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  1. show me a single piece of evidence you linked for any claim youve made, then you said VoidCM admitted to ignoring 1000+ bans, which isnt true you said those innocent players never got unbanned, that isnt true the accounts that were flagged in the crossfire were only flagged because they shared accounts with those who were caught red-handed abusing the exploit. at the time, that was officially discouraged specifically because of how risky it is. why should they compensate people who put their accounts at risk willingly, despite the official stance? no, what i dont understand is why you dont seem to get that the ability to dupe 100m tickets infinitely puts the economy in major, immediate danger fearmonger is not an insult. fearmongering is when someone intentionally spreads certain information, true or not, in order to spread fear. ive flamed you exactly 0 times, and only my first post was unnecessarily aggressive, which i did in fact apologize for. i normally wouldnt mind apologizing again if youre having trouble accepting my apology, but you insist on calling me a boot licker with 0 prompting or reason, so i hope you understand why i dont feel that you deserve another one
  2. you should care, instead of assuming its false simply because it doesnt agree with your beliefs all you did was link a thread from 4 years ago and then go off about them not unbanning people who were caught in the crossfire, which they very much did you havent backed anything youve said up, all youve done is make claims and then demand that i find evidence that goes against them which is literally an established fallacy im not dismissing discussion -- im dismissing your 100% non-factual accusations as fearmongering, because you are presenting your beliefs as factual when they are, in fact, not yeah, im sure it wouldve been fine when people duped stacks of 999 100m tickets repeatedly, bought everything on the board, and handed it out to everyone they could it was an emergency situation and drastic measures had to be taken. you dont understand the damage or risk, and i dont understand why you dont understand it. how would you have handled it better? kindly refrain from insulting me further, as i have already apologized for the tone of my first post. telling you that i dont think you understand something isnt an insult, nor would it justify retaliation if it were. if you want to have a discussion, present a point of view that isnt based on severe misinformation, and leave the blatant flaming out of it.
  3. he was able to manually verify the staff members account first nowhere was it ever said that the only person who was ever looked at was that staff member its not favoritism when youre literally just making sure your staff who was flagged for an exploit wasnt actually abusing the exploit, thats just... common sense they did, they unbanned a ton of accounts down the line (late 2015-early 2016 i believe?), if i recall correctly (none that were caught red-handed abusing the exploit, but all of the false positives were unbanned i believe) this is public information that was posted by them around that time for what its worth please dont act like they didnt do anything about the situation manually checking 1000+ accounts is a metric fuckton of work that would have delayed content updates severely; staff resources arent unlimited and diverting so many resources in that situation isnt the right call the decision to manually verify that a staff member wasnt abusing an exploit before handling the rest of the false positives was 100% correct youre literally misrepresenting information from 4 years ago that isnt relevant specifically to present the staff in a bad light you are literally fearmongering right at this very moment dont blame the staff for your willingness to blatantly disregard factual information and if they didnt wipe tickets, ED would be worthless and we would have 20000:100 rates in a month dont blame the staff for that, blame the people who abused some exploit and made it necessary wasnt meant to be an insult, but im sorry if it came off that way. i was under the impression that you were intentionally misrepresenting information, but now im suspecting that you simply dont understand the information yourself. the hostile tone in my original reply was my bad, apologies.
  4. and as was explained a few years back, theres a significant difference between looking into 1000+ accounts manually and fact-checking the ban of a staff member. if you were running a staff team in that situation and you didnt prioritize getting your staff team functioning, youd be an absolute blithering fool. that was 100% the correct decision given the situation and bringing up something from 4 years ago/falsely framing it like it was a bad thing is so incredibly disingenuous, and is exactly the type of fearmongering thats plaguing the community right now. you should be ashamed of yourself.
