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  1. DrStorm

    pvp still bullshit after 2.5?

    It's been like that since day 1.
  2. DrStorm

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    She can't be in Elder, only after level 70. Also, ya'll have to wait a day or two so the download isn't 0.
  3. DrStorm

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    No u Aside from that, I'm glad I can finally have every single class in the game. I don't say this very often, but well done!
  4. Effects: - 50% MP - 50% HP - Super Armor - Increases red damage by 30% - Increases mana recovery rate (+5 MP per second) - Cures Poison, Fire, and Curse. - Increases Physical/Magical attack - Increases Jumping Speed and Size - Activates Awakening Price: 1,000 ED Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
  5. I want the pie from the last event. I still miss it.
  6. You mean unique like Rena or Chung? She's plain boring imo, and her kit is weird.
  7. When we get the Laby update the server is probably going to crash from traffic. Or just randomly crash, because Void.
  8. DrStorm

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    I was chatting with the discord mod (of the void discord) and unless you live in UAE you'll have to wait.
  9. DrStorm

    [1/18/19] Update Discussion Thread

    Effort to make a new thread, so I'll ask here. My launcher is stuck at checking for updates. Edit: Version Check error.
  10. DrStorm

    Frost Maiden potions

    The argument about the market aside, I really want them to remain cheap and probably keep them untradeable. In addition, the only "free" things in void (aside from even things) that are left are the job quests and skill unlocks.
  11. DrStorm

    Frost Maiden potions

    After I thought about it over night, I agree that the price should be ajusted. Anything around 50k to 75k would be alright. Edit: Since the pie is a combination of the apples from the alchemist, which are bought with arena points, it is possible to make them accessable with AP and a lower ED rate. Like 500 AP and 10k ED per piece.
  12. DrStorm

    Frost Maiden potions

    The main idea is the price point.
  13. DrStorm

    Frost Maiden potions

    Since a lot of people agreed with me in this topic, I decided to make the following suggestion. Make the frost maiden potions a permanent addition to the server. I'm talking about these two specific items: Their low price and powerful effects make the life of anybody much easier. From an under geared person trying to farm his Type Void weapon/shards to highly geared people wanting that extra boost of strength. Further more with the Alchemist npc store revamp that happened we got new, way more expensive potions, which honestly even I have trouble affording. Putting them at Naeun or any village npc will benefit everybody enjoying the server.
  14. DrStorm

    Opinions on the Event

    They should make the event potions permanently accessible. Like, to put them in Naeun or any alchemist.
  15. DrStorm

    What do you think of Arena/PvP on Void?

    Arena has always been a gear fest, whether you like it or not. Actually, the same way you get get to clear dungeons faster, there is a gear for arena. There are always going to be laggers but you can't help it. People are complaining about classes, I can't even at this point. Like, what are you using? base Aisha, or maining Eve, which actually requires some practice to master in PvP. All I see here is people not wanting to spend a week to get a decent gear for arena.