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  1. Aren't these dungeons trash anyway?
  2. PvP is dead and getting SSS for the medals alone can be annoying, so they should remain tradeable. I wanted the pvp flames to be bankshare-able since it won't take a month (if you do the quest every. single. day.) to craft 1 cosmetic item.
  3. Some buffs duration should be increased. >looks at phoenix talon Luna blade should get back it's -60% current mana burn. Old sword fire please. Move while in storm blade(?) Overall I'd revert some changes KoG made to all the classes. Rapid Guardian should be 30 seconds long. Also, delete Rose.
  4. What, you don't have 5 seconds to type "bump"?
  5. Shadow Vein. Easy. Simple. Plus/minus 50 revives.
  6. Reading all these comments about re-dubbing. Are people actually using the English voices? I'm baffled. As for the questing. I made EtW and RaS, and I like RaS way better.
  7. It's been like that since day 1.
  8. She can't be in Elder, only after level 70. Also, ya'll have to wait a day or two so the download isn't 0.
  9. No u Aside from that, I'm glad I can finally have every single class in the game. I don't say this very often, but well done!
  10. Effects: - 50% MP - 50% HP - Super Armor - Increases red damage by 30% - Increases mana recovery rate (+5 MP per second) - Cures Poison, Fire, and Curse. - Increases Physical/Magical attack - Increases Jumping Speed and Size - Activates Awakening Price: 1,000 ED Cooldown Time: 60 seconds
  11. I want the pie from the last event. I still miss it.
  12. You mean unique like Rena or Chung? She's plain boring imo, and her kit is weird.
  13. When we get the Laby update the server is probably going to crash from traffic. Or just randomly crash, because Void.
  14. I was chatting with the discord mod (of the void discord) and unless you live in UAE you'll have to wait.
  15. Effort to make a new thread, so I'll ask here. My launcher is stuck at checking for updates. Edit: Version Check error.