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  1. youll need to require something like video proof of a hundred trades with a hundred different players if you want it to be anywhere near secure. even then -- how are you going to check if all the players in the video proof arent alternate accounts, throwaways, etc? the only way to make it even remotely secure of a list is to make it so exclusive that a vast majority of the playerbase doesnt qualify for it... and at that point, theres almost no reason to go through the effort. alternate accounts are not difficult to make or use, and have been used extensively by every scammer currently active. the real kicker here is that when we had an official trusted list, verified by the staff, that required something like 5 separate code trades with video proof to get on the list... all it did was provide a new way for people to scam. there isnt a line that legitimate sellers can cross that 100% prevents all scamming beyond it. its not as black-and-white an issue as its made out to be. unless you go absolutely insane with the requirements, enough to exclude a vast majority of the playerbase from ever becoming trustworthy, they will find a way to cheat your system and they will scam people who blindly trust them because of you. making a trusted seller list is incredibly irresponsible. what we should be doing, as a community, is educating players on staying safe, noticing red flags, and never trusting someone just because a few random people can vouch for them.
  2. this has been attempted and failed numerous times the issue with any [trusted seller] list is that scammers can just make normal trades to get proof to get on the list, then start using their presence on the list to scam people sorry, but it wont work.
  3. of course --- the purpose wouldnt be to 100% stop RMT, just to make it that much more difficult to do the harder we make it, the less likely it is that people will actually be trying to do it yeah, judging by the votes it may not sit too well with people since its pretty restrictive
  4. too often people post sketchy threads like [b> account add my discord] and nothing else this could easily be RMT/cross trading id like a rule to be added that states that all marketplace threads must clearly state the intended method of purchase or preferred payment method e.g. not allowed: b> account, add me/pm me/send nudes allowed: b> account for PGC code, add me/pm me/send spiderman pics ideally, this wouldnt be worth a warning point unless done repeatedly after several verbal warnings. additionally, although its much more strict, id like there to be a second rule that says while in account-related sale (b>/s>/t> account only -- not IGNs or any other kind of sales) threads, you are not permitted to mention a discord, skype, or other external messaging account, nor request that the conversation be taken to one. forum PMs or in-game whispers only. the purpose of this is to ensure that nobody can do shady scammy shit without there being a ton of evidence server-side that they did so, as well as to prevent general RMT/cross-trading shenanigans that being said, the latter is a bit tight of a regulation so if you use the marketplace section often and think its too much, just give a -1 to #2 in the poll tl;dr: #1: require people to clearly state how they wish to pay or be paid in marketplace threads. #2: disallow people from requesting to move discussion about an account-related transaction (b>/s>/t> account stuff, nothing else) to external messaging programs such as discord or skype
  5. staff votes, at best, counted as 1 individual vote each, just like players the community is who voted for 2x add dungeon drop
  6. >add dungeon drop instead of random mission i hope team ignia has learned the risks of democracy
  7. eve, in KR, back when you had to pay $$$ to unlock characters. i got her to code exotic and then quit
  8. chung: remove heavy stance cc: mp gain when hit -50%, mp gain when hitting -35% raven: remove core hit during awk rh: remove multi awk, remove charged bolt fb: remove evac, gut aspd passives rose: can use actives during OS, OS lasts until bar fills, ECP regen -25% in OS, OS damage bonus increases based on consecutive seconds spent in OS (+1% per 5s) tb: replace >>zx with base >>zx, remove ^xx/^xxz, give her a kdr ability, re-buff active damage po: g skills dont disable swapping g core, change autogun to laser gun mn: remove blazing bullet, photon whatever, nade skills/active
  9. Weren't you a moderator?

    1. Sera


      up until jan 2018, yes

    2. Neirko


      O: welp GG's and thnx for your service ALSO thnx for responding!

