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  1. How can i do ed?

    I guess because we can't farm s+ stones now(Naeun exchange I mean) farming eq and doing story quests/saving up is the best way... also the best way to earn is actually not to spend (unless it's something useful like eq or stat stones) and have a certain goal (for example I am saving for SR Eve and sticking to it; after that I'd like a pet for Lu Ciel etc). Probably there will be Valentines event soon and events always help earn money.
  2. LF>Nice Eve Costumes, Need Help..

    I like to play dress up in im, as for Eve I like her dances and na contest costume (luv transparent bottom), I don't like most of her ib sets (low looks fine because of hair and weapon, I like rosso on Eve especially with red eyes) And I actually do like the arctic set we got for free - on most characters.
  3. [Suggestion] Font revert

    The font itself is ok for me BUT what you say is something I can pretty much relate to!
  4. Cem and cbs are very good, cbs' potential got a nice boost and cem was always fine and reliable. I also have no problems with demonio (but I only started playing this class)
  5. Are the drop rates not working?

    Yup noticed that as well.
  6. Not complaining about 2.0 but...

    Man I just wrote that it used to look bad on na, then it looked ok on void. In the meantime I switched laptops. Then you wrote I am trying to put gold spray on "shit". I used irony but you did not get it. Exactly where are you putting me wrong and on what? On the impressions I had? Since when you can jump in one's head and assume you know better how someone percieves a font? OR Are you just looking for an enemy? Wrong address. Are you mistaking me for someone or what? It's pretty much possible that defferent people perceive fonts differently, that is exactly what this thread shows. I see it as fine and that's it. I never wrote "hey leave that font it's super for me" nor "you play on a toaster so stop complaining" nor "your eyes are just bad, that's why don't see the font" - but these are things you are trying to impute (or perhaps I have a wrong impression?). That eyesight thing was a part of the irony (which was my answer to you writing about spraying shit with gold or gold with shit or whatever) My suggestion is: find someone else for this. Hope that makes sense. Have a good day
  7. Not complaining about 2.0 but...

    Well great I only answered to what you wrote using irony hahah yes I am ok with the font, complain to someone else about it maybe? And I actually am the one who has eyesight problems, yet I am aware that screen settings matter. Not always tho
  8. Not complaining about 2.0 but...

    I'm not responsible for your eyes condition and how you see it It's tiny but still visible. It's just a font xD might be also resolution thing or different screen type but it does not hurt my eyes like NA used to, I switched laptops and did not play on na after that.
  9. Not complaining about 2.0 but...

    I hated the font on na but on void it somehow looks better?
  10. Thanks! Thread

    +1 definitely
  11. I would like to know what happens if someone got a "present" of unlocked slots in inventory. What will happen if I put items there and bug (?) Is going to be removed? That will probably remove items as well?
  12. Ranks~

    Fellow stepping master wannabe here.. I wonder if it's really the keyboard or me being lame (cn main)
  13. Qusstions About 2.0

    I have some ic's but tbh this is one of the best decisions void has done recently. (My opinion, everyone is free to have theirs)
  14. I knew it was a troll after all <3 love you guys
  15. [2/6/17] Downtime Thread

    I want to believe