  5. whats with this [staff is homophobic] narrative anyways i was literally openly panromantic/ace the entire time i was working with them, i wasnt discriminated against in the least who comes up with this stuff
  6. i mean yeah, thats because its true.. its your prerogative to believe it or not, i get that theres always going to be cynics, but im just saying as someone who no longer has any meaningful ties to the staff in any way, things arent nearly as bad as theyre constantly made out to be
  7. here to offer my unique perspective as an ex-staff member, although i know a lot of people will just assume im asskissing if i dare say anything positive about them, a vast majority of the ban cases i saw were 100% justified, had solid evidence, etc -- beyond a shadow of a doubt there were absolutely mistakes, some made by me, others not, and every time it was brought to our attention we fixed it ASAP because believe it or not, we didnt want to ban people unjustly either people lie their asses off, a good 97-98% of the posts youd see bitching about bans were from people we caught red handed who thought [striking back] would somehow pressure us into lifting their ban (or just no self control, i dont really understand it if im being honest) i cant speak for how it is now, i dont know if things have changed behind the scenes, but when i was on the team it was just a group of well-meaning but overworked people trying to make everyone happy and constantly getting ragged on by people who buy into the whole [i didnt do anything, my ban isnt fair!!] stuff that went on also, a few notes - discord evidence isnt conclusive, but that doesnt mean it cant spark an investigation on their end and if what they find confirms that a rule was broken theres no reason why they shouldnt act on it - its a team, not a hivemind; theres often little bits of miscommunication and its definitely frustrating on the player end but once its resolved its usually not a huge issue - the [dont reply further or youll get banned as fuck] copypasta is only there to prevent people from spamming their PMs about a denied ban or flooding the appeal section with 90 threads, to my knowledge its insanely hard to actually be actioned for that reason alone - this is less toward the OP and more toward a few of the replying users: trying to be a [bad bitch who wont put up with GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION] by making nasty callout posts isnt helpful, making a thread in the heat of the moment and veiling your feedback behind a dozen [vd is rigged]s is going to blow up in your face; if you have genuine concerns, dont post them as hostile attacks. dont encourage callouts, dont encourage fearmongering, take a deep breath, relax, and explain what you dislike and how youd like it to be addressed - and finally, theres literally zero reason for any staff of any game to just... randomly ban people for no reason. bans arent handed out trivially, you have to understand that from a business standpoint the entire purpose of hosting a service is to retain and obtain players/consumers (as with any other game) and randomly banning people is incredibly counterproductive to that end... theyd have to be insane to just ban people on a whim because thats literally only hurting themselves, from a business perspective. cant say i understand what the mac block stuff is about though...
  8. Sera


    he popped poco as soon as he could, the only reason he didnt start the setplay sooner is because you killed poco and made him resummon it first also NL > EtW in 1s, the stronger setplay more than compensates for the slightly worse neutral
  9. ⋆IGN: Cheerio ⋆Languages: EN ⋆Guild(s) you're in: [ALICE] ⋆Why would you like to join our discord?: still curious
  10. there wouldnt be a PvP Discussion subsection if that were true that thread is only for salt/ranting about pvp, other discussions unrelated to pvp salt/rants can still take place in their own respective threads
  11. its significant is all im saying its a short term solution but it could be a very bad thing for the server long-term
  12. the ones from ED burners...? ED burners rotate 3-4x slower than IBs, use an ingame currency, and on average have <2 recolors at a time (2/6 most recent rotations had 2 sets, the rest had 1) IBs rotate monthly, require real life currency, and always rotate in pairs there is a significantly smaller window of opportunity to obtain IBs compared to ED burner recolors; the latter cant be used as an example of how the former may end up because theres a meaningful difference in ease of acquisition unrelated to the proposed system the two are just way too dissimilar to draw that kind of comparison faithfully
  13. i take the concept of competition in pvp seriously, but not really the game in its current state when i spar currently i dont really get into it, its difficult for me to play at a high level when im not in a genuinely competitive mood and because of how little control characters have over matches in spar settings i just cant find the will to actually give it 110% i dont agree with anything that degrades the idea of a fair competition (e.g. pve advantage in a pvp tourney), but i get that the game currently is in a pretty bad state 1v1-wise so it isnt really an issue if people just want to have fun with lopsided stuff, so long as its branded accurately
  14. ⋆IGN: Cheerio ⋆Languages: EN ⋆Guild(s) you're in: [ALICE] ⋆Why would you like to join our discord?: im curious