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  1. It was an honor farming OoR with you mate! Best of luck and take care~ PsychicDxD qwq
  2. just saying but the prices for ASD heroic gloves are ridiculously high so if you can't afford on get glove with magic defense ignore or mp cost reduction and paying 100mil+ for a 28% glove is bonkers~
  3. w h o a r e y o u f o l  l o w i n g m y f o r u m  p r o f i l e ?

  4. Take care soft one, May you find happiness elsewhere ;w;/
  5. The primary way of Unlocking Eclipse is by obtaining the following titles: Shadow of The Sun, Shadow of Decent, and Resistant to Destiny and after unlocking and obtaining all three on my DoB I still have not unlocked Eclipse qq
  6. I say no cuz invites aren't that hard to obtain unlike ETD tickets, and if you do your weekly quest u can easily refund yourself the tickets u waste with the heroic exchange.100 frags might seem like a lot but average drop rate of them varies from 6-12 drops a run depending on elite monster spawns, and your actual heroic gear drops that u dismantle. The weekly and daily gives ya 13/20 tickets wasted + weapon frags+ heroic souls that u can exchange for heroic cubes for potential drops, but if but not least weapon frags for shitty equipment dismantling. Then it all rng here on out to exchange ya weapon frags for invites or souls, but most likely you will get invites unless the gods are with you and bless you with souls ;w; If you really need some farm lower level dungeons with multiple bosses like 2-1 or 4-4 :3
  7. Cya owo/ and may you be the best damn translator the world has ever seen * ^*)9
  8. there is no god only tears ;;
  9. There will be no more EC sells as of today. I have been hacked and lost most of my shit and personally cant see myself trying to replace all of it by selling EC. Sorry to whom I promised codes to and I hope yall understand why I stopped

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    2. NPAB
    3. Hong


      I just saw your thread and the status im sorry to hear that you've lost your stuff qq

      Do you still play add? I can give you 4/5 vig for add quq



      Yeah I still play add and dont worry I'll buy back my stuff eventually


      and there's no need for you to give up your ViG I'll just replace my Hnor

      and I will be selling codes starting Next week again

  10. http://elwiki.net/w/Upgrading_Equipment this should guide you with the amount of blessed enchantment stones and ore you need with your weapon owo/ got scroll down a bit
  11. +1 from me tbh, gives me another reason to continue PvPing and go through the process of Crafting Henir gear.
  12. Same thing for me but worst since I cant barely leave the guild hall before I'm kicked T^T