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  1. I'd suggest you to prepare some ss showing you are trustrd as ^ said. But I doubt you'll get banned for this.
  2. I mean, did he send you a proof like : " The code has been used the ??? ". And, whatever. If you know you are innocent, you don't have to worry about it.
  3. Just add him on discord, send him a ss of the page saying the code was used. He can check when was the code used as well. If he declines anf still asks for the Low Eve, just block him.
  4. LF> Guild

    It's alright and welcome ~
  5. LF> Guild

    Wrong section @Lure @Xera @Structure @ben @Poppy
  6. Enhancement Update - Town Blacksmiths

    Damn. Didn't check the topic for a while and all I see is : - Daily Bumps - No reply from Staff - ShitPosting still going Bump.
  7. Bring back ancient coins value

    A new hack has been released. If you bring it back, say bye to void. I'm surprised you didn't see that with all Inaste's mega spam talking about it.
  8. IB Rotation Discussion [9/01/2017]

    I saw PK Ain leg wings on board.
  9. R > Lock Thanks for making ereda great again. @ben @Poppy @Lure@Structure @Xera
  10. Hi everyone

    Welcome ( back ) to void ~
  11. Free Class Change Ticket

    Nop. -1.
  12. Hi, thanks for your reply. I wanted to apologise for my english. I didn't want Henir coins to be bank sharable. I was just pointing out how unfair it was to not make ereda medals bank sharable by comparing pve and ereda ways. I'd like to add something, but it's not really a suggestion. More a " fix ". Right now, we can't upgrade Tenacious Warrior's Necklace. Even if we have a Magic Necklace in our inventory, it says we don't. Thanks for your time.