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  1. I am a prime example of this statement and I agree with just having vanilla settings or sparring gear. But to delete the tourney is dumb when sparring gear and make it all fair tbh. But I am all for not using my overpowered gear. So I agree with part of your statement but degree with the rest.
  2. we got our answer now to play vindictus till I croke
  3. I didnt know the results screen lies when it says win or lose? Correct me if I am wrong my friend? I am good for whatever tbh its my last day off then I start my 2 long days of working.
  4. I checked RWBY chat over and over to see if you were on online I checked and checked. My discord doesn't auto update since the new versions are bugged. But even so I kept checking to PM you on discord. While fang was messaging about kicking you and host was asking me over and over. I was going back and forth trying to see where you were. Compared to them I kept looking and tried I really did and I am not fibbing bro discord won't let me pm if you aren't online for some reason I don't get that option. If you offline. But I saw, you left RWBY chat a little after you were kicked and I thought it was because you joined the tourney chat? But but never saw you in the room for awhile. So when you messaged on twitch chat I was like omg where you been I was worried maybe a family issue? Because I know you and we just fucking talked together like real talk about our purpose playing voidels. So after all that I would never want to fuck you over. Bro I am going so far and beyond to message ya and fix this with ya
  5. So I guess watching stream was out of the question? I guess me leaving you the link to the actual discord chat wasn't enough? If you would have saw if you were chatting with everyone else in the discord chat. Fantastic was recommending to disqualify you since you (You were not talking in discord chat, that I linked you.) I don't think you even talked barely in discord chat that is what all the participants were using. As great as a fucking friend you are, I am surprised you actually used your brain to actually go on twitch chat or the stream to see if you were on. Your the same age as me and you can't act like host and I are suppose to baby you through a tourney. If it were me which I done with other tourneys and official. I always gone the extra mile to always PM whoever is in the room often. Watch stream and wait for my match. In all honesty that would be your fault nobody else's my fellow friend. I didn't think baby sitting and looking for you was suppose to be my job also besides streaming the tourney. The screen shot also proves that I have you the link to the server, even if you put that you are going to discord idk what server you joined? But obviously it wasn't with the rest of everyone else. As a really best of mine your are being a utter ass. And you said you would be happy getting back what is stolen. Why not message fang since he recommended to kick you, why not host. I am was just trying to stream. And you know we had this conversation about how I felt streaming in the first place. I never see you trying to stream to help out people. If you did with every tourney even official besides (you commentating) please be my guest and take over. I admit you would be better than me. I wish you would forgive me but for me to feel better unfortunately is too for fit the tourney and not stream next weekend for it. I will go far beyond to make ends meet. Fuck this tourney
  6. omg really bro how many times do I need to kiss ass and say Im sorry I will make my self look stupid saying sorry for days because I told you I don't have full control of the tourney I am not the host of it. As upset you may be maybe you need to do your own tourney and stream it and show how fair a tourney in void can be if you want? I would stream it but will not talk at all or commentate or help. It brings nothing but trouble to the community. I don't feel so good no more about this.
  7. I can do the additional stream just maybe cant commentate
  8. @Infernum PM me tomorrow if you need a streamer I can not commentate though hope your dad gets well or is okay.
  9. I offered awhile ago but no reply in game or here so Rest in pices
  10. lol with all these questions and stuff still no reply from host or anyone RIP Christmas Tourney
  11. Like even though its christmas break I am not sitting on my chair playing voidels waiting till wens thats horse radish
  12. So like is it going to continue I am offering to stream also if not going to happen or finish I got other stuff I want to do besides ElswordXD