    3. Sera
  10. completely called for actually -- Noaz was a retarded dumbass who kept trying to jump accounts/identities to scam people (100% confirmed by the way, and all public info). all Structure was doing was making sure the community knew and didnt trust them. absolutely justified in every sense of the word (unless you want to argue that scammers should be allowed to scam? wonder why you could possibly be in support of a publicly confirmed scammer? :3c)
  11. would you trust a youtube comment section to vote for the next president? or trust elementary school kids to vote for their school faculty? its possible that they vote for a competent representative, but its equally possible, maybe more, that they vote for a complete blithering fool i dont trust the judgment of this community in any way, shape, or form.
  12. i do not, in any way, trust this community with a democratic vote.
  13. thats also a 100% certain type of offense so it wouldnt really matter would be pretty tough to get banned for scamming without actually scamming if they cant tell if itll take long, how would you be able to? which is the exact same thing as being told what theyre working on but not knowing when because theres no way we dont know what theyre working on because its always major official content / events, every time updates about x event not happening are the one point i wont disagree on -- itd be nice to hear that kind of stuff confirmed earlier you can literally just conclude that they are... if its a big enough bug that its actually disrupting gameplay, what reason could they possibly have to not be working on a fix? which is a flawless example of my earlier point -- what people want isnt transparency but general communication they want the staff to interact more thered be no difference between [hey, we are working on x and x and x and x, stay tuned] and [hey, how are things going? just working on the next big update, cant say anything about it but its gonna be big] people dont want transparency, because theres none to give people want interaction. people want the staff to talk to them. dropping that little laby bit was great, not because it said anything at all about how far they are (it really didnt), not because people were surprised to see what was being worked on (they werent), but because people wanted something, anything, and that was something. people dont want transparency. theres nothing to be transparent about. people want interaction. if my time as a GS taught me anything, its that those bastards are not who you expect. way too often i saw people getting riled up because a dude that spammed Conqueror 40 times per second in pvp said [VOID STAFF BANNED ME FOR NOTHING, IM INNOCENT] sometimes its people with no avatar and 5 posts, sure, but sometmes its people with 500 posts or 2000 posts and 30 guide threads and the actual innocent players just believe them and go along with it because they simply havent seen the hard evidence the staff has not saying mistakes dont get made -- theyre human, its normal. but its nowhere near the number youd think after seeing so much shit about it. dont think ive ever seen a raw unban based on community bloodthirst before -- if you mean the one that just happened, that was swapped to 1w i believe? which would imply that the ban was justified, but the punishment may have been too severe. that is an issue, but a small one -- a trip to ban appeals is all it takes to get that sorted out. if they dont get unbanned but still have a vague ban message, id wager they know exactly what they did. which is why it actually isnt important -- people, as a rule, have no idea what transparency entails (not much) and wouldnt be able to make sense of what little they could even be transparent about its a buzzword thats been around wayyyyyy too long. push for communication and interaction, not transparency. the former is exactly what you want; the latter isnt going to result in anything.
  14. yeah thats literally what half of the transparency complaints are usually about, if not more -- 100% confirmed rulebreakers bitching about not seeing the evidence because they want to figure out how to avoid getting caught its stupid beyond belief but nobody seems to catch on and just kind of follows along because it sounds bad if im being especially pragmatic... that isnt going to actually matter im pretty positive what people want isnt transparency but general communication they want the staff to interact more im very certain that thered be no difference between [hey, we are working on x and x and x and x, stay tuned] and [hey, how are things going? just working on the next big update, cant say anything about it but its gonna be big] theres also the fact that there really isnt that much to update you about... the absolute best would be something like letting people know there wont be a valentine event if there wont be one. what else could they be transparent about? we already know what major updates are coming (laby, henir stuff, etc), we already know that theres no way for them to give a timetable because a billion different things go wrong at any given point in time and constantly saying [well, we fixed the hot spring bug that laby caused but that caused a bug in feita dungeons] doesnt actually give anyone an idea of where the progress bar is i strongly feel that transparency is just a buzzword that means literally nothing at this point because the people demanding it have absolutely no idea whats wrong, but heard someone else say that transparency is an issue, shrugged their shoulders, and said [cool, ride or die for transparency]