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  1. A moment of silence for all undergrad and grad that didn't get the class(es) they NEEDED because their enrollment date was bs. Also, sending hopes and prayers to undergrad and grads that are waiting for their enrollment appointment. I hope you get your classes.


  2. I feel like I was the only decently geared person on Void that did not mind carrying as long as the other members  didn't touch any of the mobs. 

    1. Hail


      About that...

    2. PurpleListed


      Shhhh, we dont need to go around spreading facts

  3. I get what you're saying, but as everyone already stated, randomizing the team would have led to people complaining that they don't want "x team". In my opinion, to make this event more fun they should have picked different waifus, put a little more thought or changed the theme of the event. -ignore this it just came to me-
  4. I see, instead of just having everyone vote which buffs are picked, staff is going to cut the amount of votes down, while simultaneously having the server beta test this event and reaward them with gamble goodie bags for beta testing.


  5. Me playing on AK to recover from my bestie injustice:














    1. Mei



    2. PurpleListed


      I swear I'm being haunted by your Ara's ghost


  6. mdzs incorrect quotes really be making want to howl, but im in a public setting.





  7. Oh wow. I could understand the idea of being worried that someone is trying to steal the account, and they do not want to face backlash for helping someone do it. But, you could only answer those questions if the real account owner gave you the answers. They should have waited to see if the information matched up, or at least asked for a proof of purchase of said account.
  8. Even I couldn't answer that question for my main account. I have a poor memory so it would be hard for me to recall any deleted chars.
  9. Mo Dao Zu Shi really be out here with these random asf commericals


  10. i love my best friend

  11. Me last night at work to the old lady I take care of: Something is going to happen tomorrow because something has happened everyday this week

    Metra today: All outbound and inbound trains are running under extensive delays due to a pedestrian incident


  12. Shouldn’t that rule be edited to include Suggestions then? The subheading says Marketplace/Guilds/Shops, so players will easily think the 24 hour rule only applies to those threads in those categories, not Suggestions.
  13. Why am just now finding out about Hwa Sa TWIT when it was released yesterday. This shit got me like


  14. How to annoy people with threads in the fourm marketplace

    Step 1

    Remove the ability to bump a page when it reaches the 3rd page


    No like seriously this is dumb. The only reason this is somewhat tolerable is because the marketplace is becoming a ghost town. I hope all the mods have fun copying and pasting the same thing to every thread that doesn't follow the 24 hour rule.

  15. Disney needs to just scrap the whole Aladdin movie while they ahead. Too much shit wrong with that movie. 

    This about to be a whole rant



    First of all, Jasmine, don't look NOTHING LIKE JASMINE.

    The fit is wrong, the hair is all type of wrong, and she isn't dark enough.

    Second of all, why the hell does ALADDIN, STREET RAT, POOR ASF ALADDIN LOOK WELL KEPT??

    You can even see the fucking hair gel in the special look mfw?

    Boi got a CLEAN SHIRT ON. COME ON.

    Third of all, why did they slap Will Smith face on the genie and basically made a terribly animated AVATAR. Will did nothing to Disney and they just ruining him for no reason.


    Lastly Jafar

    Why does he look more attractive than Aladdin, Disney fucking explain yourselves. I'd rather have the actor playing Jafar get with Jasmine than THAT MESS YOU PICKED.

    This new Jafar sound stupidly young too like??? I know you can't bring the old cast back, BUT MAKE GOOD CHOICES. This is beyond inaccurate and that's just visually speaking, which is stupidly hurtful for a MOVIE.

    The only thing right with this movie so far is the dislikes on the special look, the carpet, and the monkey. THAT IS IT. My whole mood ever since Disney showed the cast has just been no, and now it's a fuck no.