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  1. point taken, SS is definitely a bit too high for her SD ranking. while she does have fullscreen clears, they are linear, and most SDs do not have linear (or small) mobbing maps. that one is my mistake
  2. corrections in bold STr damage output with proper gear is ridiculous shear plate / trans slots / trans passives make cooldowns meaningless, OS enhance means constant mp regen (potions also exist), strength stacking with infinite mp with tons of additive and multiplicative damage boosts from skill rings, passives, overstrike, etc means this kind of crap is possible in almost every PvE area of the game her worst area is probably clearing because most of her skills are too linear, but if she gets anywhere near a boss it is already dead
  3. Mana distribution problem in PvP

    2 per class path at most, so LK would have 2, RS might only have 1, IS could have 1-2, and so on... on second thought, restricting it to a single option per class sounds like more than enough it would have to be on a relatively long cooldown (something like 25-30s) to justify its usage; alternatively it could be on a shorter cd to allow use in neutral (15s or so) but the cooldown would stop while hitstunned. the penalty for using it in neutral would be the risk -- if you miss with it and the enemy catches you, you are completely at their mercy. classes with better neutral would have worse wakeup options. their strength comes from their neutral rather than their ability to turn the game around. other classes with lacking neutral would have stronger wakeup options than average to give them a more 'resilient' feel. sort of... grand chase actives were practically free in that while they did cost something, the cost was largely negligible. their actives were significantly worse than elsword actives however, as most were just utility or simply different options to use mid-combo. they also never had an issue with classes snowballing too hard (minus things like DA which played outside the norm) given the fact that every class clocked MP at roughly the same base rate, with only a few classes clocking faster. even then, special actives in grand chase were nowhere near as game-deciding as elsword special actives.
  4. Mana distribution problem in PvP

    if it were up to me, actives would cost 0MP across the board and one or two per class would exist specifically to play a mixup game against SAs, whether it be through iframes, stoic, or general mobility giving every class a powerful wakeup option kills the one-catch meta in most cases (barring godtiers). if actives costed 0MP and were adjusted to benefit wakeup game, every recatch would become a mental game the important thing to note is that these actives would need to be set up in a way that does not punish the opponent for failing to recatch if a player is caught, the enemy generates 200mp, the player generates 100mp and uses all of it to break, the player is left with 0MP and the enemy is sitting on a ton of resources. this puts the opponent at a very large advantage. while they do deserve an advantage for getting the catch, auto-winning by merit of recatching is not what the advantage should yield. instead, it should put the two in a 'standoff' style mixup. the player with 0MP has to decide when and where to throw out their actives in order to contest the incoming special active. the player with the special active has to be unpredictable with their recatch, or simply refrain from using it and go back to playing neutral, using their built up resources as a safety net to instabreak if they are caught what this does is create a type of neutral that rewards players for playing well by giving them enough momentum to force the enemy to play at their pace, while not necessarily putting the enemy in an untenable position. if the player chooses to use their resources to recatch, the only risk they should be taking is that if the enemy wins the mixup, the advantage is lost and both players return to neutral. if the enemy fails the mixup, the player gets the recatch and things proceed roughly as they are currently.
  5. the issue is less whether EU players are good, i have no interest in whether they are the issue is that a class like IP, which several competent players have shown is incredibly strong (including Derex, Izzy, etc), is being downplayed without evidence to support said downplaying i have no issue with accepting opposing facts, but until they are proven factual, there is no reason for me to consider random claims to be anything other than opinions ignoring TT because i know nothing about the class, there is nothing to support your claim that IP is "not that good." please understand that nobody is going to accept random claims as factual in any way, regardless of whether they are truly factual or not.
  6. you supplied very little information in your claim, it would be impossible to research what was posted to any degree because one would inevitably have to resort to googling 'top IP EU elsword' or something similar -- no names were originally given, no sources, no evidence that supports the claim whatsoever. supposing someone has never touched EU and has no interest in whatever competitive scene they have, there is no possible way they could 'research' any of your claims without physically downloading EU, joining their community, and finding these supposed top players by chance. additionally, displacing the burden of proof while making a claim is similarly not realistic or feasible in any way. if you make a claim that goes against the current perspective, you are obligated to provide evidence to support it. if we had to investigate every random claim made in this thread just to fact check it, we would be collectively wasting incredible amounts of time. i do not think you are lying, but i do feel that you are mistaken. displacing the burden of proof onto others is far, far worse. if you make a claim, you are obligated to back it up. you cannot just make random statements and, when people disagree, say 'prove me wrong then, just do research.' the issue being both the inability to do any kind of feasible research based on the literally 0 evidence supplied with the claim and the fact that essentially saying "EU has good IP players who i have fought, therefore my views on IP are accurate" is based in hearsay more than factual information. in discussions about tier lists, matchups, and general PvP related concepts, discussing differing perspectives when two players can have entirely different experiences that support entirely different theories is an exercise in futility at best. it is simply more reasonable to back up claims with evidence. there are too many additional factors to use entirely quantitative methods to prove that a skill is viable or not. for example, rose's backstep on paper is a very strong utility. it gives instant invincibility, displaces your hitbox, has less than a second of endlag, costs 0 MP (using ECP instead), and fires a 0MP attack with whatever gun is currently equipped. in theory, this is a very strong mixup and trade tool, punishing players for attempting to contest it, giving the rose several different varied options with nigh unpunishability to back it up. in practice, backstep is average at best. using it on wakeup is highly punishable due to its predictability, using it in neutral is highly inefficient for trades due to better options existing on every non-optimus class (and, by extension, many other classes having tools that are more than enough to contest it). it has value for its iframes, and it is not objectively terrible, but it is far from what it sounds on paper. this kind of thing is why putting theories into practice is extremely important for these discussions. words and theorycrafting cannot be taken as they are in every scenario. some things simply require real-time testing.
  7. seeing someone play and going 'im about the same level' is not the same as fighting them to figure it out i thought the top players in NA looked incredibly average when i first started playing, it took several beatdowns by significantly less skilled players before i understood exactly how good they actually are this claim can basically be thrown out the window if you are refusing to justify it in any way -- hearsay does not equate to evidence similarly, claiming top players in EU exist but giving nothing that supports this is just as unreliable a claim. these are incredibly generalized statements please provide evidence to support this claim. it would also be best not to say things like this, especially when you are making several challenging claims without providing any sort of evidence or support for said claims outside of, once again, hearsay. anyone can claim that their argument is "based on facts," that is not how these kinds of discussions work. if you make a claim, evidence is required to support it. the reason people are not taking your claims seriously is because you are providing nothing to support it other than 'well i fight top EU players all the time' essentially forcing people to rely on your word alone to support the argument.
  8. it is something you only understand after fighting a competent IP player, really he is capable of establishing near flawless setplay with insanely strong neutral
  9. [Monthly] Void Scribe

