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  1. Raid is understandable for the first time through it Expedition on the other hand is just bullshit. Just wait until Stage 198 is Herbaon as the boss. Now that will be fun! Better yet, give every raid boss a 5% per second health regen because apparently they aren't hard enough. Even people with 1M+ struggle with later GE stages.
  2. Health Regen in Guild Expedition. We should not be expected to fight Tuadin 5 fucking times with the final time being with another war chief while they are restoring health at an ungodly rate that makes all the raid bosses blush with how they would be slaughtered. TLDR: Fuck Guild Expedition
  3. Requesting move and lock @Structure @Xera @PhysicsTM
  4. I think I ran into the same Flame Lord they were mentioning (I would name and shame them but alas, I cannot) while trying to get NPC's. The "locked in place" is basically Haunting Spirit except, instead of it stopping after a second or two, it lasts until you die. I ran into that one and I was confused as hell when it happened.
  5. Since Oz Sorcerer is being mentioned a lot, why not have all her fire balls change into the more powerful dark version but they don't knock the enemy up, only increase the KD counter? If Oz Sorcerer got this though, Aether Sage should get the ice balls back. No idea why they removed that. Finally, just bring back Mana Shield for all Aisha's.
  6. Gut both Lord Emperor and Empire Sword's spin to win skills. Seriously! The damage on them is just outright disgusting.
  7. Not bad for a minor update. Shame I don't really bother with F8'ing a dungeon so the Apink card change is pretty much pointless. Will need to go find the Boss Drops though for MW.
  8. Well, in that case, it isn't too bad but it does also cause problems when I, a C rank, goes against a fully geared, +11 FoJ SSS player with Sacrifice... that is so much worse compared to the Monster Trio.
  9. The fact ranks mean absolutely fucking nothing. It's kind of an insult how I, a mere C rank, can fight Valak now. Like, what the fuck!? Or just in general, significantly higher ranks than my own.
  10. I just remembered something that a lot of people are probably going to disagree with but, I actually liked the old skill tree where you had to pick between skills. Gave a lot more variety and limited on what you could max since you were limited by points. In fact, I don't even thinks Skills were as damaging back then either like they are nowadays.
  11. Honestly, that's one thing I am glad was removed. Being forced to be afk to sell items was definitely a pain at times if you wanted to play still. Oh god. I forgot how painful those duo were in the past. Hell, they could be considered harder than the Nasod King. Yet nowadays, both are so squishy which is... disappointing.
  12. Remember when +9 was considered a luxury and anything higher was just a fever dream? Good times... now, a +10 is mandatory for Varnimyr and anything else above it is kind of helpful (Void still caps at +11 right? Despite officials at +13 now?)
  13. For me, it would be character exclusive sets. I don't care how bad it made it for bank sharing, I loved the idea of having every character having exclusive equipment sets with unique effects for each other. Secret Dungeons and Henir had this gimmick and I kind of wish they were brought back in a revamp but alas, it won't happen. I remember having level 60 Full Eve Henir set way long ago on the official servers... Good times...
  14. I would further agree to lowering the amount needed IF Secret Dungeons were actually a challenge. Seriously, they are a joke now. Remember the good old days where the timer in Altera SD wasn't just a decoration and the spores were infinite? What about Nasod Inspector with his shields actually being a real threat? Yep... good old days.