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  1. So, for the 1 person who even remotely cares, I have had enough of Elsword. The game is just far too grindy now for the end game stuff and when you go through the same dungeon over and over and over with nothing to show for it? It really gets onto my nerves. The reason why this is an issue now? After almost 1000 Elrianode runs and halfway towards Pierce the Heavens, the only force skill I got was a basic Lightning chain. That is unacceptable since how important they are now and if 1000 runs is just a slim chance of a basic force skill, how about the elite or unique? I don't even need to get started on enchanting do I? Odds are so stacked against people that trying to get a +11 can take more than 5B and STILL fail. In the past a +9 was considered godlike but it was just a luxury and not necessary due to the normalization in the end game and enemies and bosses doing fair and reasonable damaged compared to now where a simple fart kills you instantly but they can tank everything... it's just not fun anymore. So, this is the end for me. I doubt I will return to be honest.
  2. When the only RNG in the past outside of stupid enchantment was grinding for SD Materials then going for Henir Gear. +9 back in the past was a luxury and not necessary either... game now though? Reeks badly of pay 2 play. Not so much on Void but officials? Absolutely.
  3. A +14 scroll Henir Fragments exchange Increased force skill drop rate A month long 10% buff to both attacks.
  4. Feels bad man. I do know that feeling and that's why I only go with 1 other person at most for Secret Dungeons.
  5. No-one can say you aren't dedicated. That's impressive even if you didn't make, especially with the very limited consumables.
  6. Let's make this a game, what tells you something is wrong in a PvP Match? I know something is wrong when anyone runs away from a Base Character! Seriously, a level 99 Base character can still beat a level 99 3rd class but just running away and not even trying? Kind of pathetic.
  7. How vague. Rundown time! Is it Dekal's dungeon due to the red onion mobs taking forever to be hit on top of the intense bleeding mobs? Is it Survellian's dungeon due to the shooting sections waiting for the mobs to spawn? Is it Maya's dungeon due to the waiting after first room or the inability one shot Maya? Is it the duo dungeon due to the pain in the ass mobs and boss duo with one invincible and the other being incredibly tanky? Is it Herbaon's dungeon due to the platforming and Pongs? Is it Solace's dungeon due to the platforming, the mobs, the instant mp drain lasers, the boss and so on? Is it Solace's dungeon due to the El Tower attacks or the guardians being a pain to even reach? Not counting the 5 mini-bosses at start. Which one.
  8. Don't know if I should laugh at people who have a level 5-14 Laby already or ready to make a fresh one for Nisha or if they should laugh at me for having a base level 99 Laby ready to be converted straight into Nisha. That's the million dollar question, especially since most have some sort of Head Hunter, typically unique. Although officials don't have an easy +40% ASD from 2 rings.
  9. Maintenance being late was Joker's Calling Card! Nisha arrived! Henir changing is kinda... shit timing as well since I don't like the fact it takes over 10 weeks for just one untradable unique force skill.
  10. Maintenance is late it seems. Kind of hoping for Nisha.
  11. I still don't get why mod books and stronger than rare force skills aren't pre-sealed. It's just a pain due to it. +1
  12. If I recall, you get around 150 fragments or around that area and to get a unique skill is 2000 (with rare mod) or 2200 (without rare mod). Unless we can bankshare the materials, it's going to take months before we can get a unique force skill since I believe Henir also turns weekly for rewards.
  13. Rosso Phase 3. I suck at dodging his attacks and if you get hit at all, he heals an ungodly amount of health, especially if he snags you in the .1 seconds of vulnerability. I just suck at the raids.
  14. There was an event in 2.4 I believe were everyone was given a temporary +10 FoJ weapon? That was, unsurprisingly, temporary and caused people to do dungeons they normally wouldn't do or still struggled and complained in-game. Or would you want everyone including Rosso to get a free +20 Flames of Judgment weapon for life just by hitting 99? What's next? +1 scrolls given at 99 and working on Resonance and getting easy 999? Get real! -1