    Congratulations to last month's winner, @CuteBoy, and last month's runners-up @Xin & @zhangnian! To all participants this time around -- good luck!
  10. Hello and good morning! Welcome to Void Scribe, a writing contest, for writers, by a writer. My apologies for the delay, things have been quite hectic lately. Last month had a lot of solid entries -- some of you came really close. Keep it coming! The SWEET CASH MUNS: First Place: 10,000 (ten thousand) ElCoins! Two Lucky Runner-ups: 5,000 (five thousand) ElCoins! The Rules: Our usual forum rules also apply to this contest. Please look over them [here]! Official Event rules are a bit more strict. This contest's specific rules are below: NSFW (not safe for work, 18+) content is not allowed. Please put your work in a spoiler! Please make your entry between 400 and 3,000 (three thousand) words long. Please leave your IGN at the top of your entry, outside of a spoiler. Please do not format your story beyond alignment and size changes. You may upload your work to another site (, Tumblr, etc) only after you've posted it in this thread (forum hiccups/rollbacks excluded). You are only allowed a single entry, though you are allowed to edit or change it as much as you'd like before the deadline. Do not plagiarize someone else's work! Doing so will result in instant disqualification from this and future Void Scribe Contests. Any entries must be written specifically for the event in question. No re-using old works! This is a submissions-only thread. Please keep discussion of, suggestions for, and comments about this event in the discussion thread linked below. Author's Notes are allowed either at the very beginning or the very end of your entry. Please do not disperse them throughout your story; it ruins the flow! If you'd like to support someone's work, like their post. Do not go off-topic in this thread. Discussion of this event in this thread can land you with a warning point. Excessive off-topic posts can get you banned. You have been duly notified. Deadline: 18th August, 2017 to 25th September, 2017 This Month's Theme is: Downfall All great things must come to an end. Empires, creations, even people -- none can escape the inevitable. Every mountain peak begins and ends at the base. Write a story about downfall. Related Void Event Threads: Event Theme Suggestion Thread [Here] Void Event Discussion Thread [Here] Previous Void Scribe Winners:
  11. It should have happened long ago,

    we did not know each other very well, but asking the streamer to play your song during some MM you had was hilarious good luck and have fun wherever you go
  12. So I have this problem

    level an alt BM, transfer IBs / fund it (alt account to avoid ERP level being the same), find him, get on his good side, compliment him a lot, tell him you wish you were as good as he is, until he feels comfortable enough to do some friendly spars with you then body him mercilessly
  13. ^ this + there is no ETA for when an update may happen; i strongly suggest remaining as patient as possible until it does.
  14. it means if i lose, i accept it instead of making excuses basically if i said 'derex only won because IP beats STr' that would be not holding my L stop you guys are making me blush