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  1. It's not hard. Delete memorize and give aisha an actual special ability.
  2. Ty all for the answers
  3. How do i get +8/+9 scrolls for cheap atm? Once there was henir/secret/pvp, but dunno now
  4. Oh that's too bad. I liked that mode.
  5. Ereda is dead or is it just me?
  6. Get a +9(or more), build pure glass cannon and spam your best ability.
  7. I used to main her.
  8. You are CN. No need to combo them. Learn the hitbox of the braindead cancer dive(or simply run) and spam random skills with your 399827895791879875123985789237489237409180927051217981629510923189750197239018749172093712986491375913650917509186481706198759164982759823579237418027509275023402374023750927502716071097401740937250730958297029572097450293520397502839174983465475375482892014729386492374982649273402375982659274092375982748072398572984729365298582365982750293752759285729857296491472038525298649265926592385628364923856293864236592856289659283752983652983572956r982562398572985729356926529635923659286528956295629835629856298365293652986412659186276391826398259287429865928479283649264928649285692853985725982357298659285629856923318'982374987128979124 undeserved mp. The rest is stoolbot-san.
  9. Libro


    If you cant win, then they are just more skilled than you/or they are LuCiel.
  10. Oh. This sure is good to know, but i'm waiting for some other opinions. @others: I will start a topic in the marketplace
  11. I have to sell it, but.. well, the title in quite self-explanatory.
  12. You can use finger in combos, but catch is much more difficult. And yeah, he's still a good character.