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  1. Imo it won't change anything in the end. But I guess it is unfair ye.
  2. 12-3 just to ruin my friendships.
  3. Hello. If you are new to Rosso Raid and have 250k+ CP, I wouldn't mind helping you ! Give me some flame marks please.. For real, let me know if you want to enter the raid server. Will pm the link.
  4. -1. That's a part of the game. Doing that would just kill the game since it would be easier to finish their gear and it is a part of the economy.
  5. Damn you are lucky. I can run it smoothly on official but not void.
  6. I did it and nop. It doesn't. + After looking at this thread, you can tell that it is not a personal problem.
  7. If this update fix the fps issue I don't mind waiting.
  8. Since I can have your attention, can you ( later ofc ) look into it. I sent you a direct message aswell explaining everything. Sorry for that and gl with the MT.
  9. Does anyone know why the new patcher works fine for NA/EU/KR and not void ? Is it cause the launcher isn't the same ?
  10. And then, they are some ppl who try to get solo q buff. You can't please everyone. I don't think Void will change that. I guess all you can do is re queue until you get someone or mega for a party.