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  1. Betrayus

    [2/15/18] v2.5 Discussion Thread

    Best part about this? The starter cube revamp AND the fact you can now have 42 characters.
  2. Betrayus

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    The inevitable solo henir run (post henir revamp) to work towards getting the new force skills (Didn't know they added Eroding Aura and Excessive Greed). Dreading the new boss so much.
  3. Betrayus

    How Would You Rate the Void Economy ?

    Considering, from what I'm hearing, NA's EC rate is 35:100 which is just... yikes. Here ranges between 8-10:100 which is so much more reasonable and quite a lot of people do sell but I can say some stuff is kind of ludicrous. At least it's a lot better than EU server which, before the merge, was impossible to get anything decently.
  4. Betrayus

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    Being kicked from parties because I decided to play a Comet Crusader and randomed with a +11 who condescended me for a +8 Heroic Weapon and doing no damage as well as having two Sariel's who just cleared everything up quickly. Could barely reach enemies in time to damage them and so been kicked out 3 times already. I love Sariel for her clears but when you play as one without the damage? Fuck it's annoying. In fact, each time I got kicked it was due to amazing field clears...
  5. Betrayus

    how do you cope with todays arena

    It's a bit more balanced than before but it's still insanely unfair and you can find out if you try playing with anyone who isn't level 99 in PvP. Like a level 71 being matched with a SS Furious Blade. Matchmaking please KoG. Still, better than the old way where a CN could spam bloodletting, use atomic shield, power boost and one shot with Critical Iron Splinters.
  6. Luck plays a major factor in it you know, you may have gotten lucky, others not so much and considering how expensive mithril pieces and crystals are, it can easily exceed 125M no problem. This is especially true with a +10 to +11 since the upgrade chance is a measly 0.99% which, considering many people have failed to get that from as high as 60K EC shows you just how extreme it can be. Besides, the way you act (and the fact you decided to, I don't know, hide the fact you are using a +11, something most people don't have) makes it sound like you already have a KR maxed out gear set including Rosso Raid Weapon. Simple. On the rates side, seriously? A +11 vs a +9... no shit the +11 can clear double to triple the number of runs a +9 can and thus making it far easier and shorter and you also said it yourself, time. Not everyone has the time of day to fucking play 24/7, especially at this time of year yet you seem to forget that tiny tidbit. If people have the time to farm for it, sure, by all means go for it but for those who don't, the +10 is at least manageable and doesn't require insane grinding to get. The last paragraph, oh boy you really shown your true colors. That's like saying someone who works at a shitty job (More time taken) just to survive in life is lazy over someone who does no work but is already a multi-millionaire (with them just inheriting it) who mocks and laughs down at those who are in a bad spot. You make me sick scum and both sides are clearly needed for prospective such as in courts. Otherwise prosecutors could say their damning case with no comeback for those falsely accused and could lead them into a lot of lost time/dying in prison.
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, he just keeps digging himself into a deeper hole. Assuming you are lucky to get a +10 from blacksmith, it will STILL cost more than the current +10 crafting cost which is guaranteed unlike the 200-300M+ chance on mithrils. Furthermore, at 300M, you'd be better off saving up an extra 100M and going for a +11 on an armor piece (If you already have a +10 or beyond weapon) since Blacksmith can't go beyond +10 with great or super successes. Oh but wait, apparently we should all already be +11 fully geared to the teeth characters with HH Unique for all of us. I forgot, sorry. I also forgot that apparently everyone has, what, 5B in the bank as well as a Level 10 Blacksmith? NO! OF COURSE NOT! Be more considerate since not everyone has the time (or equipment) to farm up 300/500 frost shards and/or get all the ED necessary and with mithrils being insanely expensive, it would easily go beyond the cost of what you say. This is especially true for newer players who simply got screwed over since last year's +10 was for free.
  8. Says the guy who casually left out the fact he was using a +11 when people were struggling with the average of a +9. So what if people want a +10? It's the cheapest by a long shot and not everyone has the time to farm for an Elite Head Hunter or +11 armor/doesn't need it. Just because you think it's a waste doesn't mean it is for the people who want it. Seriously, 50-100K CP difference makes a hell of a lot of change.
  9. I got the +10 and holy hell is the difference insane from a +9 Void Weapon. The other two I simply didn't have the time to go get with the busy upcoming days and week ahead.
  10. Betrayus

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    The throwing item bug also applies to Henir's normal mode by the way. Accidentally found out when going for Dungeon Master title. Made Type H just more of a time waster than anything else.
  11. Betrayus

    [12/21/18] Update Discussion Thread

    It seems to favor lower to none drops over high drops but I've had quite a few runs where I got 5-7 solo yet Luto in a full party, I see people getting tons and I get jack shit... so fun(!) Still, at least it's viable to get the +10 and once I get that and maybe a Hedgehog, that's it. If I have time I might farm for titles I want or just want to make a dent into.