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  1. People actually can't farm the +10/+11 Given that we have until 4 of January to do the events and we're on the 14 of December, this gives us only 23 days of non stop grinding. Let's rest days 24-25 and 31 of December to 2 of January due to Xmas and new year's eve. This leaves us with 19 days to farm left. Considering the average run gives us 1 shard or 2 per dungeon if we're lucky (not counting the runs with no mats), getting 999 mats would require of roughly, 12 days of continuous farm. If you want another 999 considering the same luck, it would take another 12 days. In total, 24 days to get only two +10/+11, which would be nearly impossible to do unless you can go all 24 days straight and you have 1b to spare. And all of this not counting the mat drop is purely rng, meaning you could get the required mats sooner or in the worst scenario you could even not get 999 to begin with. Still think people can farm the +10/+11? With the numbers staff made, I don't know why they even fear of giving it fee tbh.
  2. But in the end, being hard to code or not she's right, the only sellable weapon you could sell is 4D or Heroics, and people barely buys that when you have the juicy Apo weapon to +10 which itself is untradeable. Sure, more people with +10's are a bad idea on PvP, but not on the PvE side. This would open paths to new raiders, and people who already did Rosso raid wants fresh people to get a chance to drop the weap or the accs. Hell, you even gave the mats to try to +11 our weapons too. It's not a bad idea to drop a free +10, since realistically talking, no new player has nor the time nor the interest to grind 999 mats and 500m.
  3. I didn't really mean it's a bad event, after all rewards are good and Formal Attires are back, so bye bye 2b sellers. But the 999 stacks might be too much, and doesn't really help last time the +10 was free and this year is locked behind a grind event, but the excuse of "We don't want people sell stuff with the +10 ammy" doesn't work, specially when the Endgame requires at least a +10 and very good tears to do minimal damage to go by.
  4. Honestly, why did we drop the Apink Event Reward Quests? Like you said, RNG works differently for everyone either you can have 10 mats per run or drop zero in a row just because rng. I still believe Event Mats tied to Apink quests worked far more better than leaving it all to rng. And yes I remember that cursed event, first week no one pulled shit lmao.
  5. It would be good to do some test runs on the first week to check the drop rate. But overall I'm glad at least part of the staff hears our inquiries and doesn't slap some freebies and a "decent" event and runs away.
  6. Remember the broken summer drops? Because I do.
  7. For me you weren't being rude and you gave solid points plus Yata is a Godbless as staff But I still believe 999 is a very high amount to go for. Not even counting getting other rewards such as the costume freebies and pets/mounts. Also watch people get banned from dropping excessive weapons in adds dung.
  8. Just one, four would sit people selling their full Elrianode gear +11 for 100b.
  9. The problem is, many people have family reunions on Christmas, plus New Years Eve close to us, I'm not that sure people can farm 999 Frost Shards in less than a month plus considering the Ice core comes on the more busy days. I suggest a reduction of the number tbh
  10. No, the crystal core is only 1 for account. Pretty unfair for those who missed the last year event but oh well. Free costumes at least?
  11. Wait wait wait. So you gave last year a free +10 but this year you're making us grind 999 Event Shards and use 500m too for the +10? Really? I can understand the +11 Armor only but really? Well okay.
  12. AKC

    [12/07/18] Update Discussion Thread

    Yata Yata, how many times did I tell you not to experiment with the fabric of time space reality itself? OT: There goes my wallet. Could you have delayed it tho and rotate ETS1 but ey, it oki
  13. Came from EU, one of the worst servers ever. Arrogant people everywhere, kids who where extremely toxic, and on top of that, the game was absurdly P2W. Learnt of Void because I saw there was a topic in EU's server about it, so I checked it and here I am, dying inside in this hell hole, but what a warm hell hole I fell into.
  14. AKC

    Do you think void is "dying"?

    Non-Void Elsword is starting to die out. That's a fact. People don't get surprised nor hyped, people are just wondering how much broken is the new character going to be or how annoying is going to take do a new Raid. Void-wise, dead isn't really the word, but more abandoned. And the bigest problem we have besides the updates is the staff itself. Or the lack of staff really. Back in 2014, staff was more alive and cheerful, you had events, Shadow always had a spar room opened for everyone to chill, and there were plenty of other cool stuff staff actually did. Right now, Staff feels less human and more computerized. This is just my two cents, but we really need new faces here to make things lively, and less unknown people that can't maintain their roles for less than two months. And trust me, the lack of actual staff is starting to stink very much.