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  1. Well, you could always just mail it.
  2. You should make a poll. Other than that, id be nice other qipaos collections such as qipao v1. and the qipao lotus as well.
  3. Thats a pretty useless effect considering they launch the mobs to outer space, but would be a good troll in the dungeons to make people rage.
  4. Welcome to voidels! You're either talking about Crimson Avenger (red hair who uses the claymore) or Crimson rose (blond hair who uses the guns)
  5. Having a high pvp rank on rose or add doesn't count.
  6. TumblrIsBetter. Welcome though
  7. Im concerned about the lagging rule. It is an international server and people tend to lag in dungeons and in the arenas, with a weak connection (especially the ones who are using vpns). Some players doesn't even notice they lag. some people may disconnect during their matches unintentionally and lag throughout a dungeon, does this mean that every laggers will get banned for having a weak connection? This rule isn't so fair.
  8. I saw that there's no void scribe in the current event section nor did they announce October's winners.
  9. Its a random bug, i didnt die and killed 100 mobs, and i still failed. Iwasted4ticketsfromthisbug.
  10. I got "update process failed"
  11. Gonna farm in that dungeon and pull an all-nighters!
  12. Is this similar to what greeting is about to do? I wouldn't agree on having a pinned thread about ALL of the prices being listed in one thread, there is a lot to list, and too much work, in my opinion. (there's 11 character, there's about 35+ ice burners to price check, this excludes rose of course.) As you stated, due to economic change, prices may vary. The problem is, price changes everyday, im alright with the common stuff (magic stones or boss accesory drops) but not the gambled items (mounts and ice burner). what if people want to price check on just one or two seperate ice burner pieces? The price checking thread would be dead since people rely on the pinned price checking thread. Like i said, prices changes everyday, depending on the sellers, stock in the market and the demand of the item. Some people pay OP prices, due to high demand and rarity of the item during that time period. Price lowers when the item is no longer rare at that time period and there's stock, the stock decreases the demand of the item.
  13. Thank you in advanced. Section II-B: Void Marketplace/Guilds You may only have one active thread in the [Void Marketplace] sub-forum at a time, and each guild may only have one active thread in the [Guilds] sub-forum at once. If you wish to create a new thread, please message one or all of the GameSages and request that your previous thread be closed. In addition, to prevent post farming, both Marketplace and Guild threads may only be bumped once every twenty-four hours, or after it passes Page Three of the sub-forum, whichever comes first.
  14. "Lets put a +12 in the ice burner-"