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    Get a guild or friends. It is how it works, too much ED in the server results to the high rates, remember those 5:100 rates? There wasn't as much as ed in the server as it is now, people how has more ed are willing to pay more to buy the ec, which results to the high rates. Ice burners isn't everything, its just want, not a need. You should really learn how the economy works instead of telling them they are wrong using caps.

    Its free, its kinda a good system, better than nothing. Glave coins are kinda useless in general but void chose to implement with the use of glave coins to craft and exchange for amulets, though i do agree it is time consuming, he wanted an easily accessible way to earn +8 amulet and i gave him that, for those who started from nothing.

    You're ignoring all my other valid points, you could farm the glave coin for 15 days and get the +8 amulet. Farm SD which is 1m per run craft unappraised ore to sell to get ed. Farm SD and Henir to farm for the +9, with the ed earn by running those sd runs and the materials drop from sd and henir, it's all about your time and commitment to earn the things you want with the resources already provided for you.

    Most of your suggestions will most likely ruin the economy itself. The new ed burner is improved so we wouldn't get shitty drops, making the ed spent worthwhile, it's NOT an ed ice burner, we get amulets, pets and suits with it too. +8 used to be cheap because of events and pulls and due to the amount of players which are in the server, as time passes by more players comes in and +8s becomes scarce, people used to burn a lot from ed burner and they pull amulets from ed burners, now, not to much and with events which allows crafting amulets at a decent price, +8 amulets are easily accessible through henir, and +9 amulets are also easily accessible. More supply = cheaper price Less supply = op prices Ed to ec conversion? Void needs the money that the cashers use to keep the server going with updates, if they ever implement this, why bother cashing anymore? Since we can easily get ed from doing farming runs. If we often have free IM stuff, the IM would probably be useless. As for the complaints for characters, mail that to the KoG.
  5. Ay kaz, do you how much does chung cm full go for?

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Kazemaki


      Yes the hair is surprisingly better than the previous IBs. KoG doesn't know how to design hairs on guys lol. Might get it when it arrives. 

      I personally like DC, he seems cool when I first saw him on officials before. I liked the guns since I also want long ranged characters, but never really liked others like Rena/Aisha. But my first character on this game is always my LK with this name lol 

    3. Vincent


      KoG can design hairs for male characters such as ravens and add but they can barely do it on elboy, sadly.

      The only hairs that i like for elboy is AA, SS and ADvD

    4. Kazemaki


      Same AD(red), AA and SS are the good ones. They place less effort on the Main character of this game

  6. Outta here

    I hate how people posts "who are you" on a farewell thread, where are their manners? smh Even though i dont know you, you seem like a cool lad. Enjoy life out there.
  7. How are the new pull rates?

    Pulled ara bot, lu glove and shoe, elesis shoes, els bot, ain bot and hair and rena globe out of 100 ibs.
  8. Void, i think you forgot a little detail

    ^ same, im now regretting my decision
  9. Anyone know whats the % of obtaining el reward from throwing in the10 of the barrier's fragment?
  10. If we exchange our SD gear, do we lose the sockets and enchancement level?
  11. I thought today was gonna be IB rotation..
  12. Most Fun pve character?

    More elboy mains are playing IS now, apparently. I barely see LK or RS, its mostly IS for some reason. And ayy, its nice to see someone who enjoys IS in pve as well c:
  13. Most Fun pve character?

    Pretty much this ^ I enjoy infinity sword in pve.
  14. [ѕανσяу]

    Who is this.. Jk, hello my meme child.