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  1. do you grow fruit?

  2. Syaoran

    Valentine's Event

    +1, but imo this titles ain't worth 20 golden heart Since it's already useless as it is (well, it's purely for aesthetic purposes, ik.. but still) Nerfing the requirements to 5 or 10 would be more rational.
  3. Syaoran

    A warm hello from me, Pantomchap

    ayy, Hello Phantomchap and welcome to void. I hope you enjoy your stay
  4. Syaoran

    (PvE Salt Thread)What grinds your gears?

    It's been ages since I lost my last straw on Altera' SDg, specifically Type-H. Recently, I got a full party of Latinos (no offense for any Latinos out there,k.. If by any chance you got offended, just PM me and I'd edit this post asap) and just before the boss' stage, I gave this msg to the rest of the party "let me solo type-H, Ima 1HKO the boss" and they was like, idrk, chatting in spanish or brazilian portuguese but one of them said "yes" and I think they got the msg. but... oh, OH how wrong I was bc just right after the boss entrance, all of them outright spammed HA I was like, OK.. yeah, I'm cool, just let them finish the HA and I'd 1hko the boss, But nooope, lady luck totally hates me today and makes the Bluhen cast Sakrosan Zterwablabla, effectively launch type-H to the upper ground as well as let it cast it's f*ck-you-iframe-spinning-blade move. My absolute judgement totally become absolute wasted of mp. At the end of the run, one of them even have the nerve to put the blame on me, I know jack shit about spanish but the word "puta" and "KE" on the same sentence makes it pretty clear for me. 4 minutes and 31 seconds of absolute clusterf*ck of a run. No shards dropped is the icing on the cake.
  5. 4*+11 for my main and another +10 for an alt. I've a unique HH so the elite one ain't really appealing for me.
  6. Syaoran

    Which characters do you fund the most?

    Elman is the only character I spend my $$$ for., he's my first character in this game and still my main to this day. Umu, the real reason is bc his IB set is the cheapest out there.
  7. Syaoran

    I'm back!1!1

    Welcome back, ayy ye just pick the best time to come back, we have xmas event and grind hell for that +10 atm
  8. I didn't read the format, sorry How many an hour roughly? ~60~110 ish, I can't estimate the exact number bc sometimes I got >9 shards/run and sometimes I got nothing, yeah,.. totally randumb tbh Which dungeon(s)? Altera SD Drop Rate Medal and/or Drop Rate Sockets? 4*4*4% drop rate + 6*4% drop rate sockets + DR medal +10% item drop tear on my main 4*4*3,5 % drop rate+ medal on my alt(s)
  9. around 60~110ish, depend on how intense my grind run. so far I've collected x1k12 on my main account x1k5 on my alt no #1 x602 on my alt no #2 still grinding for my other 3 alt atm.
  10. Syaoran

    The problem +10

    +11 armor only amulet bruhh~ why would you slap the +10 when you could have the +11 armor instead, but yeah, it's pretty abusable tbh.
  11. :gc_Hi:

    Series is called: The King's Avatar.

  12. o/ ello there.

    I've a question regarding your signature., what anime/game was that? It looks neat and pretty interesting~


    P.S : sorry for my crappy English tho.

  13. 49/999 shards and I've already have the urge to throw my laptop outta window..

    such dedication, me.

  14. oh hell no... I might end up getting 1B+ while farming dem frost shards.. oh well, at least I'm a hardcore masochist so it's not rly a problem.
  15. pretty sure both cobo scroll is untradable, I'm not sure about that Elite HH tho