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  1. You and your profile are iconicĀ :PepsiThumbsup: Truly a legend ~

  2. No because i like PD/r as an Ice burner what you could suggest is for it to be brought back in the next rotation. thats something i would agree with
  3. Honestly.. i used to be one of those people who get bitter because they got banned but it didnt do me any good, it only showed people how pathetic i was but now looking back, every ban happens for a REASON the staff are working hard and they have helped me MANY times, if you believe you were banned unjustly then make a ban appeal and wait Good luck in whatever you do next though
  4. Okay if you feel that way why are you posting your negativity around us? you literally make alot of jokes about gay and if you enter your stupid profile you cant go a page without seeing you say "gay" How about you stop giving your thoughts and ill stop exposing you for being a cunt who's too poor for a brain implant? this video is to you <3
  5. Hi i have 3 warning points dont mess with me COONTS

  6. omg the Tea is boiling the hell out of my mouth oh my gaga SHE WAS ROBBED! this whole situation reminds me of a contestant in the reality show "Rupauls drag race" season 7 "Pearl" she told people about when she talked to "Rupaul" the goddess & main judge of the show she was telling her how she is so gorgeous and she inspired her alot (this happend off camera) and then Rupaul told her that "Nothing you say matters unless that camera is rolling" + On the show queens were treated badly and some producers wanted to sleep with some contestants and if they cant then they fuck them over ...After Pearl told us all what happend and that RuPaul said that to her, producers called her and said that she will never be back on the show Plot twist: we're the queens + the void staff are Rupaul & the Producers LMAO Also this is a good video that's related ARE U WILLAM @Apsara
  7. so everyone wants to be her friend when she got banned but no one wants to be my friend when i got banned oh ok i see you hoes AnyWHOE... good luck in whatever you do next boo also is ur fave color Cyan? or Turquoise
  8. girl look at me bitches want me to get the fuck out but they aint going to pick me But you take breaks when you want to so if you need one then take it.. I wish you the best of luck
  9. Oh i've always wondered who that rena was + i'm in love with that outfit.. you're serving Gender Fuckery I C O N I C
  10. R>Lock @Structure @Xera @Luci @Lure
  11. haters eat my ass i still have alot to educate these fucked up children. R>Lock @Structure