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  1. Laphicet

    The problem +10

    +11 armor only amulet bruhh~ why would you slap the +10 when you could have the +11 armor instead, but yeah, it's pretty abusable tbh.
  2. :gc_Hi:

    Series is called: The King's Avatar.

  3. o/ ello there.

    I've a question regarding your signature., what anime/game was that? It looks neat and pretty interesting~


    P.S : sorry for my crappy English tho.

  4. 49/999 shards and I've already have the urge to throw my laptop outta window..

    such dedication, me.

  5. oh hell no... I might end up getting 1B+ while farming dem frost shards.. oh well, at least I'm a hardcore masochist so it's not rly a problem.
  6. pretty sure both cobo scroll is untradable, I'm not sure about that Elite HH tho
  7. ayyayyayain, free cheap +10 incoming @<@
  8. Laphicet


    err, I don't want to be a party pooper,.. but this game is still a grindfest kind of game, *point at tears hunting, elrianode, pepsiman stage, new titles etc..* WB~ welcome back to hell Welcome back to Void, I hope you enjoy your stay
  9. Laphicet

    Uhh, guess I'm back for a bit?

    ayy wb~ It's been 2 years since I last saw you around, fellow CN main, Err, not too much, dem Elrianode gear is pretty easy to craft and not to mention you have like,.. Lv.10 Blacksmith, right?(or was that lv.10 TH?, I kinda forgot lol) And we got Void/pepsiman dungeon that drop the 2nd strongest weapon in game. All in all, it's not really that hard to grind, aside from Rosso Raid and Elrianode accessories. Selling +9/+10 elrianode gear (for Blacksmith) Selling homonculus elixir, blessed/arcangel rebirth stone (for Alchemist) Selling mithril (for Treasure Hunters) Selling Elrianode and Force mod manual (general) Spam Elrianode/Varnimyr dgn for those unique force mod Selling El tears with oki skill identification, ASD or atk/matk identification Speaking from experience, I've make ~2,5B since last month, and from scratch bc I'm a returnee as well and the rest of my gear is crap. good luck, have fun,~
  10. Now when you point it like that, my previous statement sounds kinda dumb tbh (I'm dumb so it ain't really matter anyway) =3=) What I mean is, every class basically got damage nerf. The damage multiplier of a character shouldn't exceed any other character, take a look at those Aras or Chungs as example, many of their strength skill literally do as much as damage as bravery skill, that's dumb imo. I know the idea might destroy the game's very basic mechanic, ppl grind for OP gear so they could use it in arena,.. But that's hardly fair for non-geared peeps to enjoy arena nowadays,.. OP class with +11/+10 gear everywhere and there are little to nothing players that actually use trash tiercharacter + spar gear. It would be nice if KoG already set the same damage multiplier for every skill/it's tier (as example : an active skill would do x% damage, special active(tenacity)=2x%, SA(strength)=2,5x% and SA(bravery=3x%damage, screw HA and whoever use it in pvp), this would make peeps to mix and match their skills together, creating more creative combo without having to rely on the same catching/finishing move. Take what I said with a grain of salt tho, I'm not really into pvp nowadays and my english is just as bad as my gameplay.
  11. buff every class for PvE, especially RM and Twilight nerf every class for PvP.
  12. Laphicet

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    The fu**ers who leave drabaka's stage when the timer hits 1sec~0sec. Yo, can you guys be like, leaving the damn stage when the timer still like 10 secs or smth!??!?!???? Or at least use your goddamn fingers and type a msg, please. Let me know if y'all gonna leave.
  13. Laphicet

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    When you had to solo Camilla's force skill training bc no one is queuing. Dear god, this server used to be super active, like.. 24/7 active,. What happened?? Not to mention those mobs in Varmimir? Varnimyr? (how do you spell that again? I'm as blind as a bat and the font is super smol, like. guh) are more annoying than the boss itself bc iFrame spam and wow,. teleport at the finest. Did KoG just combine Aisha+Rena+Raven and give massive power boost so the mobs could kill you in few pew-pews. 15 mins for Dark Elves' Outpost yo, and Voidturnedmeintomasochism when someone (or God forbid, more than one) cast supreme FPS punishment in Drabaka's stage. I just can't.
  14. KR, I quit bc I can't read hangul. then youtube happened and I'm landed here back in 2k14. "Why did I quit KR for this lunacy of a playerbase" Is what I question myself everyday since 2k14.