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  1. Lolis ♥ Void Princess ♥ Ok Aisha
  2. Oh, my bad and thanks for the link. R > Lock @Structure @Stay @Poppy
  3. Hi. So, it's not a big deal but pretty annoying since I'm clumsy. Whenever i press " sort " in the consumable inventory, I get d/c. Help. Me. ( I tried to repair voidels.exe but nope )
  4. They might update the crafting pve way tho.
  5. Actually the only wait to get S+ stones is thought pvp. You can't get sd coins and stones anymore.
  6. Heya Rai ~ There's Ran's answer about the sd gear exchange. Might be the same for henir.
  7. - SD Gear : There're a lot lf threads about it. They said they'll try to implement the exchange ( lvl 80 - 85 ). I can quote you this reply if need. But for now you can't. I'll just wait for a no or yes and focus on heroic lvl 90 gear for now. - Heroic gear Heroic gear lvl 85 and 90 aren't the same. You can find some information on elwiki. ( lvl 90 has 3 set with differents effects ). Here's a link if you need help : __________ https://elswordforum.koggames.com/showthread.php?270422-Hespathus-s-guide-to-level-90-heroic-gear
  8. Heroic gear lvl 85 can't be upgraded to lvl 90.
  9. @VoidCM Does the items list / item drop list from Naeun, Arena cube, ED burner and other stuff'll got an update ? And since we got SD revamp, what about the way to craft A-S+ stones at Naeun ( aka. SD stones, coins etc... ) ?
  10. Does the items list / item drop list from Naeun, Arena cube, ED burner and other stuff'll got an update ?
  11. Eh... Well, at least 3k5 red is good. You'll see the difference. Anyway, go for the 2nd combo then you need HP.
  12. Well. If you have enough red and your 5/5 gives some HP, you can do like Gavin said. If not, I'd say : PK wings + Staff and 3/4 Rmr.
  13. What's your pvp set ? I meant, you have an access ? ( DP, MK4, ... )
  14. Is it for pve or pvp ? And which character ? ( VP I think since I stalked you in a room. Sorry, really thought it was Apinky o/ )
  15. My first pvp record as a VP o/