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  1. Tired of the community, leaving for my own good. Thought i was a stupid fucking liar, but now i see who has mental problems. You know who you are, so move on with your life and leave me alone, you'll live better that way. See ya
  2. where u picture at


  3. Best of the luck to all the teams! Also, you better choose double title count, I need to get a certain PtH
  4. As a Luciel player, i would like these things to happen: Catastrophe: Revamp Ruinous Impact by merging it with Dead Cross / Dead Hands. Delete Terror Chain. Return of Dancing Blade (It was a good PvP Skill) Remove Increased Chance of Darkess/Light element proc from Awk Will Dreadlord, Make all Special Actives to 100% crit if used on the enemies back. Give Gaze of Darkess a new effect: "Active Skills cast faster" Innocent: Delete Spiritual Enhancement, Make a new passive that boosts the Damage of Gatling Skills (Soul Extortion, Marbas, Twilight Judgement, Impromptu 1& 2, Magdonic Cannon) Remove Increased Chance of Darkness/Light element proc from Awk Will Noblesse, Revamp Noblesse Oblige: "Increases the damage of Soul Spear Skills" (Shadow Bolt, Spectral Spear, Rain of Chaos), "Soul Skills cast faster" (Trigger - Soul Eruption, Demonic Breath, Eschanton, Soul Entrapment) Delete Swift Smash and Soul Sigil Give Communication - Duet a new effect: "Increase Magical Attack (per Gathered soul) +5%" Diangelion: Revamp all Bounding Combos, instead of teleports based on Lag, make them consistent attacks that drop if the target is out of sight. Give a new passive that combines Phantom Circle and Aura of Punishment. "Increases Maxi 20%, Increases Critical Damage (150%->170%)" Change the Seed's Growth from Sinister Mind: Instead of making it grow from attacks, make it grow to the maximum phase over time if the target is still alive. Increase Defense Reduction to 40% Change Punisher's effects, increased the damage of the Demon Injection and Demon Explosion, but it no longer Burns Mana and Reduces KD. Max transfers becomes 7. Change Garden of Haures system: Instead of being cast and being targeteable, make it to substract some HP from the caster, and it becomes untargeteable. Casting is faster and plants grow slower. Revamp Invasion of Demonic Energy: "When hitting different enemies, get an accumulative buff that increases your damage (15% -> 30%) and reduce their defenses (Max 15%). The buff stacks up to 4 times." Revamp Manic Demon Form - Thirst: "Increases your Critical Damage and Damage Reduction while enemies are nerby (0% -> 30%), and your Move/Jump Speed when enemies are far from you (5% -> 20%), merge the effect with Manic Demon Form - Destruction. Rename it to Manic Demon Form - Chaos Add a new effect to Codex Gigas: "After leaving Manic Demon Form, reduce all skills Cooldown (Hyperative/Weeding excluded) for 30%" Revamp Demonic Venom: "Succeful Bounding combo are stunned, and their Critical Damage / Physical/Magical Damage gets reduced." Remove Physical Defense Reduction to the Stun, Increase duration to 5 seconds.
  5. Oh yeah, i forgot to ask but @VoidEls No new Henir, right?
  6. This is a good update (As to be expected) but if you just improve the Staff-User interactions just a bit in-game, you'll have the deal set. Please, don't just throw the update in hopes people stay calm and remain silent, interact with people like you did in past times. Just a little will do to improve the playerbase, just a bit.
  7. Rather than "we can't show evidence" is a "We won't show evidence, trust us" And they believe we will trust staff blindly, that all of them are un-biased. What joke honestly
  8. Where is the proof? Oh right, you won't and never show it, because we're supposed to trust you, yeah, right. Do you see how pathetically you sound trying to make us believe "They were warned more than once"? Am i supposed to believe you blindly? That doesn't work like that. As long as you don't bring any proof of the warnings, your argument is empty
  9. Don't talk about it guys, you might get a Warning Point! I never thought Void Staff would reach this saddening point. This is bullshit on every sense, and if you bother ask for proof "They won't show you because we don't give proof" so it''s your proof vs Staff's word (Which, oh suprise! you're going to end losing because Staff has more power that you) and you can't argue nor debate nothig because Staff wants to keep your mouth shut and let them do they work because they know how to (Spoiler: They are doing it bad) Regardless of that, banning someone for joking about RMT, even if staff claims they re-did it (Again, they won't show proof so we need to trust the staff word) is basicalle a stupid thing right now.
  10. Considering the wide range of Technical Difficulties, there's not much room for different events i must admit. Valentine's Dungeon idea is pretty much discarded sice Yata himself told us that would be almost impossible to bring without breaking the server. Re-launching Event Materials in the APink quests would be doable, but it's already been done several times. However, i think we could work more around an event based in the Community rather than "Grind this, Grind that" events. How you might be asking? Well, we have GM's and Mods that can pretty much handle in-game events. Remember the last time we had in-game events? I think it would be a great idea to make players interact between the staff and themselves, and that's something far more than easier to do since it doesn't involve programming at all. We can tie in some Forum events to the In game events, and give reasonable prizes as well other freebies. I would like to go more detailed, but i'm hands tied since i don't exactly know how staff could handle this in the first place, but i think you get my overall idea over this