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  1. You have to be realistic, I doubt that Laby arrives in the next week (and sorry for lowering the emotion but it's the truth) since they have to wait for the 3rd line to come out, or possibly leave, if they have the server kr and they have extracted the data from the 3rd line, but it is unlikely, so there will be no laby in a good time IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) do not be sad smile Facebook | Account Forum | Store
  2. think the same Admin has answered your question, if the 2.5 !!!!!!!!! IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) do not be sad smile Facebook | Account Forum | Store
  3. We do not have any information that may come in the future, and administrators have this habit of leaving everything in secret or never say anything until the day of the issuance of such content, so, you ask for something probably impossible IGN:CodeCutee (Eve)  do not be sad smile Facebook | Account Forum | Store
  4. It would be super nice that this year we have a valentine event IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) There is love, we just need to find it Facebook | Account Forum | Store
  5. Well, welcome back, if you need something, talk to me by message or facebook, I will gladly help IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) There is love, we just need to find it Facebook | Account Forum | Store
  6. I think not -1, since we have just almost come out of a Christmas event, which, honestly, are demanding a lot on the subject of events, so, esperence, do not be so fanned, Ran, has things to do in his daily life apart from being in elsword void Please, think about Ran and his team IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) |Facebook||Account Forum||Store|
  7. try to turn off your modem, remove the router cable from your pc, or repair the client, if that does not work, download it again to check if the error has been fixed IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) |Facebook||forum account||Store|
  8. Welcome to the game, I hope you have fun on this server, and treat it as a server, I hope and have fun, if you need help, send me a message, I will gladly help you,or send me a message on facebook IGN:CodeCutee (Eve) |Facebook|Forum account|Store|
  9. I have not use hack in my account but why they decline my appeal

    why wont they remove ban appeal from forms

    1. Kazuhiko


      please read the section of the ban, there is a saying why they can not withdraw their permanent ban



      |Facebook|Account Forum|


  10. also it makes me abusive vastente ask for things for free, since voidels is very conciderado and kind, to give us class changes, skills, exp x400, the free reso for which that is abusing the staff, please stop asking for free things, they see badly, very badly, and if the 3rd jobs arrive soon, the ticket and the HA will be free, they look bad IGN:Tamatzu [Ain AT]
  11. -1 because voidels said, that it is very hard to redo the whole suit, so that they give it for free?, They are something bad, sincerely, it will remain in the IM so I support voidels, and it's not prudent to leave them free, after all the work done in those suits, so keep dreaming if you want those costum or those of the 3rd job for free IGN:Tamatzu[Ain AT]
  12. have faith and maybe give +10 when the big version 2.3 or 3.0 comes, are those 2 versions in controversy IGN:Tamatzu [Ain AT]
  13. well do not know if you noticed the requirements that asked to get the +10 have a level 99 character to give you the +9 and +10 it will be practically impossible for them to give a +10 since they recently gave it, but with these conditions, I still do not reach it, and I do not get bad or demand another, so wait for the other events, see if your prayers are heard and give us another IGN:Tamatzu [Ain AT]
  14. well I do not think it's likely to be given again, wait for future events IGN:Tamarzu [Ain AT]
  15. That's pretty logical, there's your answer because there was no event IGN:Tamatzu [Ain AT] ]