value of an item. all in all, this is a change that can and will help the economy in the long run. profit can still be made from heroic drops, from a-s+ stone crafting, from +9/+10 crafting. from 4d service, from ereda service, from arena. the only thing that will change is that you will receive 1/3 the amount of base ED as a drop which, if you are at all familiar with any of the former items, is not going to significantly hinder the profit you make from PvE content. i can only ever give a +1 to this suggestion; as much as it is going to hurt, at some point we as a community have to make some sacrifices for the sake of the server. this is one of them.
  2. reselling drives up prices on a small scale; the market value of an item depends on how much people are willing to consistently pay for it if people are willing to pay for 10m megas, megas are not worth 5m. if people are willing to buy at 20:100 rates, 10:100 is not the current rate. the massive amount of ED in the economy means that people have the ED to afford higher rates than 10:100. this is proven by the fact that people are consistently buying at high rates. for the love of god, stop blaming complex problems on a single person or a single group of people. there are several, searching "economy" would bring up a lot. including this one on the first page of General Discussion, which you would have seen if you were looking at all: i will be locking this due to the blatant shitposting and postfarming going on, your own lack of searching for the ridiculous amount of threads on the same topic, and to prevent further issues from popping up. in the future, please use the search feature.
  3. agreed, the random posts gloating/patronizing just because the suggestion fell through the cracks are not something i appreciate, regardless of what side you are on. locking per request.
  4. looking forward to it
  5. show me a god tier WS
  6. stop these memes this instant
  7. STr moving out of god tier when
  8. you can submit a ticket in account support to request the e-mail change. this is the only way to do so.
  9. regarding the rates, at this point 10:100 is straight antiquated refusing to buy EC at higher rates when people can clearly afford it (based on the amount of people buying fluos off the board for anywhere from 16:100 to 20:100) is just discouraging EC sellers from selling it directly as an EC seller, why would i sell for 10:100 when i can sell for 20:100? i want to turn a profit, and if the best profit to be made is through selling on the board, i will sell on the board. this is the reason you are having issues finding EC sellers, not the timeframe in which you look but the rates at which you buy. anyone with a brain knows that fluo ores sell for ungodly amounts and will be abusing that; i am sure if you offered to buy at fluo-tier high rates then you would find purchases with relative ease. basing an argument largely on semantics and then using said argument to justify blatantly mistreating other players is not something you should be proud of; i suggest refraining from supporting that kind of behavior as it can and will lead to punishment if observed consistently
  10. welcome back i sure hope your forum name is indicative of your personality
  11. we are aware that people hack henir and we do ban them for doing so. remember to report any hackers you stumble across in other areas; this will help us get rid of them faster.
  12. same, item hacks would be spooky [insert pun on the name future]