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  1. Well tbh.. Ereda gives AP and Medals, Aka you can just : → Get S rank in pvp → Farm Ereda → Get AP and ereda medals → Sell pvp medals and ereda service ( +9, or access ) [ pvp medals are like 3M each atm ?? || Ereda acces is 350-400M, +9 as well ] → Buy S+ stones if needed. Gg, easy money. ( try to pick an op chara for ereda tho... cause it's only 1 medal when you lose )
  2. Best time for now : Stats : Mfw I forgot to use Resistance To Destiny
  3. That's pretty sad cause the way to craft +9 isn't fair anymore. ( since SD and pvp way get items which are bankshareable ). I'd like to get a final answer from @VoidEls or a staff member.
  4. So. Will Ereda Medals not be bankshareable anymore ? Thought they fucked up in a maintenance but seems like no.
  5. Yes we still have it. For other buff aka, Item Drop rate, AP rate and Quest drop Rate, you need to " get it " via the IM. It's free.
  6. Why did you even lock it lmao.
  7. " - Items can break upon upgrading +11 to +12 and you have no way of restoring it. > We will be inserting the Blessed Restoration Scroll in the item mall during the upcoming maintenance. > Items won't break upon refinement if you don't use the El Hammer. > The El Hammer does have a chance to break your weapon. " Don't use it.
  8. I used one on my PK Staff +10. It's now broken. You should use it only for +11 and up.
  9. God Tier : All player with delay ( distance lag ). Is2g, how to denfense your tower against them. Poop Tier : Having a lagger in your team and dealing no damage to enemy's npc.
  10. Let me repeat myself : chill room and " pvp ". Or should I said " pvp official ". I did meet you in chill room, 1v1 and 2v2.
  11. Tbh, I met you a lot in pvp and chill room and yeah. Your lag is pretty op.
  12. Hi, I'd like to join the guild if it's okay. My ign is Glomp.
  13. It's your oppinion, okay. But VP D tier ? You never met a good VP then. She's way better than IP. I main VP and I can do as much damage as a BM or DiE ( all geared ). VP isn't crap in pve. She's not the best okay. But not a crap.