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  1. Quick question about the Spa Buff, will it be allowed to have in the Fight?
  2. where can I put a list/Picture/link of some items, wich aren't in the MW yet? '-' LF Rune accessories in MW
  3. Badkenny

    [128] • Lv. 17 • Discord

    Name/Nickname: KennyIGN: TheOldKennyGender (Optional): MaleAge (Optional): 20Discord (Optional): BadkennyAdditional Information: currently active in Elsword, sometimes playing Overwatch too. I am kinda quiet on the first time we will meet but my shyful appearance will be overwritten by a selfconfident and cheerful personality later on when I know you better~. I am mostly helpful and wont decline the ask for help unless I am busy.
  4. Badkenny

    now we can +11??

    because breaking dosnt include the service of Flourid stones we have no breaking of stuff cuz of the Void 0% breaking chance in official server breaking weapons even with Flourids is normal
  5. Badkenny

    now we can +11??

    and ffs read the god damn text benief the items. the Flourid Ores for 110 ec can be used for +0 to +10 the Flourid Crystals 330ec are used for +11 and higher
  6. Badkenny

    now we can +11??

    yeah my D4 Cannon Broke from the update try +9 -> +10 but I guess that was kinda unlucky while using the Flours with the EL hammer.
  7. Badkenny

    Hello :D

    Here you should read that completly Or in short, download the file he linked in an extra folder. Extract the Rar data . Delet your Gameguard folder and Gameguard.des in your void Data folder. Put the new downloaded into the Void Data folder. Start your elsword. Note: you have to do that everytime when you want to play els
  8. Badkenny

    Hello :D

    so you have the Gameguard bug hm? (Game is crashing after Connection to server window) If yes there is a Solution tho
  9. Badkenny

    Old Raid Weapon

    with the implemetion of Maxemise its kinda useless past lvl 80 so yeah, you kinda have to get luck to sell it these days
  10. Badkenny

    Old Raid Weapon

    Use it as a lvl up tool for any new Elesis you may or may not make
  11. Badkenny

    LOL so i missed phase 3

    you can change the "old" lvl 80 Perkisas wep anytime by glave to the lvl 85 Perki wep
  12. Badkenny

    LF> Henir team

    I´d like 2 join, got nothing to do °3°
  13. Badkenny

    Crafting Radiant Nexus

    You earn Arena Salt from the Event Quest "Salty Tears". (Kill 10x Opponents in PvP) (this quest can be repeated) Passionate Flame is earnable trough a daily quest (Win 3 PvP fights) (One per character per day)
  14. Badkenny

    Double SD/Henir quest rewards

    I don´t realy know what your point is to double it now. Nothing against other players (own opinion) but I´m Already done with D4 weapon + gloves and already have D1 Shoes. Well I play with 3 characters (with VIP) a day that´s a number but I think after nearly 3 weeks it´s pretty much. I kinda still give +/-0 cuz I´m think the speed you gain this Henir Stuff is good enough but if the rewards get doubled or even more the late game experience dosn´t goes well. And a little point from me: even if you don´t like PvE, smashing big monster(or Bosses what ever, they die in less than 40 secounds so better calling them Big monster) is still funny. And laziness doesn´t get paid.